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When you’re your for responsiveness, do you think it’s better to test on real devices, or simulator is good enough?

vintprox ,
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@athlon Even though, I would prefer to take my real device and check there, both make a good case.

For starters, your team members or outside collaborators might not have an access to the mobile device, at least one they can be confident in to respect their privacy, or may questiom whether tap gestures really change the experience so much. After all, you can have all the same things in 1:1 Chrome for Android simulator, such as Chrome on Pixel VM running on PC. And if that's not required, just play around with device mode through browser's DevTools.

Anyway, it's all roses and blues with web tools, but if you're testing highly complex UI decisions that involve swiping and other tap gestures, animations, Flutter app or something else, definitely give real device test a go.

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melroy Admin , (edited )
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@smuuthbrane ... :D

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Upload test in microblog.

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Post >> Testing, testing • What I found in recent evaluations of web browsers and the new Cloudflare Fonts service.


vintprox ,
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often blocks my ISP connection on websites that use it, so why would I trust ? This gets zero approval from me. If anything, this service just creates yet another pocket for cache alongside (that majority of websites were brainwashed to use already). If it's what to is, then I suggest avoiding extra hops and using instead.

👋🐰 Embrace the !

BryceWrayTX OP ,
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@vintprox In any event, Cloudflare’s interest in CFF seems to have dimmed significantly since the announcement, including virtual radio silence about it on the CF Dev Discord. Maybe something changed internally — e.g., CF poked The Bear (Google) and lawyers got involved — and the CFF service will get quietly shelved. Time will tell.

pmakholm , dk
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Test af mastodon-federering

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@cnk Så har jeg avatars fra kbin.dk til mastodon. \o/

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@pmakholm perfekt!

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Test af Mastodon-federering...

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First test post... in the testing magazine.

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