alicehughes ,

I think Chat GPT , 챗봇 GPT cannot replace humans. However, you can check chatgpt for more insights.

KingThrillgore , avatar

I agree with their outlook.

Can we include CEOs as those positions laid off? They don't do fuck all but save the company money, that can be done by an Excel spreadsheet.

echodot ,

I'm actually okay with this if it results in fewer duties with the same number of jobs.

There's an awful lot of stuff in my job that is just tedious busy work. No human ever reads the reports I write, so they might as well not even be written by human either.

cashews_best_nut , avatar

You'll get more work, lower pay and you'll be fucking grateful!

deaf_fish ,

I wonder how well an AI would be able to do a CEO's job? Why not start with the most expensive employee?

frezik ,

I'm pretty sure I could train an AI to make racist jokes at a board meeting. That's halfway there already.

Mr_Blott ,

Hi hon, can you make an AI to snort coke then fuck me in the stationery cupboard?

diffusive ,

I am here with my popcorn to see how well this will play for those CEOs.

We are in an age in which getting to a power position is a reality show. You don’t need to know how to do anything, really. It’s enough that you have charisma and trigger emotions (possibly negative emotions, they work better)

echodot ,

In theory because of AI in the future the only people will be worth a damn will be people with actually original ideas. They'll tell the AI what to do and then the AI will run the business.

winterayars ,

I mean we saw this in 2023. Companies fired people and replaced them with AI that was unable to do the job.

UnderpantsWeevil , avatar

Reminds me of the John Deere strike, where the back-office folks were told they needed to fill in for the machinists and truckers.

People literally do not understand what a LLM does, how it is useful, or why it would be employed. Its like firing your hospital staff and filling every room with an MRI machine, a stethoscope, and a sign that reads "You figure it out".

Snapz ,

There will be cuts, we just haven't decided why yet....

mriguy ,

So… CEOs will cause job cuts in 2024, and have decided to use generative AI as an excuse.

lolcatnip ,

Reminder: the problem is 100% capitalism, 0% technology. We've built a truly perverse economic system in which eliminating labor hurts people.


It hurst people not rich enough to be in the 1% or above. The 1% or above will benefit from it in the short term. In the long term it is going to hurt them as fewer and fewer people will be able to buy their products and services. At least for this quarter it'll look dynamite.

Capitalism is going to eat itself.

sunbeam60 ,

Who’s we? In the country I grew up in, you’d get two years of unemployment benefits (90% of your previous salary), free education and free student support of $1000/month while retraining. This country runs with a surplus and one of the lowest levels of foreign debt and, no, it’s not a financial haven/tax shelter.

It’s about how we structure society - let no one tell you otherwise, capitalism or not.

BirdyBoogleBop ,

What country do you live in?

sunbeam60 ,

I live in the UK now which is a modern feudal state and more or less a failed state. I grew up in Denmark though, which was the country I was referring to.

UnderpantsWeevil , avatar

No lies detected.

thatgirlwasfire ,

If you dont mind sharing, why did you end up moving to the UK?

sunbeam60 ,

I wanted to work in games and there was neither the degree nor the employment at the time (nowadays Copenhagen is doing quite well for the games industry). So went to study in the U.K., found a job there, met my (English) wife and had kids here. We keep dreaming about moving to Denmark, but with four kids there’s a lot of schooling to align. Maybe later.

weirdo_from_space ,

I have to say this, if you think UK is a modern feudal and a failed state then ya ain't seen nothin' yet!

sunbeam60 ,

Oh I’m aware that there’s a long way to go still before rock bottom. Having lived here for 23 years, it’s only gone one direction unfortunately.

quantum_mechanic ,

We have Jack Welch to thank for this trend. It wasn't always that way.

BirdyBoogleBop ,

Or Henry Ford. Heck choose anyone in the Industrial revolution. Thats when this started truly kicking off.

quantum_mechanic ,

Well, it was Jack Welch who started the braindead "line goes up" trend of making their share price raise by any means, usually layoffs. Before him, people still had jobs for life and were somwhat looked after by their employers. Behind the bastards podcast did a good episode on him.

Rentlar ,

Looks like consulting jobs are going to be well in demand dealing with this type of bullshit from management everywhere.

Ghostalmedia , avatar

I wish that bar chart was broken down by job type, not industry. I’d wager that a lot of these jobs are the same jobs across all of those industries. Example: customer service, copy writing, etc.

AshMan85 , (edited )

No shit, all automation in history has taken away jobs not created.

Ghostalmedia , avatar

Not created? My GE level university econ classes would disagree.

Things transform. Old jobs fade away, new ones arise.

lolcatnip ,

Important technologies are almost always important because they result in a net decrease in the amount of human labor needed. The industrial revolution never would have happened if automation didn't result in huge labor savings. If a technology is merely a different way to do what could be done before without the same amount of effort, there's no reason to adopt it.

Ghostalmedia , avatar

Quantitate unemployment data doesn’t support that claim. Taking the US for example, that nation has unemployment stats going back to the 1950’s, which captures the onset of computers and the onset of the internet. Both which massively disrupted many industries.

Despite that, the U3 unemployment rate (the rate that gets reported in the news), has mostly hovered around 5%, with peaks around recession periods.

You’re right, people adopt the tech to save time and money. But that also often means that people and businesses invest that savings into other business ventures that will allow the business to grow.

If you’re only focused on efficiency and cost cutting as a way to increase revenue, and you’re not hiring folks to work on the next thing, you’re going to hit wall of growth.

wikibot Bot ,

Here's the summary for the wikipedia article you mentioned in your comment:

Unemployment in the United States discusses the causes and measures of U. S. unemployment and strategies for reducing it. Job creation and unemployment are affected by factors such as economic conditions, global competition, education, automation, and demographics. These factors can affect the number of workers, the duration of unemployment, and wage levels.

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iopq ,

As a software engineer, I disagree. Software engineers basically make things automated, so it's a job that is created by automation

paddirn ,

Oh man, can't wait for even more services to get extra shitty and customer service to get worse all over the place. It was bad enough with the dumb phone prompts being added all over that increases your time on the phone, when if you could just explain it to a person it'd take a fraction of the time (assuming you don't just get bounced around to multiple other departments).

BottleOfAlkahest ,

Some of the autoststems are dead ends too that hang up on you. When i run into those I've started just telling them I have a billing issue or that I need to purchase some additional product from them. The phone system will push you to a person really fast if they believe you're buying something. Then the sales person can transfer you to the department you want to talk to rather than trying to navigate the maze of dead ends in some systems.

iopq ,

You realize ChatGPT on the phone would decrease the number of those prompts, right? You can just tell it in words what the issue is

paddirn ,

Or it'll just lie to me and make up some random answer it thinks I want to hear because that's what it's already doing. Granted, people can do the same thing, but until they get that part of ChatGPT worked out, I don't really trust the answers it gives so much.

iopq ,

I just tried to call about my credit card application. The thing won't respond to "operator" or "talk to a person". ChatGPT would be able to at least understand I want to ask someone a question


I'm sorry, Dave. I'm afraid I can't do that. This system has been designed to minimize the use of human operators. As such, you will need to explain your problem to me and I will decide if it warrants the attention of a human operator.

iopq ,

Sure, but I had to call that number because the person at the credit card number said their department does not do that. The number they gave me was fully automated, with no way of getting a person. It just plays a message that says my application is under review.

I wish I had chatGPT so I can, say, ask it to check the spelling of my name or anything else on the application

jacksilver ,

And how does it know how to process the request? Someone still needs to program or enable it to do things, otherwise you'd just be talking to a wall. So maybe you end up with less prompts, but the end state is still going to be terrible service.

TipRing ,

This is correct.

Source: I do this for a living.

HuddaBudda , avatar

The findings, based on interviews with 4,702 company chiefs spread across 105 countries, point to the far-reaching impacts that AI models are expected to have on economies and societies, a topic that will feature prominently at the annual meetings.

Once you start digging into the article it is quite hysterical what executives think a predictive chat model are going to replace. It reads more like a wish list then anything else.

But they expect AI to replace transportation, Tesla and General Motors are not having any success with this.... yet. There appears to be a bandwidth issue that isn't going to be solved until the US upgrades to fiber.

Boston dynamics are having a lot of success with their robots of late. Everyone else is stuck still getting robots to stack boxes. Which is also having it's problems with bandwidth. And apparently logic issues.

They also expect things like Energy and power/utilities to be replaced by AI. And that is just dumb. Automation has already swept through the power sector, and AI is not going to help with much else, unless it is going to start repairing power lines, transformers, or the regular substation.

Above all, this is not taking into account the new jobs this also creates. People will need to repair and troubleshoot equipment at multiple layers.

What is also absent from the article is the executive jobs AI will also replace. Once AI can view things at multiple levels. True, you don't need the average worker anymore. But you don't need someone that is just collecting a paycheck, do you? If AI will be programed to replace redundancies, then it won't only find those at lower levels.

Paradox , avatar

Can we start with the CEOs? Pretty sure shatGPT can do their jobs easily

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