NutWrench , avatar

Imagine watching Kanye West destroy his public image and then in the same year thinking “Nothing bad will happen if I make antisemitic comments on the media platform I own.”

hungryphrog , avatar

I think he should try going to fuck himself too.

cRazi_man , avatar

That’s what the advertisers midst be thinking: “why would we fuck ourselves when we could fuck you”

badbytes ,

And you said tax cuts for the rich would work out.

jetsetdorito ,

“To be fair, I’ve always wanted to tell this to advertisers too”

bruhduh , avatar

Especially to YouTube advertisers

FlavoredButtHair , avatar

So Mastodon looks to be the big after Twitter. When is the funeral for Twitter?

Syntha ,

Does it? Looks to me like people are willing to use any service but mastodon as a Twitter replacement.

nadram , avatar

Unfortunately I think Threads is going to be the big winner here… People love the brands; Meta attracts more than Mastodon…

buddascrayon ,

Threads isn’t doing so great either actually. Seems like their overbearing rules on what you can post is making it fairly unappealing.

RockstarSunglasses ,

As far as I’ve been able to tell after poking around on the various “new Twitters,” Bluesky looks to be the best spiritual successor. The whole “invite only” thing was a bit of a pill but it’s easy enough to get a code these days that that’s not really a roadblock.

Throwaway4669332255 ,

I hope Mastodon succeeds but I don’t see it taking off like twitter did.

likelyaduck , avatar

Wait till SpaceX IPO tanks next month. “Don’t buy the stock. Go f*** yourself”.

Zetta ,

SpaceX isn’t having an IPO. They are selling shares, which they have done many times in the past. That’s different from listing your shares on a public stock exchange.

To clarify after further research what they are doing is called a “Tender Offer”

likelyaduck , avatar

Right - thanks for the clarification

Djad2410 ,

Do you not understand what he’s fighting for? No matter what you think about him the fact that other companies feel like they can gang up together to manipulate another company is concerning. Especially when it’s to enforce controlled speech.

likelyaduck , avatar

I guess I don’t understand what he is fighting for no. Twitter users are free to say whatever they want. Equally, companies are free to spend their dollars in any way they want. If Twitter and its users really want free and uncontrolled speech, they should move to a completely user-subsidised model with no ads. “Uncontrolled” or unmodderated speech isn’t always brand safe content, so it seems valid advertisers wouldn’t be keen to sponsor that. Maybe I’m missing something but that’s how I see it.

Djad2410 ,

If these companies really cared about the content they wouldn’t be posting their content on the platform. If they feel that it’s so bad they need to completely leave the platform. Like he side they’re trying to blackmail him into getting their way. It’s one thing if one or two companies/people leave because of their beliefs and it’s another thing when people/companies are going out of their way to try and blackmail and manipulate X to do what they want. X is already following the law and removing illegal content, what they really want is X to censor people they don’t like and/or agree with.

sholomo ,

I’m not sure if they’re really blackmailing him or just noticing how shitty the platform is becoming. Almost every decision made by Musk has made the platform worse.

Djad2410 ,

The decision to remove one sided enforcement of policies?

sholomo ,

Sure, if you want to close your eyes, be oversimplistic and it fits your worldview.

Djad2410 ,

I’m not trying to be rude or close minded here but before Elon Musk, Twitter was a left lining platform, and there was blatant proof of right wingers being banned or censored on the platform. Before he even took off for the platform, a lot of people are gunning for him, and for the company to fail under him simply because he wanted to make it open for everyone. I don’t agree with all of his decisions, but considering the circumstances that he was in when he took over the company I don’t see what else prove my point, there was even leaked documents, showing FBI involvement and censor in American people which is a first amendment violation.

sholomo ,

I don’t think most people are gunning for Elon for “Making it open for everyone”, they’re gunning for him because he makes shitty decisions and has been fucking up the platform, and if you add to that that there has allegedly been more posts for racism, then it’s easy to see why companies don’t want to have ads on Twitter.

buddascrayon ,

Personally, I just want to see xwitter and Musk go under completely. So, the less advertising he gets, the more his personal money has to go into propping up that ridiculous platform. It’s gonna be really funny to watch. So far his dethroning as some kind of “genius” has been very entertaining. It’s amazing how quickly a person’s true lack of talent comes out when they actually have to put in some amount of work rather than just writing checks and cashing in on other people’s hard work.

Djad2410 ,

Well I don’t think he’s that much of a genius he’s just someone with a lot of money, which he was smart enough to make, who’s witnessed the one sided enforcement of policies on a platform that has a big influence on the country and the world.

Duamerthrax , (edited )

Smart enough to be born an African emerald heir.

Djad2410 ,

Being born with money doesn’t mean your good with money far more often kids who inherited their money do worse than those who are self man.

RobertOwnageJunior ,

Sure, but even more often than that poor people stay poor. You mostly only get richer if you were rich before.

Djad2410 ,

Yes life isn’t far and people get different lots in life but in the case of Elon he’s done something with what he was given and you have poor people who used their lot and hardship to make something of themselves. Wealth doesn’t start out of thin air someone had to be the first and someone competent had to carry on the torch.


You really have absolutely no idea about factual history, do you? Another failing of the public school system…

Djad2410 ,

Elaborate, there is nothing wrong in what I’m saying it’s the American dream. It’s why so many people fight to get into America and you don’t see many people leave.


I stand corrected. It’s not just a failing of the public school system. You’ve completely dissociated from reality.

Djad2410 ,

What’s there to say at this point other then just to say we can agree to disagree.

Duamerthrax ,

I don’t know. This sounds like the propaganda they feed rich, private school kids.

__Lost__ ,

Are you serious or did I miss the /s?

Djad2410 ,

Elaborate please.

T1000 ,

Don’t give a fuck about Nazis free speach

Djad2410 ,

Sunlight is the best sanitizer. I rather their speech be out there for the world to see, so that I know who to avoid and for the ones that are misinformed for the broader public to put the on the right path.

Malek061 ,

Yeah, but I don’t want my product associated with that speech. You can’t force me to put my product on a pro nazi platform. Add to that the algorithm pushing nazi propaganda on Twitter, then no public company with a duty to the shareholders should advertise on Twitter.

Djad2410 ,

That was proven to be false information from Media Matters. They had to game the system to get advertising to show up beside nazi feeds. The average person using X isn’t going to see that besides ads and you as an individual using X can block content that you don’t want to see, what you don’t get to do is decide what other choose to and not the see.

assassin_aragorn ,

Unless Twitter actively prevents people from seeing Musk’s tweets, it’s going be pretty hard to convince people that their content isn’t showing up with antisemitic content lmao. Musk has, once more, gloriously fucked himself over. Who knows when he’ll say something antisemitic again, and it’ll be a recommended tweet since he made it?

Djad2410 ,

The last time I checked if you don’t want to follow someone as an individual it’s within your right to block them. You don’t need a centralized company blocking something from everyone that you don’t like.

assassin_aragorn ,

If you’re an advertiser who doesn’t want their content to appear next to antisemitic content, you kinda do need it to be blocked from everyone.

ridethisbike ,

It doesn’t matter if the average person will see it or not. What matters is that it can be seen, as shown and described by Medusa matters, at all. What part of that don’t you get?

Djad2410 ,

It’s impossible to fully prevent the issue so the only thing you can hope for is that must people don’t see this. These companies don’t really care it’s just some woke agenda that whey to be pushed/enforced and if you play ball they won’t care, Before Elon there was a bunch of CP on twitter that went unchecked and they didn’t care. So, why are they not pulling ads from Instagram and Facebook, both of which have people policing the platform, which arguably has smaller or more of the same things that they claim to have issue

GratefullyGodless , avatar

It has not been proven to be false information. The only ones saying that are Xitter, Musk, and the right wing echo chambers. So, the only proof consists of Xitter saying they didn’t do it, much like the toddler caught with chocolate on their face saying they didn’t eat the chocolate.

Djad2410 ,

Only thing I can say is we’ll see how it plays out in court I could be wrong, but at the end of the day we’re just bench sitters in all this

Woht24 ,

Bro you sound like a loony.

There’s groups of stupid racists who idolize the Nazis, yes. To say a company Musk has owned for what…2 years? Is a ‘pro Nazi platform’ and Twitter pushes ‘Nazi Propaganda’ is madness.

This is the self fulfilling prophecy where you’re so angry at the world and think so many things are wrong, you can’t stop talking, searching and watching about fucking Nazis, a dead group from nearing 100 years ago and then you see more Nazi shit and you come on here spewing it.

Jeeeez, the world’s going down the fucking toilet.

Malek061 ,…/index.html

They literally brought back the daily stormer.

Woht24 ,

This is exactly what I’m talking about.

A group of fuckwits posting nazi shit. That website calls them ‘literal Nazis’. I think a literal Nazi is a white European from the 30s and 40s who were either soldiers or members of the political party.

These are racist fuckwits riding a dead band wagon, don’t give them any air time.

T1000 ,

No there were Nazis in Florida protesting Disney just recently . Are they time travelers? Nazi is an ideology not literally German soldiers from ww2.

Woht24 ,

What’s the ideology of Nazis? White supremacy? Aryan race?

That’s just racists. Nazis are a dead political party, you give these people far too much credit. Like a bunch of fuckwits turn up to Disney land with swastikas on signs and people act like it’s the Blitzkrieg all over again.

feedum_sneedson ,

People do seem to be rather hysterical nowadays, don’t they.

T1000 ,

You wouldn’t be saying that if you were a jew

feedum_sneedson ,

I might convert, but will probably never get around to it.

T1000 ,

How pro nazi do they have to get? I’d say even a bit pro Nazi is too much.

Woht24 ,

Well any Nazi sentiment is too much. I’m just saying don’t glorify the cunts.

EldritchFeminity ,

You can stop simping for Daddy Musk any time now, he’s not going to give you a reach-around.

If Twitter was a “left-leaning platform” before, it was because of the userbase, not the company. In fact, studies showed that the algorithm was more likely to bury posts from left-wing politicians/users and promote right-wing politicians/ideologies than the other way around. The reason right-wing people were being banned was for posting “right-wing opinions/values” - such as antisemitism, racism, homophobia, posting misinformation/lying about elections and other events, and a laundry list of other user policy breaking infractions. And even then, Twitter was often more lenient in what it allowed those kinds of people to get away with compared to other groups. I distinctly remember seeing people posting support for the genocide of trans people and how Twitter responded to reports of the comments violating their rules saying that they weren’t violating any rules, while at the same time banning transgender users for publicly calling it out.

This kind of “freeze peach” complaining from the “enlightened centrists” has always stunk of right wingers with shitty opinions who don’t want to face the consequences of having those opinions. Just like those politicians who complained about reality having a liberal bias. The First Amendment doesn’t free you from the consequences of your words, nor does it cover all forms of speech. Under Fighting Words laws, threats of violence are legal grounds to act in self defense as if they were the actions themselves. If you threaten to punch someone in the face, don’t be surprised when the court says that they were justified in breaking your nose. Your use of “woke agenda” - a propaganda slogan used by right-wingers to destroy the actual meaning of the word and instead mean “anybody doing something I don’t like” - further down in the comments clearly shows where your political opinions actually fall.

And, no, we actually don’t have to let bigots voice their opinions wherever they want. Not only because social media platforms are considered private property, meaning the owners can do whatever they want so long as it doesn’t break the law, but because the free exchange of ideas isn’t a carte blanche to spout hatred. The free exchange of ideas is a part of the social contract and more like a potluck supper than anything else. Just because Carol showed up with a piece of poop between two slices of bread and called it a sandwich doesn’t mean we have to take a bite to know it’s a piece of shit. People who break the social contract that keeps society running can’t expect to be treated under the same rules themselves.

Plus, if you let the worst people in, they’ll simply end up harassing and driving off everyone who isn’t a part of their echo chamber. You only have to look at Trump’s social network or any of the myriad of other “free speech absolutist” platforms that have sprung up over the years. Every single one of them has eventually devolved into an echo chamber of bigotry. As a wise bartender once said, “If you let one Nazi in, you no longer have a bar. You have a Nazi bar. Because it starts off with one who talks nicely, and then they bring a few friends who aren’t as nice, who bring a few friends who are even worse, and before you know it, all the regular patrons are gone and they’ve started hanging Swastikas on the walls.”

bbuez ,

Tis a Free Market BAYBEE

kool_newt ,

Do you not have the faintest understanding of what market competition is?

Djad2410 ,

I understand market manipulation and antitrust for example Amazon has had many antitrust and market manipulation cases levied against them for their so called market competition.

kool_newt ,

So no then

likelyaduck , avatar

Someone needs a nap. Tantrum much?

Rakonat ,

Nepo baby held accountable for his actions, thinks it’s unfair he’s responsible for them.

Treczoks ,

I say “Go f…k yourself if you are still advertizing with this guy.”

erranto ,

He is waiting for trump to save Xitter, but trump is taking his time

FlavoredButtHair , avatar

But didn’t they suspend Trump’s account?

Enfors , avatar

Elon un-suspended him.

HawlSera ,

And people aren’t using Mastodon because?

letsgocrazy ,

Mastadon is chock a block with far left crazies.

Agrivar ,

Dudebro, seriously, go back to Reddit.

HawlSera , (edited )

By left is crazy, do you mean people who will try to dox you to find out if you’ve ever laughed at a racist joke before, or people who are literally not nazis?

0ddysseus ,

Its been a while, but i dusted this off just for you:


jmcs ,

Holy mother of all Overton Windows. Where are you from for that sentence to sound even close to reasonable?

Captainvaqina ,

Lolol you’re actually insane

Gradually_Adjusting , avatar

Right? He said this on Lemmy, which might be even leftier.

13617 ,

No algorithm

MartinXYZ ,

Not enough celebrities there.

loopedcandle ,

Ok. I need, like, a newb’s guide to mastodon. What client should I use? How do I find people?

eestileib ,

Tusky is the best Mastodon client by a mile.

You start by finding an “instance” that fits you. There are gardening ones, texh ones, regional ones, fandom ones, whatever. You can easily (and should) join more than one.

Then you hang out on the Local feed, follow people whose stuff you like, follow the people they follow, etc.

After a few days of this your homepage will fill up with stuff for you.

For me, it started slower than Lemmy but I spend way more time there now.

HawlSera ,

Blimp is pretty cool

KrummsHairyBalls ,

Because while the concept isn’t too difficult to understand once it’s explained to you, it’s not easy as going to “Mastodon and signing up”.

The different servers, having to remember other people’s instances along with their username (for example, you can’t just say “omg check out Jack Froth on Mastodon! He’s so funny!”, because where? What instance? Who is it?

Not to mention Mastodon, much like Lemmy, dropped the ball hard when it came to onboarding during the peak interest. When you downloaded the app, you had to manually type in your instance, username, and password, which you had to go to an instance in your web browser to sign up for first.

Now Mastodon gives you the option to sign up like a regular app and it’ll pick a default server for you. Way more friendly, but no one cares, because they already have the bad confusing taste in their mouth.

Then comes the community. Twitter is extremely toxic, but somehow Lemmy and Mastodon are worse. I know a few people I follow have recently discussed wanting to leave Mastodon because the Mastodon community attacks them, saying they don’t want them there, because they have a successful YouTube channel. The type of people that the fediverse attracts are FOSS users, and FOSS users can be really… particular.

I’ve been attacked on both Lemmy and Mastodon because I made some pro-windows comments. It’s pretty exhausting. The hard pill to swallow is that the fediverse isn’t accepting and isn’t kind towards “normal” people.

Krauerking ,

God all the imported garbage and dead subs that you have to wade through here on lemmy. You cant find anything and you have deal with digital hoarders veing excited that it’s a mess here.

I cant even be bothered with mastodon if its more of the same. I’m here because i absolutely hate the absolute unending barage of ads on reddit and i havent figured put how to patch my app yet. Sometimes i find this place fun when it has its own identity like the star trek memes but im so tired of it.

Social media should be you come for a purpose and then stay for the conversation but now its just people not wanting to be alone but not wanting the conversation either.

h_a_r_u_k_i , avatar

The different servers, having to remember other people’s instances along with their username.

This is just like email, I see no problem here.

I think the problem is about the mindset and the onboarding experience. We’ve used too much proprietary products and prefer something easy and not too much diverge from the norms. Recently, I tried to advertise Mastodon and Lemmy to my non-techie friends, which are using X and Reddit. Some did try but gave up. They said they didn’t understand the concept, and didn’t want to bother with choosing an instance in the first place, because they didn’t understand the federation concept. It’s just hard to explain the benefits of the fediverse to non-techie people.

The type of people that the fediverse attracts are FOSS users.

I have the same observation as your view. Current fediverse communities are heavily towards tech. Some of my friends joined but gradually left because they had a few to no interactions or no interesting people in their interested areas to follow.

HawlSera ,

This is just how the old internet works, embrace the Cesspool my friend

EldritchFeminity ,

I’d say it’s more like Discord as a forum instead of a VOIP client, rather than being comparable to the old internet. A single, isolated instance would be like the old internet forums, where you make an account and it only exists on that once forum. But, the interconnected nature of the federated servers adds a layer of complexity that most people aren’t ready for, and then you add in an onboarding process that’s more than just downloading the app and making an account, and you’ve already lost a number of people - especially those who grew up before the age of the internet or after in the age of the smart phone and app based tech world.

Wes_Dev ,

You have me curious.

I only have Linux on my machine, and have been an advocate for FOSS for many years. But even then I have to begrudgingly admit Windows does some things better. I don’t see why anyone would get all bent out of shape about that. Yeah, evil corporation and massive privacy issues, but that doesn’t change its technical merits.

What was it that people got upset over if you don’t mind sharing?

rab ,

Is Musk on drugs or something? Genuinely seems to be losing his mind

SirQuackTheDuck ,

Desperation affects everyone, even the cocky, far-right, ultra-rich extremists.

foobaz ,


badbytes ,

Mental illness is a thing

Marsey_Enjoyer ,

Based papa musk telling globohomo advertisers to fuck off

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