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Can you use it offline or does it fall apart like notion does? I switched to Obsidian after that bit me a while back.

deleted ,

You didn’t know how to use notion by refraining to hand your personal private data to big corps.

Cyberflunk ,

Appflowy just rolls off the tonguey.

macattack ,

I went down the rabbit hole of an open source replacement for notion earlier today randomly.

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Any suggestions?

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Obsidian is very solid and has a huge addon eco system to change it most ways you might thino of.

noodlejetski ,

and it’s not open source.

lolcatnip ,

I believe Logseq is the closest thing there is to an open source alternative to Obsidian.

LPThinker ,

I really like Anytype.

smileyhead ,

AnyType is lying about open source, it is just “source available”, as their licence call it:…/LICENSE.mdYou can see the source, but the licence restrict you from any commercial use, even if you want to use AnyType in a company.

smileyhead ,

I can recommend Notesnook. Relatively cheap premium plan, everything is open source, with clients available on F-Droid and Flatpak and end-to-end encryption.

For server code they already published the source. Option to use self-hosted servers is on the roadmap:

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Available for Windows, Mac and Linux, AppFlowy includes tools for managing projects, taking notes, tracking the status of individual project items, viewing deadlines and creating documents, among other things that might be familiar to those that use similar virtual workspace tools.

In case you, like me, had no fucking clue what any of those names were.

chunkystyles ,

Florp Battle: Microsoft released Gishly and the next is the open source Florp alternative, Norbling.

This is how I read the headline.

gothicdecadence ,

Floorp IS open source!

lolcatnip ,

I had to read halfway down the page to figure out what it is.

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First, they take the dinglebop, and they smooth it out with a bunch of schleem

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This is the best summary I could come up with:

A new startup is targeting the lucrative workplace productivity space with an open source approach to project and knowledge management — and it has received backing from a who’s who of investors from across the technology spectrum.

AppFlowy, as the company is called, has raised $6.4 million in funding from a slew of renowned founders, including Matt Mullenweg (Automattic); Steve Chen (YouTube); Tom Preston-Werner (GitHub); Bob Young (Red Hat) and Amr Awadallah (Cloudera).

Helping the workforce be more efficient is big business, evidenced by the likes of Notion hitting a lofty $10 billion valuation off the back of remote work-driven demand for collaboration software.

However, AppFlowy’s promise is all about control and customizability, allowing companies to tailor their workspace with modular building blocks that can be fine-tuned for specific use cases.

“Most proprietary collaboration workplace tools share a major limitation — their customers find it too hard or too expensive to have 100% control of their data,” co-founder and CEO Annie Anqi Wang said in a blog post.

“We plan to adopt a freemium model for AppFlowy Cloud, which means that certain premium features will not be included in the free tier,” Wang said.

The original article contains 829 words, the summary contains 194 words. Saved 77%. I’m a bot and I’m open source!

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