maxprime ,

This might just be the push I need to switch to Linux desktop.

anon_8675309 ,

Do it.

cheese_greater ,


SK4nda1 ,

Do it. With proton the last argument for me to use windows is gone (gaming).

PeachMan , avatar

Well, it’s not GONE. There are still plenty of games that won’t run well on Linux, or they won’t allow online multiplayer because their anti-cheat software is restricted to Windows. But that number is getting smaller every day.

sadreality ,

Call of Duty was a small sacrifice to make to regain control of the machine.

SK4nda1 ,

Thats why I specified that, for me, that was enough to switch. I agree that proton isnt there yet and 100% compatibility, and we will probably never get to that. But there are enough games on the market for me to do 90% of my gaming on Linux these days.

PeachMan , avatar

Yeah and it’s getting closer all the time. I don’t think we’re that far from a “tipping point” where Windows gets so shitty, and simultaneously Linux gets so good (for gaming specifically) that it would be silly not to switch.

Any day now…

Kidplayer_666 ,

INCOMING (artillery barrage with different distros). Unfortunately I have a bad feeling that chrome OS will win the Linux wars

Gabadabs , avatar

I'm really not convinced that even if linux, at some point, does become a better platform for gaming than windows, that windows users will swap over. Mainstream gamers probably have never installed an OS before, it's intimidating for people.

PeachMan , avatar

In its current state I would stick with Windows. But if they make it shittier and shittier… theoretically there is a point where gamers would start switching en masse. Whether or not it will get that bad is debatable.

olympicyes ,

Ubuntu 23.10 is the first mainstream Linux desktop distro that I think could be good enough for many windows users. Windows really needs to fumble for this to happen though.

sep ,

But there are so very many games that do work. That those that do not, i can easily ignore.

VaultBoyNewVegas ,

Meh. I don’t play multiplayer games at all other than FFXIV and that I haven’t played in over a year. The only thing that would deter me is some visual novels I play are windows only but I could probably just run them in a virtual machine as they’re not demanding.

olympicyes ,

Games like that just reinforce that a large segment of the gaming population will prioritize Windows, and developers go where the players are. I used to dual boot windows but now run windows as a VM with a VFIO gpu. Works great but it’s annoying to need that for just a few applications.

refurbishedrefurbisher ,

I doubt VNs have anti-cheat, so you can just run them in Proton or WINE.

metaStatic ,

I'm still on windows because I multibox my main game and the tools to do it don't work, alt tab is a goddamn mess, minimize window on focus loss is a fucking nightmare, and multiple instances of proton just chew up system resources until the game starts lagging so hard I need to quit every client and try again.

it's an edge case but that's quite a lot to deal with when windows just works.

sour , avatar


SK4nda1 ,


PrMinisterGR ,

I’m just waiting for full real parity (HDR, and some RT stuff), and I’m gone.

amelia ,

Can you run Adobe software via proton? As soon as that works I’ll be on Linux.

TheOSINTguy ,

No, but there are better alternatives to adobe that don’t hog your ram harder then triple a games

rasensprenger ,

Depends one what you need to do, there are some areas in which adobe still has a monopoly

SK4nda1 ,

Look at your usecase, if it really requires adobe suite, you are out of luck i’m afraid. Perhaps you could research running a VM or wine, but I havent tried any of that myself.

If you conclude that you dont need features exclusive to adobe you might be able to find a foss alternative.

amelia ,

I need Lightroom and I’ve tried Darktable but it just doesn’t cut it.

netchami , avatar

Perhaps you could research running a VM

It works very well, especially if you pass through your GPU and storage. I can even use this setup for Gaming, no significant performance loss compared to Windows. It’s awesome.

ares35 , avatar

been working on it here. i've just moved my multi-monitor setup at the office over to debian mint, and relegated windows to a crt.

i can't go "all in", as supporting windows desktops "pays the rent", but it'll be "all but one" at home and at the office.

CraigeryTheKid ,

I spent the last ~10 days “playing” with many distros, including testing some current games, and I am literally right now backing up my files and about to reformat my main PC to linux (full drive, no dual). This is after only having experience with copy-paste Raspberry PI guides for my pi-hole.

Don’t totally believe “oh it’s so easy, nothing to configure” - those people are lying, especially if you’ve not used Linux before. But several flavors of Ubuntu are quite pleasant, and I appear to have found a home with PopOS. I can’t find anything that “doesn’t work”, and the worst fixes were just quick searches for help. PopOS won due to nvidia compatibility and a nice, snappy desktop. It also was the fastest in overall reformat cycle time. My wife’s computer is still Windows, if I do have any microsoft emergencies.

orclev ,

There are some games that just will not work even under proton, or that have functional restrictions. It’s way fewer games than it used to be, but it’s still not an absolutely perfect solution. I would love to make Linux my gaming OS instead of my “getting shit done” OS like it currently is, I’ve been advocating for it for a few decades at this point and it’s almost there, but it’s not to a point yet where I can unreservedly recommend it to gamers. If you aren’t a gamer I’d say it’s already good enough for anything you need.

meco03211 ,

How easy was setting up the pi-hole?

EatYouWell ,

It’s stupid easy. Flash DietPi to the SD card, select pi hole from the package list, then point your router to the IP for DNS.

Of course, it should be plugged directly into your router, so a zero won’t work without an ethernet hat.

AtariDump ,

This is where I’d say to visit /r/PiHole but it doesn’t work that way over here and I’ve no idea how to link to a sub yet soo….

Checkout it the PiHole website.

CraigeryTheKid ,

It’s “easy” - but that is very subjective, depending on how much you’ve down outside “turning Windows on”. You DO need to make sure your router allows assigning a DNS ip address. Some ISP-supplied units are rather locked down.

I recommend a “kit” from somewhere like CanaKit (amazon has them), to make sure you get the parts you need. It can run on smaller/cheaper kits, but I say get a Pi3 or 4 variant.

Then following the link above, there is great documentation on install. Install “Putty” on windows, which will log into your Pi and allow remote command line, and then the entire process is copy-paste from guides.

After you finish, you may feel “oh that was easy!” - but there’s still some stuff to learn and get used to along the way.

hperrin ,

Congrats on picking an awesome distro! :) Pop is really nice, and I’m really excited to see what they do with their desktop environment. I feel like we’re spoiled for choice right now on Linux.

There are always things to configure, just like on Windows. I think some people kind of forget that they had to learn to configure things on Windows at one point. xD

CraigeryTheKid ,

Ok wow… did I jinx myself with this post. Immediately after posting here, I began the install/config phase of a fresh reformat. Encountered a weirdness that the system couldn’t sleep/suspend - immediately woke up. 8 hours later… After installing 5 different distros to confirm it was ALL linux versions (even debian)…

I spent the entire day, 8 hours, searching and referencing and troubleshooting. FINALLY one very random corner of the internet, on an ARCH-LINUX forum, a small comment mentioned that my Gigabyte B550 “had a problem” with sleep. SO THEN I had to start cross-referencing those words (couldn’t “use” the Arch guide, since I was on Pop), and my dude/dudette… I was up to 1am.

Ultimately, I had to COMBINE the “solutions” of FOUR different results, across 2017-2020 (none actually on Ubuntu 22.04) to get the fix to work. Like one taught me the script, but the locations were wrong, one taught me the service I needed, but it was outdated, and then another taught how to fix a service, etc etc, cascading solutions.

SO at close to 2AM - after documenting my own guide, another raw metal install of PopOS, wrote my script & service… and… “it just works!” (pun intended). It works. It sleeps. Have to disable the Gigabyte B550M “GPP0 and GPP8” device, which are bridges to the NVMe drives.

Funny enough though, as much as this is “yup, thats Linux!” I feel like it’s not fair, and not Linux’s fault. This is a random, and really unlucky, issue with my specific board. I am typing this to you, while on my new PopOS install, and sleep/suspend still works.

What a ride!

hperrin ,

Wow. That’s unfortunate, but hey, you got it working! Congrats! :D

CraigeryTheKid ,

as I keep chatting to you on a windows thread…

remembering I started linux 9 days ago, hopefully that’s the biggest adventure I go on for awhile. I wonder if there’s some place I should post my story, but maybe it’s too specific to be wildly helpful.

vacuumflower ,

OpenSUSE Tumbleweed is rather easy.

But anyway, no mainstream user-friendly Linux distribution is that hard to use if you can read and think.

So when people say that they can’t manage one on their desktop - they also usually can’t manage Windows on their desktop, they just think they can.

Kbobabob ,

Lol, every single Microsoft article has this comment.

wreckedcarzz , avatar

[5 years later]

“it wasn’t”

notenoughbutter ,

if you’re using windows in 2023, I doubt it

maxprime ,

I use Windows, macOS, and Linux, but all in separate ways. Haven’t used a desktop Linux in quite some time — only headless Linux servers.

pathief , avatar

Why? I switched to Linux in 2023.

specterspectre ,

About a month ago Windows 11 started forcing ads for apps and services I didn’t need. Immediately installed a popular Linux distribution to have some peace of mind. There’s every flavor of desktop out there. I picked one for work and games (pop_os). It’s out of my way most of the time and it’s not trying to sell me anything. I recommend it, specially, if you’re someone that doesn’t fiddle with settings too much, it just work.

Kumabear ,

I just want my operating system:

  1. To have a logical settings layout, perform well, be stable
  2. Be fully and easily compatible with most mainstream programs and games without having to screw around too much.

Give me back windows 7, add dx12 support, update the back end with any kernel and scheduler updates, call it windows gamer edition. Then fuck off out of my life Microsoft.

Nobody wants to “use an operating system” we want to run programs and do it efficiently, i feel the vast majority of changes Microsoft has made since windows 7 ended has been to the detriment of that.

I can only hope that now with Vulcan becoming more popular and the rise of steam os on the steam deck that we will start to see native Linux aaa games being a thing.

pewgar_seemsimandroid ,

this is why im not going past windows 11

blackstampede ,

Seems like there’s a need for someone to create tools that strip the latest windows release down to a minimal install, convert all of the smart features back into db menus, standardize the locations of options, and give you opt-in features instead of opt-out.

Steve0Greatness OP , avatar

I think at least the first one kind-of exists, but I haven’t tried Tiny11 so it really couldn’t say if it does; at the very least it shows that Windows ISOs can be modified.

Etterra ,

Meanwhile in the category of “useless bullshit nobody asked for” we have Microsoft. Again.

BaardFigur ,

I though this was a 1th of April joke untill I realized we’re in November

TheBlue22 ,

Way to increase usage of Linux, good job Microsoft

Mr_Vortex ,

I see lots of love for Linux in the comments which is awesome, but is there anyone considering making a hackintosh out of their machine? Is that a good route to go these days?

skqweezy ,

Considering that you probably have like 4 years of support max (until they end support for internet intel macs) I don’t think it’s a good choice

Steve0Greatness OP , avatar

It’s probably be more of a pain now than ever, since Apple is now using their own proprietary chips.

chronicledmonocle ,

Everyday I’m happier and happier I have migrated away from Windows.

spudwart , avatar

“Replace the start button”

“Hey, I’ve seen this one.”

MisterD ,

For those who don’t know: Windows 8.0 did this.

8.1 came out a few months later

MS was enshityfying before there was a word for it.

SirStumps , avatar

Every day we stray closer to Linux.

italien , avatar

I use arch btw

owiseedoubleyou , avatar

Windows 12 is already a failure and it hasn’t even been formally announced yet. Congrats Microsoft! You’ve successfully failed for the second time in a row to deliver a windows version that most users actually like even to the slightest bit.

I guess the actual YOTLD will finally arrive after 20 years.


Fourth, fifth if we count 8.1

SuperSpruce ,

Wow. I was just taking a break from an ethics assignment whether Copilot is ethical to use while developing code, and then I see this post.

I believe Copilot is mostly ethical to use in development, as a tool. This is just Microsoft trying to force Copilot into a place where it wasn’t meant to be and will lead to so much wasted electricity.

It’s like taking the MVP in Baseball and forcing him to play Tennis and expecting good results against Tennis pros. Stop shoehorning good AI tools into the wrong places that are better equipped using different tools.

havokdj ,

Copilot is not ethical because it allows you to use source code that is not legal to use under certain license types

joel_feila , avatar

But then how will the poor execs push a new shiny thing on to people

Desistance ,

Time to experiment with Linux again. Still haven’t settled on a distro that I liked 100%.

anteaters ,

TBH you don’t have to find the perfect distro - just one that is better than the BS Microsoft peddles. And that gets easier and easier.

jabjoe , avatar

Shop around with desktop and distro, but remember it’s not Windows. If you’re looking for it to be Windows, you’re never be happy with it. There is Windows things to unlearn.

fuzzy_feeling ,

been distrohoping for a long time, tumbleweed kde changed that…
been using it for almost 2 years now.

lastweakness ,

Tumbleweed KDE is definitely sweet. Can also recommend Fedora.

CosmicCleric , (edited ) avatar

So glad I’m using Linux for my gaming needs.

Edit: typed the below is a response to someone else’s comment, but I thought it would also be good for me to say in here, to elaborate on my initial comment.

Fedora/KDE, Steam, Bottles.

Fedora for the quality support and stability of your Linux distro, Steam for, well, Steam, and Bottles for non-Steam games, that still lets you launch those games from inside Steam.

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