Maker uses Raspberry Pi and AI to block noisy neighbor's music by hacking nearby Bluetooth speakers ( )

Maker uses Raspberry Pi and AI to block noisy neighbor's music by hacking nearby Bluetooth speakers::Roni Bandini is using a Raspberry Pi to power his AI-driven assault against his neighbor's regular 9am reggaeton music.

cheese_greater ,

How does something like this actually intially grt reported on—did the neighbor call the police when his BlueTooth™️ wasnt working?

BananaTrifleViolin ,

The maker shared his project online, he wasn't "caught". The article even links to the project.

cheese_greater ,

There's this tension where everyone's implying its illegal...

ShepherdPie ,

It is illegal just like wifi jammers or anything else that intentionally interferes with someone else's radio communications.

roscoe ,

So it only disrupted the speaker when it detected reggaeton?

So it wasn't the loud music early in the morning he objected to, he just thought his neighbor had shitty taste.

stoly ,

it comes across pretty much like "does not like that Latino neighbors listen to Latina music".

potustheplant ,

Uhm. If you'd read the article you'd know that the person that made this is in Argentina so they're not "latino" neighbors. For him they're just neighbors.

Also, reggaeton is mentioned specifically simply becayse he had to find a way to identify the loud noises his neighbors' speakers were making. If they were listening to loud Trash Metal for example, he would've programmed the device to detect that genre.

Don't make this a hate or discrimination thing. That's not what it is.

squirrelwithnut ,

Everyone in here debating about the ethics of this situation, and here I am thinking, "What the fuck is 'Raggaeton'?"

PeroBasta ,

Its a horrible music from south america that sounds basically always the same.

The lyrics are either "let's fuck" or "why did you fuck him/her let's fuck" or "I'm crying, let's fuck"

I love you people but god I hate raggaeton

stoly ,

I miss hearing it while walking down the street in Buenos Aires. It gives the space character.

jivandabeast ,

you people


You seem a bit ignorant and prejudiced, because you could make that same argument for modern english music (especially rap). But you probably didn't because when it's music you like, mature themes are okay.

Also, not all reggaeton has those themes. But, i guess it's easier to generalize :)

PeroBasta ,

Yes it's the same with a lot of genres, they are all the same till they are not I agree.

I'm ignorant yes, because to me it always sounds the same and I never listened more than a couple of songs before getting bored

Silentiea , avatar

I'll totally make that argument for a lot of rap and hip hop. But I don't make sweeping generalizations that it's all of it, because it's not and there is some of either that I enjoy, so...

echodot ,

Insight you can say the same about a lot of popular music.

Most rap music is about how they want to sleep with someone. Or multiple someone. Only got found out that they slept with multiple someone's. Or they are broke.

Most pop music is the same, except they get drunk first. On the people involved are apparently more attractive

PeroBasta ,

Yeah yeah you are right. I probably just don't like the rhythm

stoly ,

Just open YouTube and type "Daddy Yankee". It's music that is pervasive throughout South America, it's very much the Latin American version of Hip Hop and Rap music.

stembolts ,

One of the lucky 10,000?

dangblingus ,

Beyond petty.

aluminium ,

Should have used a 3.5mm cable...

captainastronaut , avatar

So it’s like evil Shazam.

anubis119 ,

Something something, part 15 of the FCC rules. Maybe don't do this.

brbposting ,

Operation is subject to the following two conditions:

(1) this device may not cause harmful interference, and

(2) this device must accept any interference received

-back of every device, it seemed, in the 90s

Blackmist ,

Well as long as he's not got (1) written on his RPi, I'd say we're all good.

Cqrd ,

I always wondered why it was required to accept any interference received. Just so the government can fuck with your shit if they want?

toynbee ,

Just a guess, but probably some kind of "emergency broadcast" type of thing?

stoly ,

No, it can't react poorly to receiving interference from another nearby device. Basically it can't malfunction just because you put it next to your toaster.

stoly ,

It has to accept interference without blowing up, basically. It also can't cause interference.

stoly ,

Worse: in the 1980s, the FCC was convinced that personal computers were from the Devil and they forced 8-bit computer manufacturers to install these really heavy and bulky metal RF shields around the motherboards...for reasons.

0x2d ,

vhm-314 spotted in thumbnail!! :D

vodkasolution , avatar

The hero we don't deserve, but desperately need!

doingthestuff ,

9am? I've been up for six hours by then. If you play loud music after 7:30 pm tho I might have to retaliate.

Ejh3k ,

But only reggaeton? Seems like someone just has an issue with one genre of music.

potustheplant ,

That's just the trigger. If they neighbor were listening to Classical music, he would've used that.

AllNewTypeFace , avatar

Not all heroes wear capes

Kbobabob ,

What's the legality of jamming wireless signals?

PeachMan , avatar


KairuByte , avatar

Very much illegal.

You won’t likely get caught doing it once or twice, but repeatedly doing it will get you a hefty fine and potentially even criminal charges.

Not to mention, imagine if your jamming prevents someone making an emergency call. Or if you disrupt emergency services.

Recording yourself doing it is just asking for trouble, like filming yourself going over twice the speed limit.

conciselyverbose ,

You deserve the consequences, too.

As annoying as loud music might be (9AM definitely isn't early lol), it's not up to you to decide what the appropriate volume for someone to play music on their property is. They very probably are perfectly legally entitled to do so.

Maliciously attacking their shit is not OK.

Mustard ,

Worth pointing out, this specific kind of attack targets a device based on its mac address and sends it shedloads of junk requests. There is no chance of it interfering with emergency wireless transmissions.

That said, i agree it's not OK to mess with other people's devices like this.

abhibeckert , (edited )

Yeah it's really bad news.

And chances are it will be investigated pretty quickly... you're likely to cause problems for more than just the next door neighbour's music. A friend of mine is a cellular radio technician and is occasionally tasked with identifying signal problems. Usually it's unintentional - some electronic device that isn't working properly, and they have tools to find the source relatively quickly and and order the owner to turn off and repair/destroy whatever is causing problems.

He said when nobody is home in the building that appears to be broadcasting noise, he will call the utility company and have them shut off power to the building to try to stop whatever is broadcasting.

If it's intentional... cops will be called.

notannpc ,

Like most things, it’s only illegal if you get caught. And I suspect the person blasting loud music isn’t going to have the presence of mind, or technical know how to identify intentional Bluetooth disruption.

nullPointer ,

neighbor plugs in aux cord, hack useless.

Fixbeat ,

Next step: EMP!

ahriboy , avatar

Okay here. USB KILLER flash drive.

mosiacmango ,

Drill bit, fiber optic camera, a fish tape with a hook end and some drywall putty to fix the hole afterwards.

There are always answers.

Smokeydope , avatar

Modern problems require macgyver solutions

douglasg14b , avatar
Dasus ,

Idk maybe go over and knock on the door and have a conversation about it?

Seems easier.

joewilliams007 ,
joewilliams007 avatar

hmmm ... what if your intorvert 🙁

fjordbasa ,

What if my introvert?

j4k3 , avatar

what if hour introvert!

JoShmoe ,

What if were introverted?

Hexagon ,

From my experience, people this noisy are unlikely to be cooperative about it. Or anything else

motorwerks ,

This has been my experience too. A random party w/ friends that rages until the next morning after 2 months of silence? Sorry, didn't mean to be that loud. We'll keep it down next time, let you know in advance, & even extend an invite. An every 3rd day blasting of music at whatever hour? Fuck you, I pay rent, I don't care if it bothers you.

Dasus ,

Might be. Wouldn't know until you try, though.

I have a schizophrenic alcoholic 60y troll of a woman (like troll, physically) living upstairs. Always banging, screaming, listening to shitty drinking songs on a loop.

But I went over. Several times.

Now I just wear earplugs, take benzos and occasionally think about picking up my hammer and going for another "talk". I thought about milder options as well. Superglue in her keyhole? Then she'd have to call a locksmith, and she's not capable of holding a conversation long enough to convey she needs one.

Wish she had bt speakers I could hack, but that'd probably just make her scream more.

And the landlord won't do shit after years of me sending videos of this loony.

mosiacmango ,

Get your own speakers. Point them up. Play the Doom OST.

This can be everyone's problem, not just yours.

Dasus ,

Oh I have them. I don't think she's ever heard them over the sound of her drinking songs, screeching and the demons screeching in her head.

I thought if some official person ever saw her, she'd fly out. So that's why I thought glue in the keyhole, so she has to call a locksmith (which I'm sure she won't manage) and then that person will see into her apartment. Where I don't know what the shit she does, bangs and drills and jumps all day. It's like she's woodworking or something every wednesday.

Landlord doesn't give a shit. I've sent videos and doesn't even go check her.

I'd love to get my subwoofer screwed tightly to the roof and then just turn that on for lulz when she gets crazy. Which is pretty much everyday. But then when will I have peace?

Haven't read a single book while living in this apartment.

NuXCOM_90Percent ,

I've found the opposite.

A lot of people don't understand just how paperthin those walls are or they come from an environment of "there will be noise". If someone actually, politely, asks them to keep it down during reasonable hours, then people usually will.

The issue is when people pound on the door as though the noise maker is the greatest asshole ever. That triggers spite. Same with unreasonable demands.

Like, if someone asks me to keep it down at 10 PM? I will apologize like hell and turn it down. You ask me to keep it down at 9 am? I will probably tell you to go fuck yourself and explain that you live in an apartment building and there is going to be noise.

Fun story time! One of my exes was very much "the loud neighbor". Clomping around in heavy slippers at all hours of the night, playing loud music, turning up her tv, having a subwoofer in an apartment, etc. After I realized and felt bad I had an awkward talk like "hey... have any of your neighbors ever complained? Because if this were my apartment they would hear this god awful lawyer show from the lobby". She didn't believe me so I told her to just step out into the hallway and then she was MORTIFIED. Immediately turned down everything and unplugged the sub. Even wrote up a nice letter that she taped on all her neighbors' doors to apologize.

Within a week there had been a complaint filed against her for "vandalizing" someone's door... by taping an apology note on there.

Good times.


You ask me to keep it down at 9 am? I will probably tell you to go fuck yourself

Ah yes, YTA then.

NuXCOM_90Percent ,

I know it is fun to sleep in on a weekend but 9 am is very much "waking hours". It is also when kids are up and bouncing around because saturday morning cartoons are on (... do kids still watch digimon? probably not) and people are getting started on the long projects that take all day.

Because they are just as entitled to live in their space as you are.

I dunno. I was raised that 2200-0800 are "quiet time", regardless of the day of the week. Outside of that? Try not to be an asshole but... people gotta live. That said, if I know a neighbor just had a kid or something I tend to make that closer to 2100-0800. But people got stuff to do.

If you need more than that? I have seen an increasing number of "quiet" apartment complexes where everyone is expected to wear headphones and... those sound miserable to me but you do you. Also, sound insulation is not THAT expensive and is a potentially good choice for the people who want to sleep until noon.

azertyfun ,

quiet apartment complexes

Property developers will do literally anything but invest 2 €/m² in decent sound insulation. What the hell.

Soundproofing should be just as mandatory as fireproofing, it's such a stupid problem to be having and it's one of the main drivers causing people to flee to single family homes which is a whole environmental and socioeconomic catastrophe.

NuXCOM_90Percent ,

The issue is that insulated walls make everything harder. Piping, wiring, etc. So any upgrade gets a lot more tedious (so expensive) and any repair similarly costs more. I also imagine a lot of property developers/construction firms are still wary after Asbestos and are just waiting for the shoe to drop on "Little Timmy poked a hole in the wall and started eating the cotton candy and died".

It also matters a lot less because of global warming but insulation also has strong implications on climate control where the idea is for the sunny side to diffuse heat to the shaded side of the building and so forth.

And I still generally don't think it is a major issue. Maybe it was city living for a few years but people generally are good about not being loud outside of "waking hours". Sure you might hear some moaning and creaking through the wall but most people aren't into vigorous tantric sex so that lasts 30 minutes at the worst. Yes, sometimes you do get that obnoxious asshole who spends every night composing a symphony. But most people who are loud just genuinely don't know they are being loud because nobody has ever talked to them.

The one time I did live near a hell neighbor? I just went down to the hardware store and bought some sound baffling and put it up in my bedroom with bluetack. Didn't cost much and I assume it has gotten even cheaper now that everyone and their mother is A Streamer.


But most people who are loud just genuinely don’t know they are being loud because nobody has ever talked to them.

Yet your attitude to this is to tell anyone who dares approach you to "go fuck themselves". Huh

conciselyverbose ,

9am isn't early.

Full on heavy duty power tools at 9AM are perfectly valid and it's impossible for anyone but the person complaining to be the asshole.


It's the attitude if someone asks you not to pump the bass through the floors. You chose to live among people; don't treat them like cunts.

conciselyverbose ,

You choose to live near people. You don't get to complain that they are using their space.

You are not entitled to force other people to live in silence.


No one said the latter. There are rules against noise which covers the former.

z3r0_Geek , avatar

Maybe who complained for the apology note prefers a good shotgun to solve his/her neighborhood matters

NuXCOM_90Percent ,

The fuck is wrong with you?

z3r0_Geek , avatar

Just joking. take it easy.

I mean, the person who filed that complaint must not be very well if feels annoyed by an apology note.

abhibeckert , (edited )

Within a week there had been a complaint filed against her for “vandalizing” someone’s door… by taping an apology note on there.

I've seen tape rip paint off when it's removed. The door has to be removed, sanded back (the entire door, not just where the tape was... because door paint fades and you can't match the color). A door needs three coats of hard wearing slow drying paint - has to dry overnight between coats... making it a four day job.

Worst of all, the door has to be horizontal while the paint dries - so that's four days with no front door. Not an option. They will usually just replace the door and that can cost thousands (but at least it won't leave you without a front door for days).

If you want to leave a note for someone - use the letterbox.

Good times.

Yeah see that shit just isn't worth it. I had a neighbour threaten to pour milk into a work colleague's car door once. Car doors are full of noise insulation material that would have soaked up the milk and gone mouldy/started to stink. Costs a fortune to fix that.

Best thing to do in my opinion is call the police, anonymously. If it's not worth a formal complaint then it's not worth complaining at all.

A_Random_Idiot , avatar

Car doors are hollow mate.

How do you expect all the mechanisms for door locking/unlocking/opening and windows to fit in there?

Might be some rubber sound deading mat stuck to one side on a really high in car, but theres nothing absorptive inside the door.

NuXCOM_90Percent ,

There generally is foam in a car door. If only because it is cheap structural support with the side effect of temperature and sound insulation. You can see this any time someone cuts a car door in half (which is shockingly common on youtube because junkyards sell shit for cheap).

That said, there is usually a layer of metal between that and the drainage space because... it is a drainage space.

What they are probably confused by is that there IS a motor in there (to move the window) and rotten milk could potentially adhere to gears and what nots. But that also is why you have the rubber gaskety bit on the sides of the windows. To minimize the amount of liquid that gets in there.

So if your car is fucked to the point that someone can pour milk down your window? Then just hose it off. And then fix the weather stripping.

I am sure there are cars that don't have any barrier between insulation/electronics and the drainage space (my money is on said cars being sold by a manufacturer that starts with a T...). But the vast majority do because... of obvious reasons.

shitwolves ,

I don't know where you're from, but the vast majority of cars in the US have hollow doors. The only exceptions might be expensive luxury cars. There is no foam in them. If you poured milk in them it would most likely drain out of small holes in the bottom, although it might splash & stick to some of the internal components and make a smell.

tsonfeir , avatar

I put a note on a neighbors door about her dog that was scratching at the door, and making the door wobble, which made the whole building shake. She put a note taped to her own door rambling about abuse and how she would call the police, etc.

When she was eventually evicted, they had to tear up the entire place, leaving the windows open to air out for over a month before they could rent it again.

JoShmoe ,

People like this can be unstable. I had to live next door to someone like this. After another neighbor demanded that someone to turn down their music. That someone later on started throwing rocks at my house.

Dasus ,

The schizophrenic makes so much noise upstairs that my drunken downstairs troll of a neighbour (but like, half-troll, compared to the upstairs one) came banging on my door one night while I was sleeping.

This building sucks but I haven’t the money to move.

Oh and "can be unstable"? No. She is. Very much. I'm not calling her schizophrenic. She is. Like I know that for a fact, I was once in the pharmacy when she got her pills, I know about meds, and you can't really get much stronger schizophrenia medication without being in a hospital.

linco ,

Dude in my apartment complex was murdered for asking his neighbor to turn their music down. The civil option doesn't work when the other party isn't civil, unfortunately.

JohnnyCanuck , avatar

Can't always do that, for example in condo buildings. If they live in another building you may not be able to get into it at all, and often getting to different floors isn't possible.

A_Random_Idiot , avatar

I tried this, once.

There was 3 gunshots from what sounded like inside the place before my knuckles hit the door, and I turned around and ran the fuck back home.

This isnt the 1950s. Asking assholes to have some consideration, no matter how polite, is a good way to get dead.

(for the record,later found out the gunshots were from the back yard, turns out they were also drunk and shooting guns into the air for... reasons?)

Dasus ,

This isnt the 1950s. Asking assholes to have some consideration, no matter how polite, is a good way to get dead.

Perhaps for you Americans.

I live literally in the worst area of my city in Finland, and I don't need to fear anything like that.

In my last apartment, my downstairs neighbour was a guy who had sat 14 years for 1st degree murder and he hustled meth. He was actually pretty chill, and I was never even the slightest bit worried about him.

I've driven a taxi on weekends and evenings, driving bikers from their clubhouses. One guy jumped in literally yelling "were gonna go kill people" into his phone "no I don't have any money" and whatnot. I didn't challenge him, thought it easier to just drive him where he wants to. Ended up going to his brother, who was a very normal family man, he talked the face tattooed biker down, then gave him money. It ended up being the best fare of my night.

All this because we have gun control. I really don't have to be afraid. I mean, I have been, several times, as a younger person. But at least here in Finland, you don't actually need to fear much more than perhaps getting a fist in the face.

So yeah, please tell me more about how hacking your possibly armed and unreasonable neighbour would be less upsetting to him than just asking them to? Or writing a polite letter?

Kids these days will do everything to avoid social interaction, honestly.

Waking up at 9, putting on some reggaeton for your morning routine isn't that unreasonable and if no-one complains, how would you know you're bothering someone? And if your BT speaker just cuts out, you'd definitely try to figure out why, and perhaps even try getting a new one, so hacking won't actually solve the issue.

A_Random_Idiot , avatar

Kids these days will do everything to avoid social interaction, honestly.

Yeah, when it has a statistically significant chance of ending up in your death, they do.

I dont know how you can recognize the problem with America, and still have the audacity to say such a bullshit line.

Waking up at 9, putting on some reggaeton for your morning routine isn’t that unreasonable and if no-one complains, how would you know you’re bothering someone

Its called common fucking sense. You know how loud you have your music, and you have some basic fucking decency to go "Oh shit" and turn it down. You are more than capable of enjoying music, in your own home, without bothering other people. I do it all the time. I dont need anyone to come banging on my door because I have consideration for them so they never have to.

Dasus ,

I dont know how you can recognize the problem with America, and still have the audacity to say such a bullshit line.

Because you're exaggerating the issue, and the issue with Americans is exaggerating the risks of everything to justify having guns and invading other countries, which actually increase the problems you claim to try and avoid.

Its called common fucking sense. You know how loud you have your music, and you have some basic fucking decency to go "Oh shit" and turn it down.

You don't know how loud it is. Having seen what sort of buildings you guys have, it really doesn't need to be loud to be audible to another apartment. Not everyone is bothered as easily as others. That's why it's important to let the people know.

An anonymous letter in this specific instance would definitely be the first choice. Honestly, what the hell is hacking the BT gonna do? Make them buy a new, possibly even louder speaker? How would they know it doesn't work because someone is annoyed at the level of noise in the morning?

I do it all the time.

Oh and you also read minds, so that you know for a fact that no-one is bothered by you clomping around to music they might hate, but they're not coming to say anything, because they think there's a "statistically significant" chance of getting murdered for doing it?

A_Random_Idiot , avatar

Because you’re exaggerating the issue, and the issue with Americans is exaggerating the risks of everything to justify having guns and invading other countries, which actually increase the problems you claim to try and avoid.

Ah yes, So you hate Americans so you are just going to be a cunt to anything and anyone related to America, and to justify that you are just going to straight up reply to your own imaginary conversations to justify it, since nothing I actually said would give you ground to say this shit.

Not even worth replying to the rest of your stupidity when your agenda is this obvious

Dasus ,

Why would you say I "hate Americans"?

You live in a country that has a lot of issues and crime, yes, but as I always keep hearing in gun debates, "it's not most of the country". So are you really saying America is in such a state that trying to talk to a neighbour is too dangerous for anyone? That's horrible. I would help if I could. Which is for instance why I very often argue for reasonable gun control which would help with your situation.

And again, doesn't change that an anonymous letter informing someone that their morning music seems loud will work better than disconnecting a speaker.

The latter will only confuse the person who will fix the speaker connection or get a new one.

erev , avatar

Dude, as an American it just sounds like you have an anti-everyone else hate and fear boner because you're antisocial, scared, and paranoid. The other dude is absolutely right that there are more civil and diplomatic ways that will be much more effective than not. At my girlfriend's last apartment there was a dude who lived below her her apartment who would occasionally play music really really loud. I had seen him openly carrying his pistol in the building. I went down there and knocked, and when he opened the door his gun was hip holstered and ready to be drawn. I just asked if he could turn down the music a bit as we were trying to sleep and he apologized and all was good. He turned down the music and there was no confrontation; he may like his music loud (as do I sometimes, my hearing can be bad at times) but sometimes we need a reminder to be considerate of others. You can argue we shouldn't need that reminder, but we're all human and to be human is to be fallible. At the end of the day, communication will always be the quickest way to solve a conflict or issue. It is only not an option when one or more sides refuses to cooperate in communication. But that's honestly not as common as you'd think and it doesn't help you nor anyone else if you immediately close that avenue of resolution.

RememberTheApollo_ ,

Yeah part of the problem you’re skipping past is that American apartments are built with twigs and paper. To maximize profits they’re built cheaply with minimal consideration for noise reduction, so you can hear your neighbor’s TV, fights, fucking, and their obnoxious music. If I could have found a way to shut off my neighbor’s TV blasting I absolutely would have, and you don’t need some asshole who already has broken the social contract of keeping noise at a reasonable level knowing where you live for potential harassment reasons.

Dasus ,

My argument kinda relies on it.

Waking up at nine to do some light exercise with reggaeton at a mid level volume could easily wake up a person in another apartment.

So how on Earth would the person doing that know that it's bothering someone if they don't go and tell her?

Do you honestly think that if you had had a remote to your neighbours TV, it would've solved the issue? So when one of your devices suddenly turns off, you just go "oh well, guess I'm never watching TV again"? Or perhaps "oh the TV mysteriously turned off, that must mean that my neighbour is politely signaling I should lower the volume"?

I used to work night shifts, and a neighbour vacuuming at midday seriously pissed me off. Does that mean they were being unreasonable by not allowing me to sleep?

No. I asked her politely if she could vacuum later if there was nothing special she needed, and she agreed.

I know it's easy to demonise neighbours as assholes, and lots of them are. My current one's are fucking horrible, and I can't fucking take it much more. But I still have went over to try and talk about it, like an adult.

contract of keeping noise at a reasonable level knowing where you live for potential harassment reasons.

"What is an anonymous letter"

jdeath ,

haha, somebody made this exact same comment on hacker news!

summerof69 ,

You vs a group of drunk, inadequate people, at night. What can go wrong?

Dasus ,

Lots of things, of course.

However I've been in that situation thousands and thousands of times, and only a few times has anything gone seriously wrong.

yarr ,

You'd think so, but the same inconsiderate morons that loudly blast music at all times of the day and night tend not to take constructive criticism very well.

Dasus ,

Sure, but this person apparently always plays the same music, at the same time of the day, in the morning.

Not "at all times of the day and night."

yarr ,

My B. They are just an inconsiderate moron in the morning.

Dasus , (edited )

Living in an apartment building means that there will be normal sounds of living.

Turning music on at 9am on the dot every morning hardly seems unreasonable. Some apartment buildings have such thin walls you can't even really talk to someone without someone hearing a bit of mumbling through.

So if you think there should be 100% silence everytime you'd like some, then I think you're being rather inconsiderate.

yarr ,

Whoa there friend, I'm not the one that made a Raspberry Pi powered interference device. I will stand by my statement that people that loudly blast music all hours of the day and night are morons. I'm also really happy to not live in an apartment anymore.

Dasus ,

people that loudly blast music all hours of the day and night are morons

Yes, I would agree with that statement, but playing music every day at 9am, and similar, chill/energetic music implies that this person isn't in fact blasting music "all day".

I've lived in buildings with the worst people, and usually the morons who blast music like that, blast it at night.

I had a meth head murderer as a neighbour (he sat more than a decade for murder). He was a chill guy actually. I hung out with him a couple of times, not too stupid either.

Anyway then he got back into speed and meth and then he got better speakers and despite living two floors down from me, I could feel the bass at night.

I don't know why no-one called the cops. I couldn't, since I really didn't want to be in a position in which I'd have had to lie to a murderer about "snitching" on him, because calling the cops would've ofc meant they figure out the drugs.

Eventually someone did call the cops, after, like, weeks of every few days him having insane bass at all hours of the day, continuously. The cops had to use powertools to saw his door in half so they could even get in. (Gave him time to flush a half a kilo of speed.)

Now I don't mind talking about it because he's dead.

Anyway, in a situation in which it's more than likely a methhead high as fuck, no, I perhaps wouldn't engage. I'd just curse them silly.

But this article seems to be about a person with a nice morning schedule. Which I feel is very different as a situation.

Texas_Hangover ,

Cool story.

Dasus ,

Thanks, man.

Nommer ,

Tried that with my neighbor once. It escalated until I was calling cops on him at 3:30 in the morning. People are shit and don't care until someone finally has enough and retaliates.

Dasus , (edited )

This person rarely seems to be an issue at 3.30 in the morning though.

I think we can deduce something from the "always 9am" thing.

Like I get noisy neighbours who don't care are a thing. But also, it's not unreasonable to have a morning routine where you put on some music and do some light exercise at 9am.

Unless its actually blaring to high heaven, I don't see the neighbour being at fault here.

I know it's irritating as fuck, but it's not unreasonable. I used to work nights and still have pretty much the same schedule and I fucking loathe my neighbours, but I have gone there to actually talk to them. These ones can't be reasoned with.

Some can. Some.

Nommer ,

I think you missed the point. It's not about time, it's about respecting other people and most people around here do not care. The reason I was calling the cops on him at 3:30 am isn't because he was routinely making noise at that time. It sounded like he was dropping a bowling ball repeatedly at 7 am, 4pm, 11pm, and basically whenever. He started doing it at 3:30 to be an asshole. I also had neighbors blasting music into the hallway on Chinese new year every year. I also ended up having to call the cops on them last time because after 2 hours and me asking politely 3 times then demanding the 4th time with a threat of calling the police they didn't listen. I just happened to be sick as fuck that day too and I had to get the rest but I couldn't.

Dasus ,

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  • Nommer ,

    Idk man you've been in here arguing with everybody. I think you're probably in the wrong here but keep up with those mental gymnastics trying to defend shitty people. Sounds like you're one of them.

    Dasus ,

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  • Nommer ,

    You're extremely condescending and an unpleasant person to talk to. I've said what I had to say about bad neighbors and you keep coming back to argue. Why? I said I had a bad neighbor and talking made it worse and many others said the same and you keep trying to defend their behavior. I'm done arguing with you on it. Respond again and I'm blocking you. This site is quickly becoming reddit 2.0 with the trolls.

    Dasus ,

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  • Nommer ,

    Another troll to the blocklist. You guys really coming out in force this week. That's 3 now.

    Dasus ,

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  • ShepherdPie ,

    I have a neighbor 3 houses down that does this same shit with shitty rock music every single night from about 7pm to 6am. He's been talked to and had the police called on him multiple times but he doesn't give a shit and keeps doing it (going on maybe 2 years now) the guy directly across from him is even a state trooper and that hasn't made any impact either.

    Pistcow ,

    9am seems reasonable. Just hack it to set the max level volume at 20% or whatever is reasonable.

    fruitycoder ,

    The ol stuxnet approach, if you make it subtle enough you might just get away with it

    LordKitsuna ,

    I hate that the article uses the word hack, as it implies some type of control. The only thing this is doing is sending the specific device a bunch of junk data so it can't receive its actual data

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