EpicVision , (edited )

https://twiiit.com/ checks which Nitter instances still work and redirects you accordingly

lemmyreader OP ,


spiritedpause ,

If you want to follow Twitter accounts from Mastodon, there's a bridge called Bird.Makeup that still works and is working on a workaround to this issue.

I'm working on a Mastodon client called Agora that integrates this bridge into the search, so that if you search for "elonmusk@twitter.com" it automatically loads the bridged Mastodon version of the profile: https://agorasocial.app/#/andrew.masto.host/a/111844567849084915

lemmyreader OP ,

Looks cool. Thank you.

peak_dunning_krueger ,

Not sure about unsung, but definitely heroes in my book.

Emi621 ,

I never really used Twitter, the only reason I still sometimes check it out is because of some artists that mainly post there. Wonder if there is a site where there's majority of artists and also majority of their newest art too.

morrowind ,
@morrowind@lemmy.ml avatar

Art station maybe

Nighed ,
@Nighed@sffa.community avatar

Art station, Instagram and deviantart are all selling data or doing iffy AI stuff as far as I can tell.

progettarsi ,

iffy ai stuff?

Nighed ,
@Nighed@sffa.community avatar

Artstation doesn't let you filter out AI art, so there will be AI art alongside human art. There was also some issues about if artstation is allowing AI to be trained on what you upload.

Deviantart had a similar issue, and now have an AI art generator on their site.

Instagram is obviously selling all the data they can about what you do/upload, training AI on it etc.

progettarsi ,

Is there a site that filters out ai art? and why should i? ai art can be beatiful if u don't consider It art

morrowind ,
@morrowind@lemmy.ml avatar

Artstation doesn’t let you filter out AI art



There was also some issues about if artstation is allowing AI to be trained on what you upload.

They seem to have fixed it https://magazine.artstation.com/2022/12/noli-tag/

When you tag your projects with “NoAI” ArtStation will automatically assign an HTML “NoAI” meta tag. This will explicitly disallow the use of your content by AI systems. We’ve also updated our Terms of Service to prohibit companies from using NoAI-tagged content to train AI art generators.

We’ve added an account setting you can use to tag all of your current and future projects as NoAI.

Nighed ,
@Nighed@sffa.community avatar

Oh, is that search filter account wide? Will take a look when I got home.

Did the no ai art protest on there win then, or were they going for a complete ban?

morrowind ,
@morrowind@lemmy.ml avatar

It mostly won from my understanding. I'm not sure what you mean by "account wide" though. This is for an individual search

Nighed ,
@Nighed@sffa.community avatar

If I'm logged in I want to never see AI art.

morrowind ,
@morrowind@lemmy.ml avatar

ah not sure, I don't have an arstation account

kilgore_trout ,
@kilgore_trout@feddit.it avatar

ArtStation in owned by Epic Games.

Tattorack ,
@Tattorack@lemmy.world avatar

A lot of them have moved to Bluesky.

selokichtli ,

Twitter should have died years ago, but somehow having Musk still there makes plenty of sense.

nutsack ,

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  • Tattorack ,
    @Tattorack@lemmy.world avatar

    So... Like any social media or large message board, then?

    nutsack ,

    as much as i hate musk and the changes happening, Twitter is still good if you're in the right bubble

    jol ,


    Exhibit A

    kent_eh ,

    What to do now?

    Just avoid the whole twixttwr thing.

    There's not enough of value there to bother trying to find a benign way of accessing it.

    nutsack ,

    why can't you just type the word Twitter

    kent_eh ,

    I'm poking ridicule about their stupid new name.

    nutsack ,

    The name is still Twitter it never changed

    EvilLootbox ,
    @EvilLootbox@lemmy.world avatar

    That's a shame, been using the firefox extensions on my phone and pc for months. Looks like I won't be viewing any tweets anymore unless they're embedded in some shit-tier 'XYZ happened and people are furious' "article"

    AllonzeeLV , (edited )

    Don't trust corporations, especially those where one egomaniac has all the power.

    I disagree with the inference of the second part, publically traded companies are forced by shareholders to lay off workers and sabotage long term plans for short term profits all day every day, and they're emboldened and desperate knowing their grift has nowhere left to grow/metastasize on a finite world they've already largely raped, pillaged, and conquered for it's capital value.

    The problem isn't whether one egomaniac majority shareholder capitalist or 1,000 egomaniac shareholder capitalists let their insatiable greed disease do the managing.

    The problem is capitalism and the worst of human impulses it stokes exclusively by design.

    Fuck Elon Musk the blood emerald heir with a bachelor's degree playing pretend he's Tony Stark though.

    drmoose ,

    The problem is that we rely to much on proprietary software just because people want money. We're seriously losing billions of work hours in efficiency loss because our society can't monetize free software. Now we have to reinvent twitter.

    SpiceDealer ,
    @SpiceDealer@lemmy.world avatar

    We will miss you. We won't let those corporate egomaniacs take over.

    AllonzeeLV ,

    [Thread, post or comment was deleted by the author]

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  • lemmy_user_838586 ,

    Riiight around Reagan is when things accelerated going south...

    AllonzeeLV , (edited )

    Agreed, hence the 50 year range.

    Got elected 44 years ago, another 6 years to minimize prominence beyond being a shitty B actor who just... dissappeared 50 years ago...

    hal_5700X ,
    @hal_5700X@lemmy.world avatar

    It's a terrible day for rain. o7

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