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uh hu, you locked yourself in. Imo if you dont need Excel, OneNote or any of that shit, its perfectly cool. For devs its even nicer not to have to deal with all the windows shit ways of doing things. As for documents, LaTeX is great.

Also, in the end, the command line is even easier than having to learn shitty user interfaces. And you get much faster with command line too. Windows likes to have 3 different design languages from different decades for no reason.

Using it as OS and as Server, it has been perfect for years.

People who don't use it either have a life and simply dont want things to change, or are too foolish to realise they are getting trolled with every update.

For people starting, just dual boot a Linux Distro. For the shit that requires windows boot into it. The rest can all be done in linux. Even boots faster.

And for average people probably the google documents / slides [...] will be more than enough.

Rip to people that need windows shit to be in their life for work. Though they could also use a windows vm.

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