CaptainProton ,

But why can't we pretend they just threatened to kill the president or something, burn some 0-days to get their exact locations, and blow them all up at the same time using our huge force of drones we deploy all over the world anyway?

Next ransomware group would think much, much harder

filister ,

What kind of loser (sh*thead) can do this and think that's okay.

taanegl ,

People from extreme poverty who have no hope or love for the world.

Make people desperate enough and nothing matters. Not ethics, not human life, nothing.

filister ,

Still you have to be utter sh*t if you want to intentionally harm kids and I just wonder how those people are sleeping at night

taanegl ,

If you grow up as a kid, with other kids suffering, even starving, surrounded by violence, degeneracy, corruption and generally live in a broken society, where over half your friend group will die or end up on the needle in their late puberty, guess how much of a fuck you give?


Wait, didn't you just describe a fair chunk of the US?

taanegl ,

Bro, move to Romania, or certain African cities. You'll pine for US traps and ghettos real quick

nixcamic ,

Bro, listing a EU country as a place with real poverty is about as on key as the USA haha.

taanegl ,

[Thread, post or comment was deleted by the moderator]

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  • nixcamic ,

    A: we're talking about Romania not Russia?

    B: not American, live in the developing world.

    C: my comment was more a dig at USA than anything else.

    Untitled4774 ,

    There’s no way they’re this stupid, right?

    You can piss off the rich folks, but most regular people won’t care most of the time, especially since people don’t give a flying fuck about their data privacy anyway, but this is the point where you really put a target on your back.

    Stick to casinos, finance and market makers, the general public won’t bat an eye. Go after kids at a non profit? Well good luck, no one is even pretending to be on your side anymore.

    Albbi , (edited )

    This is also why you shouldn't pay the fuckers. It just encourages them to do it more.


    That requires the people at the top to have the intelligence to hire a competent IT department and keep frequent enough back ups. This is a line of though most of American civilian leadership rejects outright. They see IT as nothing but a huge cost that can be cut at a moment's notice and then offshored to some third world country to "save money." A move which invariably costs them more money, but that's next quarter's problem.

    RegalPotoo , avatar

    Gotta paraphrase RiskyBiz on this one; release the hounds. This kind of attack should be treated with the same severity as if you went and drove a truck through the hospital's main transformers IRL; if you ransomware a hospital, you should be seriously concerned about ordnance coming through your front window

    foggy ,

    Any cyber warfare should be.

    It's one thing to snoop around some corporate website looking for bugs to extort. That's a crime. You shouldn't do it, if you get caught you should get a knock on your door from a police officer. They want to start by asking some questions.

    It's a completely different thing to use those tactics on state infrastructure. That should be seen as an act of war. Your front door should be forcibly beaten down with a battering ram.

    Rai ,

    looking for bugs to extort

    I sleep

    Looking for bugs to responsibly disclose, ideally through a bug bounty program


    RegalPotoo , avatar

    To borrow another turn of phrase, warheads on foreheads

    Passerby6497 ,

    I'm not generally one who thinks digital shenanigans deserves a kenetic response, but these sorts of callous assholes definitely deserve a taste of freedom delivered straight to their door.

    conciselyverbose ,

    It's not "digital" when it literally kills people.

    assassinatedbyCIA ,

    I’m happy to make an exception for someone attacking a children’s hospital.

    autotldr Bot ,

    This is the best summary I could come up with:

    Ransomware gang LockBit is claiming responsibility for an attack on a Chicago children's hospital in an apparent deviation from its previous policy of not targeting nonprofits.

    LockBit's intrusion began on December 18 but the hospital's internal investigation didn't conclude patient data was compromised until January 7.

    "As part of Saint Anthony's ongoing commitment to data privacy, we are working to review existing policies and procedures and implement additional ones as needed.

    Until then, all patients are advised to remain vigilant to identity or financial fraud attempts and sign up for a free year of credit monitoring.

    We've been unable to get in touch with the spokesperson for the gang to ask about the attack and shift in approach, but the malware collectors at vx-underground were under the impression that LockBit was either ignorant to the fact Saint Anthony was a nonprofit, or simply didn't care.

    Asked about the reasons for the attack, the gang reportedly responded by sending the hospital's financial disclosures, suggesting it either thought it was indeed a corporate entity or confused the meaning of "nonprofit" for an organization that generates zero revenue.

    The original article contains 840 words, the summary contains 185 words. Saved 78%. I'm a bot and I'm open source!

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