Tier1BuildABear ,
@Tier1BuildABear@lemmy.world avatar

Isn't this like actually the 5th or 6th price hike in the last year? I already cancelled Netflix when they cracked down on password sharing but this just feels like they're trying to lose customers

IndustryStandard ,


feedum_sneedson ,

I hate shareholder capitalism.

SuperCub ,

That's just capitalism.

Snapz ,

"Trump hints at fascist plans..."

It ain't a hint.

zammy95 ,

Did you comment on the wrong post?

FenrirIII ,
@FenrirIII@lemmy.world avatar

There are no "hints" in capitalism, just foreshadowing

kaffiene ,

It's a comparison. This is something g you can do in language

rando895 ,

What I find interesting is it seems like we are again converging on the same service as cable. Which suggests that the best method of profiting off watching movies/tv at home is to have ad supported entertainment, with a monthly fee.

Once again, the profit motive ruins something good .

fubarx ,

Noticed we haven't watched anything on it in a while. Was about to cancel it and then saw the ad for The Last Airbender live action, coming end of February.

If they drop the whole season, will binge-watch, then cancel.

BearOfaTime ,

I plan to retire Netflix amid ad growth.

Fuck off Netflix.

Vertelleus ,
@Vertelleus@sh.itjust.works avatar

I only had Netflix because it was free included with my T-Maybe account. They are switching it to the ad supported tier today as base, and a user has to pay extra for the non-ad supported tiers.

My plan going forward is to watch the first episode with ads and if I like it I'll search the high seas for the rest.

The enshitification continues.

sudoroot ,
@sudoroot@lemmy.zip avatar

Once they changed it to paying that like $1 extra for the plan, I noped off TMobile. No use for it anymore when Google Fi is way cheaper for just 2 people. I just pirated everything anyways even when we had the subscription

SomeGuy69 ,

Lol at the people still paying. Learn to use the internet.

essteeyou ,

If everyone learned to "use the internet" and stopped paying then there would be nothing to pay for because nobody works for free.

CriticalMiss ,

If everyone learned to use the internet then those companies would have to adapt in order to survive.

essteeyou ,

How would they adapt to offer stuff for cheaper than free?

CriticalMiss ,

Because piracy isn’t a pricing issue, it’s a service issue. If people can get a better service for free, then that’s what they’re going to do. It’s the same reason people go to McDonalds, everyone can make a mid burger at home, but McDs has already done it and will sell it at a price some people will find reasonable. If I could go to Netflix, pay them whatever it costs right now and actually watch the content at a resolution I actually paid for and download to keep myself a copy for later (because again, I bought it) then I’d pay for Netflix. Seeing as that’s not the case and likely won’t be because people keep paying for Netflix, we’re stuck with the status quo.

essteeyou ,

When you're talking about downloading for later are you talking about while your Netflix subscription is active, or for after you terminate your subscription?

CriticalMiss ,

After as well, no DRM on downloads. Pure .mp4

essteeyou ,

So on the first day of your Netflix subscription you'd download 1000 movies then cancel your subscription...

Kepabar ,

18 billion yearly profit last I checked.

Not enough.

Never enough.

nodsocket ,

I am a shareholder of Netflix. If they don't make more profit this year the stock will go down and I will lose money.

I use some of the income from my Netflix stock to pay for my Netflix subscription.

Edit: looks like I just made 12% since this announcement came out!

RGB3x3 ,

I can't tell if you're trying to justify ever-increasing profits and screwing over customers.

Your profits from stocks are nobody's concern.

1984 ,
@1984@lemmy.today avatar

True capitalism, the only thing that matters is if the stocks go up. More profits, all the time, or we call it a depression. Lol.

Untitled4774 ,

Fuck everyone else, you got yours, right?


Snapz ,

[Thread, post or comment was deleted by the moderator]

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  • nodsocket ,

    Calm down, it's just movie streaming. I didn't invest in bioweapons.

    poo ,
    @poo@lemmy.world avatar

    Yikes dude.

    feedum_sneedson ,


    neclimdul ,

    I don't know if there could have been a comment that sums up the problem. To this person Netflix is no longer a product; it's not about the best content or the best experience anymore. It's about getting your buck.

    Netflix used to have the best content online at the best price. It now has neither and I don't know how anyone still rationalizes subscribing.

    prole ,
    @prole@sh.itjust.works avatar

    We're all super impressed.

    BadActorLol ,

    I don't care I will pay for it anyways

    WishbackJumpsta ,

    Yeah, because its other plans are STUPIDLY expensive, their content and original shows don't justify the price.

    FunderPants ,

    Price anchoring, they show you* the big price and now you think the smaller one is a great deal.

    *Not you you, you us, we. Hmmm

    WishbackJumpsta ,

    Price anchoring should be illegal honestly

    BearOfaTime ,

    God their lineup sucks balls. It's all the same juvenile drama dressed up in different genre costumes.

    WishbackJumpsta ,

    Fucking true, im only hanging around with it because the wife likes watching some of the shows…

    r00ty ,
    @r00ty@kbin.life avatar

    Hahaha. If they remove the "basic" which I believe is standard since that's the lowest I see. Only leaving the Premium option then I'm afraid I'm going to pull a full dragon's den.

    I really did like Netflix, but they're just getting greedy and trying to extract blood from stone now. And for that reason, I'll be out should they remove the standard tier.

    the_q ,

    Lol... Just 1 out 2 more kicks to the balls and I'm outta here!

    r00ty ,
    @r00ty@kbin.life avatar

    Well, I've not been affected so far. But this will definitely be a huge hit to me and that will be it.

    BradleyUffner ,

    They smell the blood in the water now.

    escapedgoat ,

    Netflix already costs over $185 a year. For that price I can rent 6 5k UHD movies a month at redbox and get much higher quality viewing. I can't find 6 good things to watch any given month on Netflix. I might turn my membership back on for the final season of Cobra Kai or Stranger Things, but there's just not much else that's compelling me to spend that money.

    maccentric ,

    Redbox is still a thing? Huh

    TK420 ,

    Discs are way better than streams if you care about quality.

    instamat ,

    This guy discs

    maccentric ,

    No doubt, but I haven’t seen a Redbox since like before covid

    BearOfaTime ,

    And rip those disc's while you're at it...

    TK420 ,

    With what type of software? Oh, MakeMKV, that sounds simple and easy!

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