Anon6317 ,

Have loved Huawei tablets and phones for years. There's ways around it, but I thought it was so asinine when they couldn't officially put the Google Play Store on their products (aside from the Honor brand) for the last few years.

onlinepersona ,

That anybody believed China wouldn't keep progressing because the oh so mighty U.S of A stopped "giving them tech" is just hilarious.

yogthos OP , avatar

I think most people realized that China would catch up eventually, what's shocking is the sheer speed of it. I thought it would at least take 3-4 years before China broke 5nm barrier, but here we are less than a year later.

onlinepersona ,

The fear of actual competition by pseudo-capitalists is not surprising. USAians are "capitalists" until they actually have to compete and stop resting on their laurels.

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