fsxylo ,

You ready to get a montage reel of people pulling their brains out while screaming, straight from a scifi horror movie?

IzzyScissor ,

The only way this should be allowed to move forward is if the board of directors all have the procedure done first.

atkion ,

Yooo, real life cyberpsychosis just dropped

Omega_Haxors , (edited )

You can't install adblocker on neuralink, but thankfully for you, nazi propaganda comes free of charge.

ylai OP ,
Fades ,

They’ll die or beg to die just like all of those monkeys


How about you step up and be patient zero Mr phony stark wannabe

magnetosphere ,
@magnetosphere@kbin.social avatar

If only there was a government agency with both the will and the authority to do something. Oh well.

kGdMKhy8Wa5s ,

Any nuanced opinions about Elon Musk here? 👀

dom ,

Feel free to provide one. He seems to me to be a lunatic

kGdMKhy8Wa5s ,

When 7 billion people know when you are, the chances of pleasing everyone is close to absolute zero. He has character flaws. So do I. So do you. He also runs very important future forward companies. He helped curate collections of the best talent in the world to create great tech.

ReadyUser31 ,

He is very good at the following things:

  • being born rich
  • investing in a slam dunk future technology everyone on the planet knows we will need, eg money on the internet, electric cars, space ships
  • taking risks in combining the above

That is about as far as his skillset runs. As we've seen from twitter, when he doesn't have an entire layer of his organisation set up to run interference in him, he quickly runs companies into the ground. He has had zero original ideas.

He's also a dangerous alt-right racist nutjob.

MolochAlter ,

So, this is what passes for nuance these days?

ulkesh ,
@ulkesh@beehaw.org avatar

Yes except his character flaws make him a terrible fucking human. But you can keep trying to justify his behavior and beliefs just because you happen to like SpaceX or Tesla or whatever. Won’t fly with many of us.

NattyNatty2x4 ,

That you think musk's character flaws are comparable to the average person's says more about you than it does him

The man's good at generating hype for his companies, I'll give you that. His blatant disregard for his employees' wellbeing, retweeting of antisemitic lies, manchild personality, and implicit support of far right ideology in general goes far beyond the average person's character flaws, however

flying_sheep ,
@flying_sheep@lemmy.ml avatar

Yes. He's smart enough to mostly back the right R&D horses, and good at generating hype. That way, he almost manages to offset the damage he does when his ego gets in the way or he thinks he's qualified to make engineering decisions or to know which corners to cut.

HootinNHollerin , (edited )
@HootinNHollerin@sh.itjust.works avatar

Have you signed up?

mdd ,

If the IEEE (electrical engineering society) is saying something it must be really bad. They rarely if ever get involved in things like this.

HootinNHollerin ,
@HootinNHollerin@sh.itjust.works avatar

No sane, nondisabled person would allow Elon to put anything in their brain

Avg ,

If they are not disabled before, they will soon.

pastermil ,

Those NFT bros would probably jump at the first chance.

It would be good riddance.

HootinNHollerin ,
@HootinNHollerin@sh.itjust.works avatar

They fall under disabled

cupcakezealot ,
@cupcakezealot@lemmy.blahaj.zone avatar

pls put a monkey killing chip in my brain daddy elon

spacecowboy ,

I wonder how many of those bag lickers that volunteered refused to get the Covid vaccine.

bi_tux ,
@bi_tux@lemmy.world avatar

But the covid vaccine implanted microchips into people... oh....

ExLisper ,

Can I have two of those?

ook_the_librarian ,
@ook_the_librarian@lemmy.world avatar

Yikes, that would make you a scalper in more ways than one.

shiveyarbles ,

Yes you can have a second installed in your butt as backup

capital ,

Neuralink announced in September that it was recruiting volunteers for its human study. Thousands of people have reportedly signed up to receive the brain implant.


floofloof ,

Why do they want it? What does it actually do?

glimse ,

Neuralink's device has a chip that processes and transmits neural signals that could be transmitted to devices like a computer or a phone.

The company hopes that a person would potentially be able to control a mouse, keyboard or other computer functions like text messaging with their thoughts.

"First @Neuralink product will enable someone with paralysis to use a smartphone with their mind faster than someone using thumbs," Musk said in April 2021


Sanctus ,
@Sanctus@lemmy.world avatar

So are these thousands of people disabled? Because that would be the silver lining. I dont think the trials will go well, but I mean thats how desperate these people are. And at least the tech is being worked in some form. But the siccest shit comes out of the worst assholes.

glimse ,

I'd imagine most of the people signing up haven't actually looked into it and are envisioning Matrix shit or something. Like the thousands of people who signed up for Mars One

averagedrunk ,
Lodespawn ,

Matrix shit? Like being forced to be a drone in a monotonous VR world while their bodies are harvested for energy until they fail? Doesn't really seem like an aspirational situation but I guess there must be a few Cyphers out there ..

glimse ,

I meant like downloading kung fu knowledge to your brain

Anticorp ,

Idk... Seems pretty good if it means I can live in the 90's again.

ohitsbreadley ,

If they're thinking at all... it's likely less drone, more "leather trench coat, sleek sunglasses, uzis, katanas, and bullet time"

PrinceWith999Enemies ,

No. This kind of thing is being worked on by legitimate academic neuroscientists at places like Stanford. They abide by a code of medical and scientific ethics. That’s where this kind of thing is going to come from.

They’re not going to come from some guy who killed a $44B company by making the stupidest move possible at every decision branch.

RickyRigatoni ,
@RickyRigatoni@lemmy.ml avatar

Neuralink’s device has a chip that processes and transmits neural signals that could be transmitted to devices like a computer or a phone.

Haven't we already been able to do that with non-invasive EKG sensors strapped to the temples before?

aniki ,

There's consumer level transcranial magnetic stimulation kits you can get.

tryptaminev ,
@tryptaminev@feddit.de avatar

yeah, but do you want to have a small ekg device around your head, when daddy elon could be linked up directly to your brain?

Anticorp ,

It probably could do those things, but instead it'll harvest your thoughts to send advertising keywords to Twitter, and play unskippable ads directly inside of your brain.

glimse ,

I've always wanted to give corporations access to my thoughts

Anticorp , (edited )

Don't forget to pay your monthly subscription, or you'll wake up and discover they've turned off your visual cortex rendering you blind until you bring your payment account up to date, plus pay a $47 late fee.

mriguy ,

Kills you painfully with a brain infection, I think. I don’t really see the appeal.

CrabAndBroom ,

Darwinism in action I guess...

PrinceWith999Enemies ,

Oh, they’re going to get so sued if they actually do this. I’m picturing the window-shatter demo of the cybertruck, but with brains.

ArcaneGadget ,

I'm picturing the chip overload from Kingsman.

joshuanozzi ,
@joshuanozzi@lemmy.ml avatar

Early, undocumented, mass implantation in human subjects WOULD explain some of the fanboyism of late…

floofloof ,

It would explain some of Elon Musk's weird twitchy body language too. But there are other possible explanations.

RickyRigatoni ,
@RickyRigatoni@lemmy.ml avatar

There is no way that dude isn't on drugs 24/7.

Anticorp ,

I would probably be on drugs 24/7 too if I had unlimited resources and no way to go broke from my actions.

ShaggySnacks ,

Heroin has entered the chat

Did someone say they want drugs 24/7? I can help with that.

Anticorp ,

Go home heroin, nobody wants you here!

ShaggySnacks ,

Fine, I will go somewhere where I am appreciated.

Heroin has left the chat

Anticorp ,

*Anticorp slaps Heroin with a large trout.

NattyNatty2x4 ,

We got any guesses what his go-to cocktail is?

RizzRustbolt ,

Neurolink = brain stapling?

shiveyarbles ,

This reminds me of Trump's contribution to covid " uh can't you just flash light on it, or drink chlorine?". Just truly brilliant people having world changing ideas. "We'll surgically implant chips into brains.. ignore the dead chimps

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