bandario , avatar

I knew they would come for him eventually.

jimmydoreisalefty OP ,

Sad part is people keep believing the propaganda.

Smears keep working, while more of our freedoms are taken away slowly.

ink ,

Why don’t you use that freedoms to create something that doesn’t involve raging online. Your “freedumb” doesn’t work on private platforms. I thought right wing numb nuts had that figured out by now.

Youtube, Facebook, Twitter has been suspending and banning users for petty or no reasons forever. Now they have a problem? gimme a fucking break. Censorship has always been a thing on these platforms. And this guy isn’t special.

Always the victim… geez

birdcat , avatar

That is the most disturbing part of this whole mess. People seem to actually believe that Russel Brand is a danger to the establishment. He acts like a teenager who got grounded, and then goes on a rant about how the illuminati imprisoned him because he was about to uncover the truth about the yeti.

Literally a 50-year-old man-baby who just realized what people usually realize when they are teenagers; corporations want to earn money, governments are involved in wars, there is something called capitalism, and life is not fair.

How is preaching those things on Youtube a threat to the establishment? Dude got fucking canceled cuz people dug up the dirt, it happens but does not mean you’re the second coming of Jesus Christ, Neo or Che Guevara.

Seriously, what is wrong with the world? Also I thought Blumenthal was smart, wtf.

Certainity45 ,

Do you remember what happened to Danny Masterson right after he spoke against scientology?

jimmydoreisalefty OP ,

Piped video link not working.

Alt. Link for video:

Russell Brand’s CENSORSHIP Campaign Should Frighten You: Max Blumenthal

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