Too little, too late. I’m no graphic designer, but for the occasional times when I need to edit something, photopea has been more than enough.


Well, Photopea is pretty close to being a 1:1 clone of Photoshop, it’s a top of the line non-destructive photo editing web app, way better and easier to use than GIMP. The only good thing about GIMP is that it’s open source.

AFallingAnvil, avatar

This reads like an ad


Do you do photo manipulation for a living ? If you did, you would know for a fact everything I said is true. And if you don’t know what non-destructive even means or some other term that sounds like marketing speech, then I suggest you google those terms, because they are actual features. Features that someone who likes to save time on work would really appreciate.

Edit: My tier list

  1. Photoshop
  2. Photopea
  3. GIMP
  4. Photoshop web (it’s like a Photoshop by Fisher Price)
atocci, avatar

What happened to Paint 3D?


Is paint 3d actually any good?

I had such a hard time using it for basic things that I’d look for wherever they’d hidden away traditional paint instead.

atocci, avatar

For actual 3D stuff I think it was decent. It was one of the easiest programs to understand for quick VRchat edits.


And that was all available for free 25 years ago with Gimp.


and now it’s bundled in the most popular desktop os. so you have options

KoboldCoterie, avatar

It’s cute that they’re calling layers and transparency “some of Photoshop’s best features”. That’s pretty insulting to Photoshop.


Best features historically. Not best of its current features. I doubt photoshop cares if it gets insulted also haha

Granixo, avatar

Meanwhile in Adobe inc. :

Employee: Sir, another popular graphic editing application is gonna integrate layers, for free.

Excecutive: So what? Those half-assed mobile apps will never catch up with us, and if they do, we’ll sue them.

Employee: I-it’s actually a desktop program, sir.

Executive: Oh, another community-driven project, that is gonna replicate our features for free! Nobody is gonna pay attention to that garbage, because people now are too stupid & lazy now to even type a web address.

Employee: Sir, it’s Microsoft Paint.

Executive: F*CK!! 🤯

mifan, avatar

Now these two features is in paint, designers and artists will have a hard time deciding which software to use.


Yeah I thought they meant the cloning stamp, which is what I think most people new to editing use photoshop for.


But part of the fun of using Paint is how bad it is


Now you can be several layers deep in badness, with varying degrees of visibility of badness.

It really turns up the number of possible badness combinations tbh

Granixo, avatar

Better 18 years late than never. 🙂👍


What changed in 2005?

Granixo, avatar

Krita, the best free and open-source raster graphics editor, was released 🎨🖌️


Gimp was there first.

Granixo, (edited ) avatar

Yeah, but Krita is pretty much at Adobe-levels of quality and development.

Where as GIMP and Paint are pretty much dinosaurs. 🦕🦖


Krita is a fluffy toy for animators. Gimp is a full-featured image editing tool.


I could have sworn Microsoft was going to stop supporting Paint awhile ago.
Did I make that up in my head or something?

Either way I love paint. Paint with layers sounds awesome.


I remember something like this as well

SpaceNoodle, (edited )

They axed Wordpad instead

thedrivingcrooner, avatar

I guess they announced that in 2017 but there was so much backlash they backed out. That was around the time they introduced 3D Paint. Now I’m wondering if they’re going to silently remove the og Paint and call 3D Paint just Paint with all the new features.


3D paint was a UI nightmare. This is classic paint with new stuff built on top, no 3d

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