China invents most powerful detonation engine for hypersonic flight ( )

The “revolutionary” air-breathing engine could, in theory, lift an aircraft from a runway to more than 30km (18.6 miles) into the stratosphere and continuously accelerate it to 16 times the speed of sound.

At this velocity, even the longest intercontinental flights could take just one or two hours while consuming less fuel compared with conventional jet engines.

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jaybone ,

Oh it’s

TexMexBazooka ,


huginn ,

This article is bullshit: they're reporting that a blueprint was made. No demonstration, no proof of it working.

Rotary detonation isn't a new concept and GE has demonstrated a rotary detonation scramjet for 0 - Mach 5.

If you really think that 0 to Mach 16 is within reach with current technology RDEs I have a bridge to sell you.

Darpa has all the money of God and they've been throwing billions at the exact problem of rotary detonation. Everybody knows that detonation is more fuel efficient than deflagration and that turbine engines are holding jet aircraft back from hypersonic flight.

When they make a Mach 16 demonstrator I'll believe them. Until then I'm still very excited for the demonstrated and actual capabilities of RDE Scramjets.

pastermil ,

That's nice...

...when I see it in production.

Norgur ,

Yeah, no. Just no. Absolutely no. Faster than everything else.and higher than everything else and all of that by burning less energy? Come on people, stop falling for this kind of crap.

electricprism , (edited )
Rosco , (edited )

I'll wait until other countries validate the findings, or until someone makes a working prototype, before getting excited. Seems like it's one of those "too good to be true" stories like the LK-99. Hype in tech and science almost always leads to disappointment.

cmnybo ,

If that engine actually works, it would be cool to see it on a space plane. Mach 16 is nearly 2/3rds of orbital velocity. If you could go that fast on an air breathing engine, you wouldn't need to carry nearly as much oxygen to get into LEO.

Tristaniopsis ,

Fuck the CCP with a bucket of rusty nails.

viking , avatar

You need to draw the line between a country's government and some of its brightest minds. This is a scientific breakthrough, and should be celebrated as such. Period.

Tristaniopsis ,

No. Sorry, but if the government is horrific then any scientific advancements will be used in unethical ways. It’s unfortunate but true.

The CCP is brutally evil and that’s that.

viking , avatar

The research has been published. Everybody in the world is free to replicate it. The CCP is no more or less capable of doing so, just because it happened on their turf.

Kbin_space_program ,

It has been published, but a staggering number of scientific "papers" coming out of China are turning out to be complete fabrications.

viking , avatar

Correct, so it should be independently reviewed and recreated to validate the claims. Crying wolf just because there were issues before wouldn't be fair.

NoIWontPickaName ,

So you don’t base any of your decisions on past experiences?

viking , avatar

Not when it comes to scientific research.

If the same person or someone acting under the same supervisor in the same faculty published some more amazing sounding research after previous ones had been debunked, I'd be sceptical.

But in a country with 1.4bn people and more than 3.000 universities? There's gotta be some bad eggs, but you can't discredit every single one due to the actions of a few.

I've met brilliant scientists in and from China.

Kbin_space_program ,

The trick is that they're literally spamming papers at this point.

Zerush OP , avatar

Most of these inventions will be used by military first, in China as also in the USA, which isn't an atom better in this and other aspect. It's precisely the USA which use more investment in weapons and defense as any other country and not precisely for humanity reasons.

Tristaniopsis ,

The US is committed to free speech, the CCP is not.

zout ,


NoIWontPickaName ,

Are we? The current wave of book bans would say different.

It must be those two gay penguins’ fault

faintwhenfree ,

I trust no articles from SCMP.

viking , avatar

That's a different story, but you can simply look up the research paper.

master5o1 ,

I imagine that theoretical speed could only be used for drone planes.

tsonfeir , avatar

You could ride on it, but you’d need a cowboy hat.

kubica , avatar

If a space suit is needed, would the hat go inside or outside the suit?

tsonfeir , avatar

I imagine you would need a cowboy hat that would also supply oxygen.

gaael ,

Outside, why wear a hat if no one can see it ?

Lath ,


pelya ,

That's why cowboy hats have folded brims.

Ummdustry ,

it pokes through like a space marines pony tail

heluecht , avatar

@Zerush @master5o1 Speed is not a problem. Acceleration is.

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