entropicshart ,

Stop with the spamming across instances and communities


delirious_owl ,
@delirious_owl@discuss.online avatar

Its called cross posting. Welcome to Lemmy.

Thank you to OP for cross-posting, please keep up the high-effort, and ignore the dumb redditors who dont understand Lemmy etiquette.

kakes ,

Yeah, imo this is a UI problem, not a user problem.

chiisana ,
@chiisana@lemmy.chiisana.net avatar

Sure, but useless blog spam instead of linking directly to The Verge is a user problem, not a UI problem.

kakes ,

True that.

HarkMahlberg ,
@HarkMahlberg@kbin.social avatar

Gonna shill for kbin's UI just a bit. I like how it handles cross-posted threads.

dgriffith ,
@dgriffith@aussie.zone avatar

I wouldn't consider this to be an on topic post for the "worldnews" or "world" communities. If you cross-post to everywhere, why even have communities?

But posting this to technology, software, AI, communities, no problem.

mudeth ,

Also, this feels like blogspam with a short summary and a link to the actual source. Original Verge article here.

manexat ,

Oy vey shut it down

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