The Majestic Birth of Graphical User Interfaces – Xerox Alto and the Alto Trek game ( )

Can you imagine a time before the Graphical User Interface, when you could only operate a computer with abstract-looking text instead of using simple menus, and it was unheard of to use the oh-so-common mouse? A time when computers were harder to learn, and even harder to master? Well then, join us on our splendid trip where we’ll discover one of the very first GUIs in a personal computer, found on the Xerox Alto!

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vluz , avatar

Me with four open cli terminals righ now:

homesweethomeMrL ,

This is a personal computer developed by Xerox’s PARC (Palo Alto Research Center), and it was first introduced in 1973, at a time when that same Xerox meant only “photocopy”, and IBM was an extremely important PC manufacturer;


mdhughes , avatar

I can close my eyes and remember it, so yes.

amio ,

I can virtually guarantee a lot of people here not only can imagine it, but use CLI applications heavily every day.

Pronell ,

Well my first computer was an Apple IIe, so yes. And I still prefer command line interfaces, even if they're in a GUI environment.

But I suppose that was a rhetorical question...

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