tias ,

I am Jack's complete lack of surprise.

Owljfien ,

Last 4 words of that headline are a bit redundant

sugar_in_your_tea ,

Last 6 honestly.

chicken ,

At least local LLMs are getting better

drwho ,
@drwho@beehaw.org avatar

It would have been bizarre if they weren't.

slacktoid ,
@slacktoid@lemmy.ml avatar

And in other obvious news, earth is getting hot and sun is yellow to deep orange. Back to you Diane.

sylver_dragon ,

Um, no shit?
Seriously, Microsoft is running offering a service, for free, which uses considerable amounts of processing power. And people didn't think that everything they typed in was being logged, catalog, dissected and used for any possible purpose to make money?

Landless2029 ,

20 years ago a webmaster/software engineer once told me some interesting advice:

"If you didn't pay for the product, you are the product.

True for anything that isn't self hosted FOSS...

shiveyarbles ,

Waiting on our useless government to regulate privacy rights

sadreality ,

Yeah they will regulate your ability to use privacy software haha

DdCno1 ,

I was expecting something a bit more substantial than the equivalent of a tweet.

Nougat ,

The only way Microsoft or OpenAI would know this would be to spy on chatbot sessions. I’m sure the terms of service—if I bothered to read them—gives them that permission.

Well there's your problem.

dust_accelerator ,

Narrator: It does

gregorum ,
@gregorum@lemm.ee avatar

Also, everyone else

KingJalopy ,


TheFeatureCreature ,
@TheFeatureCreature@lemmy.world avatar

Nearly every single major tech company will monitor and record every single interaction you have with any of their services and products now. Just do a Google data takeout and see just what kind of data they keep on you.

This is the norm now and everyone should be aware of this and expect it and more of it.

ARk ,

Say on god

Pat ,
@Pat@kbin.run avatar

seeing as copilot says at the start of every conversation that it will be recorded, not to mention their massive (non)privacy policy and terms of use, this isn't really news. this is just a fact

alternate headline: company looks at data they tell you they will monitor

FigMcLargeHuge ,

Other alternate headline: Pawtucket man joins 14 others in U.S. who evidently care about what is being done with their data.

pixxelkick ,

In this case its actually a lot of people.

In particular, clients really give a shit if you let their NDA signed proprietary info get leaked out to arbitrary third parties.

jojo ,
@jojo@toast.ooo avatar

Is it really spying at this point? I feel like everyone knows big tech is going to exploit your data as much as they can.

iAmTheTot ,
@iAmTheTot@kbin.social avatar

It's also a stretch to call something spying when they tell you they are going to do it.

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