drwho ,
@drwho@beehaw.org avatar

I wonder when she's going to get arrested.

Midnitte ,

Hard to be arrested by Russia in Germany.

uis ,

Entire ACF needs mastodon presence

Sotuanduso ,
@Sotuanduso@lemm.ee avatar

Who's this X fellow I keep hearing about?

pingveno ,

I don't know, sounds like someone who does porn.

BambiDiego ,
Sotuanduso ,
@Sotuanduso@lemm.ee avatar

I had to zoom my screen out to 50% to fit that video.

BambiDiego ,

Yeah, I realized my goof after I commented

exanime ,

Professor Xavier's bizarro twin... unlike Charles, he is dumb and have no actual powers

uis ,


bingbong ,

X gon give it to ya

Grant_M ,
@Grant_M@lemmy.ca avatar

No free speech for people opposing the terrorist Putin regime

EatATaco ,

Remember when all the conspiracy theorists were cheering elons take over of twitter because it meant free speech? I do. Also remember how pretty much none of them is complaining about his control of the platform now. It's almost like they never really cared about free speech in the first place, but only their own.

Thorny_Insight , (edited )

Conspiracy theorists? I was looking forward to the changes he said he was going to make but how does that make me a conspiracy theorist now?

EDIT: I'd love to read the logs for why I'm getting downvoted for. This is one damn hateful group of people lol

EatATaco ,

Oh, I'm sorry, I should have been clear that people getting fooled by him was not limited to conspiracy theorists. It's just who I heard it the most from where there was some conspiracy among big tech to silence dissenting opinions and he would save us from it.

nilloc ,

Me too, the Facebook files were a big deal in the first few weeks after his takeover too (once the overwhelming news about layoffs and brain drain subsided).

index ,

Remember when all the conspiracy theorists were cheering elons take over of twitter because it meant free speech?

No? And who are conspiracy theorists?

Scubus ,

Lol then pay attention

index ,

I've pay same attention and noticed "conspiracy theorists" is a vague term used by governments as a cover up and to call out anyone who disagree with them.

HappycamperNZ ,

Yeah, im pretty sure the bot farms made it to lemmy.

Signtist ,
@Signtist@lemm.ee avatar

Conspiracy theorists are people who believe wild, baseless information, whose only sources are other people who believe wild, baseless information. My mom thinks that the US is owned by some guy in Montana because she saw a youtube video that said so. She believes that any time someone spells her name in all caps they're literally trying to enslave her. She believes that Donald Trump is literally the second coming of Jesus Christ, and that Elon Musk is one of his new disciples because he allowed him back onto Twitter. She believes that sitting in a chair that vibrates at a specific frequency is more likely to cure her stage 4 breast cancer than an oncologist. My mom is a conspiracy theorist, and she'll be dead soon from cancer that she found while it was still easily treatable with surgery, but decided then that oregano oil would be a more effective treatment.

pingveno ,

Damn, that kept getting sadder and sadder.

Signtist ,
@Signtist@lemm.ee avatar

Believe me, it got sadder and sadder watching it happen in person, too.

Thorny_Insight ,

Conspiracy theorists are people who believe wild, baseless information, whose only sources are other people who believe wild, baseless information.

Like that Elon Musk is personally responsible for kicking Yulia Navalnaya off Twitter only then to restore her account an hour later and that he's doing this because he's a Russian puppet?

There's plenty of legitimate reasons to not like the guy but what I'm seeing here is a hate cult. The above claim about him is literally wild, baseless information and its source is other people who believe in said wild baseless information. When challenged the response is either complete silence and flood of downvotes or misinformation about him turning off starlink to prevent Ukrainian attack on Crimea.

Signtist ,
@Signtist@lemm.ee avatar

I never said anything about Elon being directly responsible for this, nor did anyone else within the replies to the conspiracy theory comment that I was referring to. The fact of the matter is that conspiracy theorists touted Elon's acquisition of Twitter as being the return of free speech, but immediately after the death of Putin's largest opposition figure, who's wife said that she would carry his torch, she's removed from the platform. Whether due to Elon or anyone else, Twitter is not a platform of free speech, and that should outrage anyone, whether they Like Elon or not, and whether they agree with Navalny and his wife or not.

index ,

Conspiracy theorists are people who believe wild, baseless information, whose only sources are other people who believe wild, baseless information.

That's not what the definition of conspiracy theorist is even according the the dictionary. Keep it on topic, the idea of twitter being a free speech platform is something that Musk advertised themself, i've personally not seen a single person actually taking it seriously.

casmael ,

Wow I like this Elon guy less and less every time I read a headline about him

arken ,

I'm actually starting to doubt that he's a force for good in this world...

butterflyattack ,

I'll admit I was a bit taken in by the image his PR people created, a few years back before he decided he didn't need them. I think I wanted to believe in the benevolent billionaire bullshit, that maybe a rich person wanted to do some good in the world. Dumb fuckin me, won't be making that mistake again.

TheAnonymouseJoker Mod ,
@TheAnonymouseJoker@lemmy.ml avatar

The account is restored, it seems.

That said, why so much American nationalist sentiments in here? USA is at fault for USA's problems. Implying USA is being controlled by this mysterious outside "alien" entity just means USA is not a sovereign or democratic country and is so weak even before it is invaded by a military. Is USA, that has intervened in 100+ foreign countries illegally, so weak? The reality is people who vote are idiots, and USA has a dictatorship with two parties that are sides of the same coin. Maybe collectively choosing a non-Dem/Rep party, like a socialist one, could help?

shiveyarbles ,

X marks the fascist

Passerby6497 ,

Damn, PG, wasted no time in kicking his wife off the platform (yet trump and Alex Jones are both allowed there.....)

JimmyBigSausage ,

My fresh take:
Please reinstate the account that was suspended on the platform that we want people to quit using so that we can NOT read it because we have boycotted it.

shiveyarbles ,

No they're being boycotted because of this kind of behavior.

BreakDecks ,

Extremely uncharacteristic of X's critics to point out X's flaws.

RootBeerGuy ,
@RootBeerGuy@discuss.tchncs.de avatar

Article was probably updated, account is restored as of now.

vodkasolution ,
@vodkasolution@feddit.it avatar

People still using x....

uis ,


jeze3D ,
@jeze3D@lemmy.zip avatar

Something something town square.

Aurenkin ,

Wait, isn't that the place where people used to be hanged?

infinitepcg ,

The article just says that the account is suspended, there is no official statement from Twitter an no indication that they suspended the account on purpose. The most likely reason is that the account was mass reported by trolls and got suspended automatically.

suction ,

If that’s the case, Musk will surely have it unbanned as soon as he gets up. If not, it would prove he’s on Team Putin beyond any doubt.

Tetra ,
@Tetra@kbin.social avatar

We've had more than enough proof he's on team Putin, I personally don't need another.

Thorny_Insight ,

Would be curious to hear what you think is the strongest evidence for him being on "team Putin"

Tristaniopsis ,

Yay Elon. Reeeeeeeaaaallllyyyy supporting “free speech” buddy.

Thorny_Insight ,

I'm sure it was Elon personally who suspended the account but then had to restore it an hour later because he couldn't possibly have forseen the blowback this would cause. No way there's any other explanation for this.

primalmotion ,
@primalmotion@lemmy.antisocial.ly avatar

The stupider it looks, the Elonner it is

Tristaniopsis ,

The more public a figure, the more likely it is that he’s pulled rank.

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