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"Free speech absolutist" allegedly fires employee for raising security concerns.

Apparently Elon's version of free speech doesn't extend to employees who raise concerns about information security:

"Alan Rosa, who was Twitter’s global head of information security, filed the lawsuit late on Tuesday in New Jersey federal court, alleging breach of contract, wrongful termination and retaliation, among other claims. X Corp did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

"Rosa claims that late last year, after Musk acquired the company, he was told to cut his department’s budget for physical security by 50%...

"Rosa says he objected because the cuts would put Twitter at risk of violating a $150m settlement it entered into earlier in 2022 with the US Federal Trade Commission (FTC), which claimed Twitter had misused users’ personal information. The agreement required Twitter to implement privacy and information security controls to protect confidential data.

"He was fired days after raising those concerns, according to the lawsuit. Rosa is seeking unspecified compensatory and punitive damages, and legal fees."

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Looks like Elon's taking it back to the late 90's/early 2000's.

nyan ,

"My free speech, not your free speech." Pretty common attitude among freeze peach evangelists.

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Is this an ad?

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Elon's "extremely hardcore" toxic work culture means people are forced to take Adderall without a prescription to meet their workload. Just ask SpaceX employees.

"Some SpaceX workers resorted to taking Adderall to keep up with the pace of work at the company's launch facility, and others found themselves falling asleep in the bathroom during long workweeks, a recent Reuters investigation found.

"Travis Carson, a former SpaceX worker at the company's facility in Brownsville, Texas, told Reuters some workers took Adderall — a stimulant designed to help people with ADHD improve their focus and concentration levels — without a prescription to keep up with the pace of work."


What a nightmare!

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Plibbert ,

Lol, watch him try to make nerualink mandatory.

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@ajsadauskas @technology ok, who wants to go into space with equipment made by people that can barely stay awake?

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Global: ‘Predator Files’ investigation reveals catastrophic failure to regulate surveillance trade


A new investigation into the global surveillance crisis by the European Investigative Collaborations (EIC) media network, with technical assistance from Amnesty International’s Security Lab, today begins to reveal the shocking truth about how far the industry’s tentacles have spread and how ineffective EU regulation has been in controlling it

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Elon lied about the monkeys — and he shouldn't be trusted to put his Neuralink chips in human brains.

"They are claiming they are going to put a safe device on the market, and that's why you should invest," Ryan Merkley at the Physicians Committee, told Wired. "And we see his lie as a way to whitewash what happened in these exploratory studies."

Really heartbreaking reading what happened to the monkeys.

People quite rightly think of Elizabeth Holmes as a fraud for making false medical claims about what the Theranos machines could do. So why aren't Elon's claims at Neuralink being held to the same level of scrutiny?


Muun ,

Cancer is a great way to describe it.

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piratepost ,

Russia Takes Its Ukraine Information War Into Video Games


Propaganda is appearing in and other popular games and discussion groups as the tries to win over new audiences.…

CrateDane ,

I think all propaganda is equally bad. Putting certain ones on pedestals because “At least it isn’t XYZ” doesn’t jive with me, and it distracts from the real issue.

False equivalence and whataboutism is not helping anyone.

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I played it. Died at least once an hour. Not sure how it would serve its goal of getting recruits to join the army by dying several times per day in the game.

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The EU has just clamped down on big tech. Britain, take note

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