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Blizzard , in Reddit is removing ability to opt out of ad personalization based on your activity on the platform avatar

Which is illegal in the EU and about to be illegal in Australia ¯_(ツ)_/¯

Dasnap , avatar

The company said that it will still have opt-out controls in “select countries” without specifying which ones.

gressen ,

Will they become liable if I don’t opt-out?

jmcs ,

It depends if someone bothers to sue them or not. In the EU court decisions until now point that profiling for advertising should be opt-in not opt-out but companies keep trying to find loopholes or at least hoping to not attract too much attention with their defaults.

IsoKiero , avatar

In EU no one individual needs to sue them. The what-ever-the-office-might-be-responsible at EU burecracy will just send them an nicely worded letter that says “play by the book or we’ll give you fine big enough to bankrupt you no matter how much money you think you have”. The fine is based on company revenue (or sales, I don’t remember what it spesifically was) and there’s no way you’ll weasel yourself out of that no matter how many american lawyers you can hire. The same folks forced Apple to adapt usb-c, so good luck Spez if you try to challenge that.

BlueBockser ,

One small correction: There is no EU office responsible for GDPR enforcement, the EU member states are responsible for handling GDPR breaches within their jurisdiction (Art. 51 GDPR). As an individual you can also file a complaint against offenders (Art. 77 GDPR).

amio ,

In the EU, they certainly aren't allowed to "assume consent".

a4ng3l ,

Opt-out is still illegal in many cases… a lot must be opt-in based. Typically consent must be freely given.

_haha_oh_wow_ , avatar

Maybe I’ll “move to Europe” lol

fires up VPN

Or maybe I’ll just stop visiting reddit entirely?

CaptainAniki ,

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  • _haha_oh_wow_ , avatar

    That would probably be for the best.

    oldGregg ,

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  • _haha_oh_wow_ , avatar

    No :(

    I really should though.

    Zealousideal_Fox900 ,

    I live in europe! On the internet!

    samus12345 , avatar

    Countries where they’re legally required to.

    library_napper , avatar

    OK but next year it will be illegal in the EU under thr DMA. It’s illegal regardless of opt-in or opt-out.

    yoz ,

    Australia? How ? Isn’t Australia one of the five eyes country? Like more the data these companies collect its better for Australia.

    Longmactoppedup ,

    I’ll be very surprised if our govt does anything positive when it comes to digital rights. The current shower of arseholes in government supported the previous even bigger shower of arseholes to pass diabolical legislation like data retention and assistance and access bills.

    Blizzard , avatar
    ShortN0te ,

    I am actually not even sure that is true. Some News sites like and are doing this for years. It is basically agree to this or leave the site.

    zerofk ,

    This may or may not be illegal, depending on what the “this” is you’re agreeing to. As a simple example, if it is “you agree to functional cookies by continuing to use the site”, that’s fine. If it is “you agree to us scraping your computer and selling everything we find to China”, that is most definitely not legal, nor is refusing service if you don’t agree.

    GiddyGap ,

    The EU just does so many things right.

    America: “SoCiALisM”

    MTLion3 , in She went beyond socialism to being a full communist and thinking that anyone rich is evil. Elon Musk reveals Twitter takeover driven by 'woke mind virus' that infected his trans daughter.

    Daughter turning into something I don’t like? Buy out the thing she uses to try and regulate her. Very normal and healthy behavior

    givesomefucks , (edited )

    He also blames a ridiculously exclusive school in Cali for the kids of ridiculouslu wealthy parents for her forming her own opinions about stuff. It’s the same as other conservatives claiming college brainwashes kids.

    Also, we can take the “full blown communist” part as seriously as any other time a billionaire says it. She could have said something like “maybe rich people should pay more tax” and get that label from them.

    MTLion3 ,

    Oh for sure. Extreme statements like that always ring as “They’re not how I want them to be so I’m going to call them radical”.

    Alteon ,

    We want you to be well-educated, smart, and be a critical thinker that can think fo…wait…no, stop…not like that. We want you to critically think…but also arrive at the same correct conclusions as us…wtf, are you doing?

    givesomefucks ,

    They don’t even pretend to want critical thinking…

    That was the big push behind “no child left behind”. A focus on rote memorization and following rules.

    Because funding was tied to scores, teachers had to focus on what was being tested. And since critical thinking wasn’t tested, it became the lowest priority.

    The “boots on the ground” conservatives may not be smart, but the ones at the top of the movement 100% understand what’s going on. And they’ve spent decades trying to increase their numbers.

    CharlesDarwin , avatar

    The Texas Republican Party made being against critical thinking part of their platform, explicitly.

    Flag , avatar

    He doesnt seem to understand where he himself stands politically, making it a safe bet he falls to properly identify where others are.

    Baines ,

    he understands, it’s just not popular to say the quiet part out loud

    grte ,…/elon-musk-twitter-inc-technology-bus…

    One reason why Musk bought Twitter this week is because he had little choice. The world’s richest man spent months trying to back out of the $44 billion purchase agreement he originally signed in April. But the uncertainty was so disruptive to Twitter’s business that it sued him in the Delaware Court of Chancery to force the deal’s completion, and a judge gave a Friday deadline to complete the deal or face a November trial that Musk was likely to lose.

    This is all bullshit. Self-aggrandizing lies to give the appearance that this massive failure was all in the plan. The guy was trying to play games with stocks and got caught. He’s a dumbass with no idea how the business he didn’t want to own but was forced to buy in the end works. It’s not deeper than that.

    I’m sure his daughter hating him is very upsetting but it’s not why he set 40 billion dollars on fire.

    MTLion3 ,

    Why not both? Because you’re absolutely right that he got fucked on a bad gamble and then tried to save face, but I can also easily see him trying to buy stuff just to stick it to the left. (But in all reality again you’re probably pretty solely right lol)

    toasteecup ,

    I question if he actually got fucked on a gamble or if he was just inept and all of his decisions were largely a whim rather than based on some true data and research.

    givesomefucks , (edited )

    His daughter transitioning and being liberal drove him to the far right on Twitter, because he couldn’t accept it.

    Those people kept telling him he should buy it to “save” it.

    He started talking about it, and that’s where your article picks up.

    It wasn’t just a whim, he had reason to start talking about buying Twitter, then was forced to actually go through with it.

    He thinks he’s “saving” it because conservatives believe everyone thinks like them and are just scared to admit it, but his intentional actions are killing it.

    WheeGeetheCat , avatar

    because conservatives believe everyone thinks like them and are just scared to admit it

    just need to preserve this line because its so spot on

    givesomefucks ,

    There’s actually science behind it.

    A brain scan can reveal a person’s political leaning with like 80% accuracy, and I can’t stress enough how crazy that number is, the remaining 20% usually just aren’t political or in the middle.

    It’s done by looking at the size/activity of the amygdala and the prefrontal cortex.

    A conservative will have more amygdala activity, which is our flight or fight response.

    A progressive will have a larger preferential cortex, the part that gives us logic and empathy.

    It’s always important to mention that this isn’t permanent, our brains are like muscles, use certain parts and they get more active and even physically larger (but obviously on a small scale).

    We know that because there’s been studies on London taxi drivers. Before training their brains are normal. But since they have to memorize every street in London, by the time they’re certified there’s a noticable difference in the part of the brain that handles navigation.

    So it’s not like theyre a lost cause.

    And why republican leaders are so hell vent on removing “liberal arts” from schools. The people leading aren’t idiots, they’re trying to make more conservatives

    pinkdrunkenelephants ,

    That’s a really reductive oversimplification of the situation.

    How does it account for PTSD sufferers at all?

    givesomefucks , (edited )

    That’s nothing to do with it…

    You could just as well ask how it accounts for penguins riding unicycles.

    The only brain change with PTSD is the hippocampus, they’ve explicitly looked for changes to the amygdala and there isn’t any.

    If you want to split hairs, there is a statistically insignificant change, but that makes it smaller.

    pinkdrunkenelephants , (edited )

    No, there are many brain changes involved with PTSD including the prefrontal cortex and the study clearly didn’t take it into account.

    I didn’t even say anything about the amygdala. I said PTSD. Don’t put words in my mouth.

    givesomefucks ,

    Maybe you should have explicitly stated your point?

    And I don’t see anything in your link about subsequent changes to size or activity of the prefrontal cortex due to PTSD.

    Although I admittedly just skimmed it.

    So if that links backs up your argument (whatever that was) please link the relevant part.

    pinkdrunkenelephants ,

    Or maybe you should try engaging others in good faith instead of getting defensive someone challenged a notion that makes you feel superior to conservatives.

    Come back when you’re willing to. Blocked.

    givesomefucks ,

    Oh ok, so that was just a random article you didn’t read first, and it had nothing to do with what was being talked about…

    It does help that everytime I mention this stuff, there’s someone champing at the bit to give the class an example.

    You’ve unironically helped me out a lot, thanks!

    Alteon ,

    Soooo…if you blocked him, how is he going to come back when he’s willing to talk? Lol.

    pinkdrunkenelephants , (edited )

    The blocking feature on Lemmy is as broken as Reddit and he can still reply to my messages whenever he wants, I just can’t see it.

    Which is beef I have with Lemmy. What I said should be silly, but it’s not, because the core software doesn’t fix the issues Reddit had especially with blocking. Blocking should give one the last word, but it doesn’t.

    And that’s ignoring the fact that block evading is trivially easy as he can just bounce back here with an account on another instance, and even if a mod bans him, he can keep coming back with VPNs.

    Lemmy as a platform is so fucked.

    givesomefucks , (edited )

    Oh man, you could have actually tried to explain why you think that article was relevant in the time it took you to type all that…

    You don’t even know how blocking works.

    It just blocks you from seeing my comments in the wild. Because that’s what blocking means.

    It doesn’t stop me from seeing and replying to your comments, because I haven’t blocked you.

    What is a glitch, is you still get this notification

    cupcakezealot , (edited ) avatar

    it’s got big this energy

    Beetschnapps ,

    “Why can’t I name them binary numbers or ‘techno’ and have them shut up?”

    “People are too woke”

    demlet ,

    That last point is really interesting. Conservatives and right-wingers can’t grasp that other people don’t think like they do. I remember during the January 6th insurrection how all the people doing it really seemed to believe they would be seen as heroes. It’s like they had no idea over half of the US didn’t agree with them.

    pomodoro_longbreak , avatar

    Maybe a bit of an extreme comparison, but it reminds me of when Donald Trump, also in the US, actually got elected president there. I remember thinking he looked quite wan in those early news clips. Like he was shocked to have actually won, and was rapidly having to adjust his expectations of the future.

    Aurenkin , in Google's Manifest V3 changes will soon disable uBlock Origin on Chrome


    Just thought I’d get that one out of the way early.

    HKayn , (edited ) avatar

    Firefox fans spamming F5 for any thread that they can comment “Firefox” on

    Geez you guys can’t take a joke.

    PieMePlenty ,

    We don’t have to. There’s an ad on for it.

    scorpionix , avatar

    God beware someone posting the solution to the problem. ¯*(ツ)*/¯

    Nepenthe , avatar

    The thing is — not trying to sound snarky about this — do you honestly believe there is someone on the fediverse that hasn't heard of Firefox before.

    Serinus ,

    I believe there are people here who still haven’t switched, and this post about a problem and the obvious solution could convince them.

    Do they already know the argument? Sure. It’s a pretty simple one.

    Nepenthe , (edited ) avatar

    The post can, yeah. The predictability with which all posts or comments containing the word "Google" will have several responses underneath evangelizing Firefox almost certainly will not, after it exceeds a point it very clearly routinely exceeds.

    Not because you guys are wrong, (you're not), but because you're annoying, which is almost as bad. There is something in psychology called reactance theory, and it's the reason why, when you're just about to do the dishes and then someone else tells you to do them, it's suddenly the last thing on earth you want to do.

    It is a choice so small it isn't worth arguing over, but it's no longer your choice born out of your own free will, and now you feel cheated and resentful and you are not doing it, both out of spite and more truthfully to regain your sense of choice.

    This is the same reason everyone hates vegans so much. They're not wrong. They're annoying. Firefox has vegan PR.

    I held off listening to Hamilton for three years for no other reason than nobody else I met would shut the goddamn fuck up about Hamilton. Same with the TV version of Good Omens, whatever stupid cartoon jester thing has been in a third of the memes lately, and a hundred other things.

    I am very likely to switch over to Firefox myself in the ever-nearing future. That ice is breaking. But it will not be because a bunch of strangers whined at me over my own choices for over a decade. It will be because the cons of whatever Google, Windows, etc. have done finally outweigh the pros of not having to exert effort to maintain my experience.

    It bears consideration that in the meantime, Firefox users have a tendency not to even read the several duplicate comments before they start jacking off into them, not uncommonly in a way that's loudly judgemental towards their own target audience.

    The resultant spam cements a mental association between Firefox, the brand and the feeling of being annoyed and insulted. Don't be those vegans. If I had to think, be like the art community treats Adobe. Fuck Adobe, but I'm not just gonna overload someone with aggressive pompousity who's only using the industry default.

    scorpionix , avatar

    Never heard? No.

    Hasn’t switched over yet? Certainly.

    HKayn , avatar

    What makes you believe excessive comment spam will make them switch?

    xkforce ,

    Probably the same reason you made these comments despite knowing that the odds of you convincing them of your position is indistinguishable from zero.

    HKayn , avatar

    What do you think is my position?

    Aurenkin ,

    Google Chrome fans spamming F5 on the news page to see what features are being removed next.

    HKayn , avatar

    What makes you think I’m a Google Chrome fan?

    Aurenkin ,

    Nothing, just having a bit of fun. Not as punchy as your original comment though.

    Etterra ,

    I didn’t want you to think I down voted because I disagreed with you. You’re quite right. I down voted you because it was a dumb joke.

    HKayn , avatar

    Yeah, that’s a fair point.

    Coki91 , avatar

    I use LibreFox, btw

    Flaky , avatar

    I think the main issue is the people here suggesting and evangelising Firefox not really listening to those who aren’t, which frustrates the other person. I think I fell into this with the fediverse, in the early days of Elon fucking up Twitter. There are perfectly valid reasons to not use Firefox right now. Maybe one browser or other works better for them, or has that one killer feature they can’t live without. Firefox has that for some of us, too. Or Firefox has some weird quirk or bug that other browsers don’t.

    I personally use Firefox and Vivaldi. Vivaldi has tab tiling which is great for when I’m in the zone adding music to MusicBrainz or RYM, and it’s not too clunky either. Tile Tabs WE doesn’t cut it for me. For casual browsing, vertical tabs is nice and I use Firefox + Sidebery for that, which is better than Vivaldi’s vertical tab implementation.

    HKayn , avatar

    I think the main issue is the people here suggesting and evangelising Firefox not really listening to those who aren’t

    That’s exactly it. A few months ago I saw a conversation on Lemmy where someone was listing the features they were missing in Firefox, and someone literally replied “There is no way you need any of this shit”.

    Flaky , avatar

    And even when they say tab hibernation does exist, they’re calling OP a dumbass. If I did that to my friends who want to try Linux, they’d be back on Windows in a heartbeat.

    I’ve also been shouted at here for telling a user asking about Vivaldi that the culture here does not like Chromium-based browsers like it and they likely won’t get their answer here. It’s like they wanted me to shut up and not criticise their behaviour.

    Rocha ,

    Sure, they just need to fix their annoying bugs on Android.

    Everytime I leave a tab open and switch to another app, it’s a 50/50 whether I return to a black screen and am forced to restart it or it just works fine.

    dtc ,

    I thought it was a problem with my phone since I’m using a custom ROM and it did not happen before. When I open Firefox and it has been in the background for a while, it shows a black screen where the web content should be and often crashes if you try to open another tab or do something else. Also happens if I open a link from another app. The only solution is to close Firefox and swipe it off the recent apps and reopen it. Is this the same problem you have?

    Rocha ,

    Yep, I have it on my Poco F5 with MIUI and a friend that has a Galaxy S23 with stock OS also has the same issue.

    swayevenly ,

    I never had an issue with Firefox. Sounds like it’s specific to your friend’s settings not model.

    Rocha ,

    A lot of people are saying they suffer the same and me and my friend have completely different devices with different Android flavours.

    It doesn’t seem to be what you are saying.

    zod000 ,

    I have never had an issue either. We’re all just tiny anecdotes in a sea of users. I mean, people that don’t have issues won’t generally post about it on forums, so of course people will generally only see others posting about similar issues unless they are some magical unique unicorn.

    marx2k ,

    Yup that’s been a long running issue with Firefox on android. Thought it was just me at first then saw forums where tons of people have the issue and the only suggestion is to reinstall it

    hereticpilgrim ,

    I had to uninstall since it was draining my battery. On one day it was 40% of my battery usage with just 1 minute on time actually open.

    TrickDacy ,

    Hmm, I don’t remember seeing that. What version of android?

    Rocha ,

    Android 13. Looking in the other replies, it seems pretty wide spread.

    histic ,

    take a look at ice Raven the few devices I’ve ran it on never gave me that issue

    CurlyMoustache , avatar

    Another thing I managed to miss out on :(

    BitsOfBeard , avatar

    I love Firefox, but we need more variety in browsers and Chromium is just making it worse! There has to be a way to make building browsers simpler without everyone ending up relying on the product that was designed to ruin the free internet.

    namingthingsiseasy , (edited )

    Yeah, the biggest problem with Firefox is that its engine is so hard to embed. Chrome has endless clones because it’s just so damn easy to embed. And Firefox just has some weak forks like Librewolf.

    I’d really rather see Mozilla focus on this rather than all their other stupid endeavors…

    Flaky , avatar

    Wish this got upvoted more tbh. The devs of Pulse Browser are trying to make an environment where making a Firefox fork would be easier, but it’s not like Chromium where the engine could be easily embedded. I’ve also heard Second Life had to move to Chromium for their embedded browser after using Gecko and having problems with it.

    Interstellar_1 , avatar

    I find Floorp to be a really great fork

    nyan ,

    What we actually need is more variety in rendering engines. There were never that many, and two or three (Presto, Trident, and Spartan if you count it) have been killed off within the past ten years. All that’s left are two lineages: Google’s Blink and its barely-threre parent WebKit (in Apple’s Safari), and Mozilla’s Gecko and its barely-there child Goanna (in Pale Moon).

    Unfortunately, the rendering engine is probably the largest single chunk of code in a browser, and writing a new one (or even forking an existing one) is non-trivial.

    Bitrot , avatar

    Servo still exists, it is under the Linux Foundation umbrella now after Mozilla abandoned it. Just got some funding in January.

    itsAllDigital , avatar

    Or the LibreWolf fork 😁

    TrickDacy ,

    Actually I’m sure most of us are just baffled that people will make extremely shitty choices just because others do

    floofloof ,

    Since Firefox is also implementing Manifest v3, will this also eventually be an issue in Firefox?…/manifest-v3-migration-gui…

    MotoAsh ,

    Possibly, though for now, they’ve worked with the ad blocker devs and kept everything working WITH v3 in FireFox. Google will not do it in Chrome because defeating the ad blockees is the point.

    jayandp ,

    Last I heard, Firefox is making carve outs for some of the APIs that Mv3 is supposed to deprecate.

    breadsmasher , in X suspends account of Navalny's wife avatar

    Tell me again how musk-ovi isn’t a putin stooge

    queermunist , avatar

    He doesn't want Xitter to get banned in Russia and there are no consequences for arbitrarily banning people. Pretty obviously just business.

    Wish people would stop using that site.

    Or someone would nationalize it.

    TheEntity ,

    If he's being a putin stooge because it's good for his business, he's still being a putin stooge.

    queermunist , avatar

    (pst that's just capitalism)

    mp3 , avatar

    I'd prefer for it to crash and burn, not nationalize it and bail him out of his bad investment.

    queermunist , avatar

    You're right, we should nationalize all of his assets.

    haui_lemmy ,

    Thats more like it

    laurelraven ,

    Who said anything about compensating him?

    Or if we do, compensate him at it's actual value not the absurd price he paid for it

    .... On second thought, nevermind, seize it outright, he doesn't deserve a damned thing for it

    Jimbabwe ,

    Putin would never ban X in Russia, are you crazy?

    “Hmm yes, banning my best propaganda tool. This is the move.” - Not Putin

    queermunist , avatar

    Because Musk curates the platform to Russia's standards. If Xitter didn't do stuff like suspening Navalny's wife, Russia might decide to go to a Chinese platform or try to develop their own.

    Serpentian ,

    He doesn’t want Xitter to get banned in Russia

    Well, It has been blocked for 2 years now. How Do You Like This, Elon Musk?)

    uis ,
    1. Almost 3 now.
    Red_October ,

    Honestly nationalizing it would be a bad idea. Once it's government owned, then the 1st amendment would actually apply and banning people, including the more openly Nazi accounts than you can imagine, would probably be illegal. It would be overrun with even more heinous filth than it houses now.

    It really is best for everyone that Twitter dies, and good news! Under Musk's incredible zero-win leadership, it looks pretty inevitable!

    queermunist , avatar

    Openly Nazi accounts already avoid getting banned so that doesn't really change anything.

    Though you're right, we need to pack the Court first and undo right-wing jurisprudence.

    pingveno ,

    Yeah, this. Practically speaking the only country that could nationalize Twitter is the US. It's already a pain in the ass doing moderation without getting the US Constitution in there. It wouldn't just be the 1st amendment, you might also get lawsuits based on other constitutional protections. I 100% guarantee, the US government does not want to get involved.

    corsicanguppy ,

    Or someone would nationalize it.

    Oh, the anti-vax broflakes and maga cult will vacate that thing in droves. If the right country 'owns' it - thinking Jacinda Ardern's government if we had a time machine, or just the UN now - then advertisers may come back. Or it may just exist as a cost-free platform for cat pics and tsunami/twister alerts.

    Wait. Isn't that what we want? No halfwit conspiracy fucknuts, and a still-usable platform? Where do the bots using it for C&C fit into this?

    hansl ,

    Public spaces should be government owned. Each country could have its own public servers with a guaranteed spot for every citizen. People can cross post.

    If you want anonymity you can have private servers too.

    Zink ,

    So what you’re saying is Lemmy needs lobbyists!

    hansl ,

    Honestly just ActivityPub. And being backed by the W3C id assume there already are discussions in countries where corruption is less prevalent.

    Quetzlcoatl , avatar

    I lobby for lemmy. Told my brother in law about it and hes kind of a big deal at his HVAC company

    z3rOR0ne , avatar

    Why stop with Xitter? I personally feel like there should be a national equivalent to the corporate search engines, job boards, etc. National alternatives to everything.

    Snapz ,

    "Just business"

    Are you seriously trying to make the argument that elon "if you advertisers don't like my performative bootlicking bullshit then go fuck yourself" musk is doing something for the good of a business and NOT because of his vindictive, forever 13 year-old, ultra-divorced, fermented hair plug influenced personal political positions?

    You're 1000% confusing this coincidentally being a move that might not get him banned in Russia, with that being the core motivation. There's a disconnect in your comment, last two statements are valid, first is cookoo bananas.

    uis ,

    He doesn't want Xitter to get banned in Russia

    Too bad it already is for last 3 years

    boredtortoise ,

    Banning Starlink from Ukraine but not Russia... Banning Putin's adversaries... Hmmmmmmm

    index ,

    I'll explain it to you really simply: his business are based in america not in russia. He's also directly involved with the usa government and the usa military.

    People greedy for money don't care where their profits come from, given that i still think it's naive to call him a putin stooge when the majority of his money comes from usa thanks to his links with us government.

    fushuan ,

    And if he wants to align with the US, why would he ban her, when she's being a motor against the Russian government, a clear enemy of the US? His actions go against the assumption that he is US aligned.

    uis ,

    why would he ban her,

    I think because of ACF. Probably he is tied to corruption in Russia.

    index ,

    Well guess what they are not banned anymore. I'll ask you another question, if the ceo of usa and the ceo of russia telephone him asking for a favor which one do you think would get the priority?

    Quetzlcoatl , avatar

    Youre white knighting for elon musk..........look in the mirror and just let that sink in.

    index ,

    I'm not white knighting for anyone, who are you white knighting for?

    cypher_greyhat , in DuckDuckGo CEO says Google kills competition through phone deals that make it hard for users to switch search engines

    Google’s search results are absolute garbage lately. It pushes the most advert-heavy spam sites first.

    DuckDuckGo has more reliably been giving me the technical documentation I was looking for in the past year.

    pjhenry1216 ,

    If I recall correctly, DuckDuckGo uses Bing's search database (not search itself, just the database).

    PeleSpirit ,

    They say that’s a myth, that they have their own search engine and database.

    givesomefucks ,

    It might be a myth, but it would probably be the best search engine.

    Bing is too good, they’re trying to capture market share and likely operating it at a loss. But if people leave Google, it’s most likely because they dont want tracked. And Microsoft is probably at best just as bad as Google.

    A go between that anonimizes the results would be exactly what people want.

    Neato , avatar

    Bing is too good,

    You mean that they just don't frontload ads on results?

    pjhenry1216 ,

    Of course, we have more traditional links and images in our search results too, which we largely source from Bing.

    So I wasn't totally right in that it doesn't all come from Bing, but it largely does.

    PeleSpirit ,

    I was going off of an interview he had, that’s interesting.

    hypelightfly ,

    Their own CEO admits they are required to allow Microsoft tracking in their "privacy" browser due to the contract for search. They use Bing for search, it's not a myth.

    For non-search tracker blocking (eg in our browser), we block most third-party trackers. Unfortunately our Microsoft search syndication agreement prevents us from doing more to Microsoft-owned properties. However, we have been continually pushing and expect to be doing more soon.

    — Gabriel Weinberg (@yegg) May 23, 2022

    NiaTheCat , avatar

    This is no longer the case as of August last year, they managed to get the terms of the agreement changed…/duckduckgo-will-now-block-microsoft…

    Edit: Duckduckgo’s statement on it

    hypelightfly ,

    They still have the disclaimer on the app in the pay store. It was added after they were called out.

    The fact that they hid it in the first place is disqualifying for a privacy focused product.

    NiaTheCat , (edited ) avatar

    Oh definitely, I’m a bit hesitant about them because of things like that, I just consider them as an “it’s at least better than Google” kind of thing

    hypelightfly ,

    Yeah, I agree with that. I would never use their browser or other products but their search fits the "at least it's not google/MS".

    I even think what the CEO is saying is correct here, Google is doing it's best kill competition.

    KSPAtlas , avatar

    afaik they use multiple, including bing and their own indexer (duckduckbot afaik)

    RickTofu ,

    They literally state this themselves, it’s not a myth.

    Speculater ,

    I can’t find shit anymore, always spam sites angry at my ad blocker or YouTube videos, which are angry at my ad blocker.

    lps2 ,

    The first half of the first page is all ads now on Google. It’s utter shit - the things it’s a lot better at than DDG is NLP, being able to understand questions, and anything news related. If you know exactly what you’re searching for though, using the old style of search words works great on DDG

    Sentient_Modem ,

    What does NLP stand for?

    PoolloverNathan ,

    Most likely Natural Language Processing - being able to understand what you’re searching for

    Neato , avatar

    When I built my PC last year I decided to just let Edge and Bing go for a bit instead of immediately downloading another browser or changing the search engine. I can count on one hand the number of times I needed to enter in to get a different or better result. And almost every one of those was because I wanted a google maps results and not whatever weird maps MS has.

    Sendbeer ,

    I used to be able to search for a tracking number by Google and it would link to the correct delivery tracking service. About 1-2 months ago Google stopped doing this and just gives no results. Why would they stop linking you to FedEx or UPS? Who knows, but my wild ass guess is since Google was not able to link “related” sponsored links along with it they just removed the functionality. They are just actively making their service shittier anytime something minor doesn’t dish out a shitty ad along with it.

    I’ve gone on to using Kagi and DDG. Rarely do I miss Google search.

    Raiderkev ,

    I do this all the time for work. It still works for me when I put a FDX trk # in

    Sendbeer , (edited )

    Not sure what I am doing wrong, work is when I discovered problem. This is what happens when I try to search in android. Doesn’t work on my work pc or on mine. Maybe it is a Firefox thing?

    EDIT: YUP. Tried it with chrome and DuckDuckGo browser and ups tracking search works fine. Wonder what’s going on with Firefox preventing it. Don’t think it’s an extension because doesn’t work in Firefox focus either and my work pc doesn’t have any addons.

    hypelightfly ,

    User agent. Google wants you to use Chrome. You can spoof the user agent in Firefox to get the same results.

    kmkz_ninja ,

    Google search is less than useful nowadays. Google assistant seems to be Google’s inbred idiot cousin. DDG doesn’t seem to be any better. Most of my searches give the same clickbait results that google does.

    Honestly, outside of Google Maps, is there any legitimate value to any google product? Is there a single search engine that is brave enough to give 0 results and also literally parses what you’re asking instead of valuating against what the advertisers want you to see?

    I dream daily of Google imploding, and every single investor at that useless company going immediately bankrupt and destitute for the disgusting, addled, brain-malware they push.

    amju_wolf , avatar

    Kagi looks neat but they’d have to have absolutely amazing results if they want me to pay for them, which I doubt they have… And sorry, but paying $10/month for a fucking search engine (where the actual cost per user is negligible and profit scales with number of users extremely nicely) is just insane.

    I guess Google would make at most about $1/month off of ads from me… if I didn’t block them. I’d be willing to pay that, maybe up to $3 for a really good service. But this is just insane, and continues the trend of “oh you like a service that’s not complete crap? I guess you should pay an order of magnitude (or several) more than what’s necessary to provide that service, because fuck you, what can you do?”

    If I had to pay for every service like that I’d probably spend $500/month just for that and then they’d still figure out that hey, we can still put ads in and make a little bit more cuz why not, what are they gonna do?

    AVengefulAxolotl ,

    You are not wrong, but Kagi is basically still a baby. They started maybe like last summer or so? And already decreased their prices twice (well, relative prices.) I think if we give them some time there will be a good priced tier for everyone.

    P.S. Search engine is not the only thing they have.

    shortwavesurfer ,

    Their lowest plan is $5/mo for 300 searches.

    wholeofthemoon ,

    Weird, I stopped using DDG because it was useless for troubleshooting IT stuff.

    cupcakezealot , avatar

    Good thing about DDG is you can just add a simple bang to search another site right from the results

    cypher_greyhat ,

    Depends on what you’re doing. I look up Linux admin stuff. DDG points to the Arch Linux wiki which is solid, even for non-Arch Linux stuff. Google points to random sponsored blog tutorials that are sometimes outdated or the author doesn’t have a full understanding of what their copy-paste terminal commands do.

    Recently I used google to look up a Kotlin coding thing. It pointed to every source except the official Kotlin documentation.

    cupcakezealot , avatar

    I love searching for something on Google and have the entirety of the above the fold be sponsored results

    AgentGrimstone ,

    My favorite is when I ask how to do something in Google Slides and Google gives me answers on how to do it in Google Docs. So helpful. Not at all frustrating.

    cupcakezealot , avatar

    or how every answer is a youtube video like just put it all on a page i can skim and read

    amju_wolf , avatar

    That’s largely a problem of “modern internet culture” than anything. Resources locked behind proprietary crap like Discord “servers” is a big issue, too.

    nudnyekscentryk , avatar

    Ublock Origin

    ComradeR ,

    I miss the 2000s/2010s Google. Now I need to endlessly scroll down the page in an attempt to find something barely useful.

    nitefox ,

    DuckDuckGo has been giving me poor results lately - especially when I look for news, everything is a redirect to Bing now - so I instead use Brave Search. It’s kind of disappointing since DDG had always worked great for me

    archchan , in Reddit is removing ability to opt out of ad personalization based on your activity on the platform avatar

    Oh nooooo who could have seen this coming… anyway continues using Lemmy

    detalferous ,

    Consider redacting your data and deleting your account…/reddit_seppuku_how_to/

    Toribor , avatar

    First, delete all of your comments using the automated tools

    Didn’t these all stop working when they shutdown the public API?

    Number358 ,

    No, because they didn’t shutdown the public api. They just rate limited it by a lot