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dessalines , in Chrome to limit full ad blocking extensions to enterprise users - 9to5Google avatar

ublock origin for lyfe.

ZaPHoN , in Is an open secure instant messaging protocol not what is needed to allow any messaging app to communicate with any other, and to break the monopoly of Big Tech?

You should also have Session on that list

Session is an end-to-end encrypted messenger that minimizes sensitive metadata, designed and built for people who want absolute privacy and freedom from any form of surveillance.

Session is an open-source, public-key-based secure messaging application which uses a set of decentralized storage servers and an onion routing protocol to send end-to-end encrypted messages with minimal exposure of user metadata. It does this while also providing common features of mainstream messaging applications

TheAnonymouseJoker Mod , in You may get eyestrain from looking at screens all day BUT blue light from screens isn’t ruining your eyes! avatar

I personally use blue light filtering on phone starting an hour before I get into bed, and by couple hours post sunrise it turns off. This is all you need.

To really take care of your eyes, you should consider:

  • anti glare computer screen
  • screen properly leveled at a comfortable angle for your eyes and head position
  • taking tiny breaks every 20-40 minutes
  • good nutritious food (especially Vitamin A and E)
  • drink plenty water

P.S. been probably 6-8 hours minimum in front of screens since childhood, being a computer user crackhead for a couple decades now. My eyesight is way better than a lot of people with perfect eye vision.

noobde ,

My eyesight is way better than a lot of people with perfect eye vision.

wtf?? 🙄

AgreeableLandscape , in Please boycott Brave avatar

If you want a good all around browser, Firefox.

If you don't like Mozilla either (which is fair), GNU Icecat, Fennec F-Droid, etc.

If you absolutely need Chromium, Ungoogled Chromium.

deFrisselle , avatar

Try Thorium

AgreeableLandscape , in Big tech companies are at war with employees over remote work avatar

Capitalist, socialist, or whatever, you have to admit that this is an extremely stupid hill to die on.

What's the companies' obsessions with in person office work anyway? Most companies reported anywhere from no productivity loss to improved productivity once they got into the swing of WFH, and now they don't have to buy or rent office spaces. More importantly, most workers report lower stress, better morale, and more free time due to not commuting (which also has the benefit of cutting down on emissions). Seems like a win-win for everyone.

Lowey ,

Harassing online isn't as fun as harassing in person.

AgreeableLandscape , avatar

TBH this reeks of manager god complex. "I need the peasents in the office so I can feel better about my sad life by making the people under my management worse!"

kinetix , in Can we trust Microsoft with Open Source? avatar

You can't even trust Microsoft with their own operating system. They have never been trustworthy.

sexy_peach , in NYT: Google Wants to Work With the Pentagon Again, Despite Employee Concerns avatar

oh no they're gonna do evil

AgreeableLandscape , avatar

There's a reason they changed their slogan

CHEFKOCH , in The Web Is Fucked
  • Title is clickbait.
  • People only upvote it because admin posted it, that is all.
  • Web is not controlled by larger companies only, they might be the ones with most impact, true but they do not dictate what you should do. Face it, most people believe everything Microsoft, Google telling them no matter if it is right or wrong because they think big Corps have more credibility.
  • We have dozens of articles like this already, why write another one … What have you done to make things better… Why not list organizations like EFF who fight for us or help them to get more attention.
  • Saying things like - we cannot do much about it - without even trying to provide some solution is seriously the wrong way to motivate readers.
  • Even domain name is based and redpilled.
  • Echo chambering the same over and over again helps how ... People will give up an feel helpless.

Here is what people could do

  • Support small platforms like Lemmy, Fediverse in general.
  • Support actual organization that fight for you, such as EFF.
  • Instead of whining that web is miserable, I read this nonsense since 20+ years now, each year new clickbait ... oh adblock destroys the web, oh Microsoft destroys the web, web is broken … Blah blah blah. Provide some serious solutions, because this is what will consume Brain power here. Some people actually did, created crypto and other systems that are not controlled by the big Corpos or the government.

My opinion on the submission and Tech + Web, not meant to offend but my little review on this.

gary_host_laptop , in Are non circadian rhythm disrupting light bulbs a thing? avatar

I remember seeing some Philips bulbs that you could configure it's tone with their application, sad thing is closed source and shit but maybe once you change it you don't need to touch it anymore, unless you want it to change its colour throughout the day.

GenkiFeral ,

yeah, many LEDs come with the ability to change color and also light intensity. Some RGB lighting stips are uner $25 and have red.

Ephera OP , in A blue connector does not USB 3.0 make

Can't say I would know whether my blue connectors actually go fast...

Another fun USB discovery I recently made:
For some reason, my USB headset doesn't work when I plug it into my laptop ...except when I plug it into one particular USB port. There it works reliably. I have no idea how or why.

mekhos , avatar

Due to cost saving its common for a new laptop to some ports of different USB specification now.
If you look closely some may be marked by a different logo like s.s (super speed I think)

knfrmity ,

A headset should be perfectly happy running on an old USB 1.1 interface though, the bandwidth requirements are very low.

cypherpunks , in Framework Laptop's mainboard is now open source and available for purchase separately avatar


  • doesn't offer Linux preinstalled
  • doesn't ship fully assembled laptops without Windows (only the "DIY" edition you must assemble yourself can ship without Windows)
  • just now (April 2022, over two years late) finally put up a Linux compatibility page which currently describes Ubuntu 21.10 as "🤔 medium difficulty"
  • doesn't have a free software BIOS or EC firmware

Meanwhile companies like Purism, System76, and Starlabs are shipping modern laptops with various distros preinstalled, never shipping windows, shipping coreboot, and (in the case of the first two, at least, and especially the first) funding the development of free software.

americanwaste ,

It's listed as "medium difficulty" due to newer hardware in the laptop not being fully compatible with the kernel shipped in that old version of Ubuntu. I believe 22.04 is compatible out of the box.

I had to use a Debian sid nightly installer to set up Debian on my laptop, no big deal for me but for someone new to Linux I can see why that might be off-putting.

krolden , avatar

And the 'modular' features are just USBC adapters in a fancy case. I dont see the appeal.

morrowind OP , avatar

They are swappable ports using thunderbolt. + the screen, bezel, keyboard, touchpad, battery, wifi module, mainboard etc. are basically all easily accessible.

krolden , avatar

Most of that is already easily swappable on any laptop granted it isn't soldered to the board. Not to mention most of that is stuff you would never really need to swap out unless it broke. The keyboard and trackpad on most lenovo laptops ive worked on come out with two or three screws. Its not a big deal to work on.

Framework seems to be solving very few actual problems with mobile computers. The USBC adapter crap just seems like a gimmick to sell computerst to people who apparently need to change their ram and keypads all the time.

They're not doing anything really interesting especially when it comes to modular GPUs inlaptosps as the only modern spec for that seems to be mxm and honestly I haven't seen any current gen laptops with an mxm socket.

morrowind OP , avatar

You clearly haven't bought an ultrabook recently.

Not to mention most of that is stuff you would never really need to swap out unless it broke.

That's the whole point

morrowind OP , avatar

Framework wasn't founded to push free software, but rather repairable hardware. I don't know what you were expecting.

Plus if you were following them, you would know they had linux info from the beginning, it was just not put in a simple page like this yet.

(And why is it two years late)?

TheAnonymouseJoker Mod , in UK Military Wants to Install Quantum Computers in Tanks for Some Reason avatar

Western world loves wars and war equipment.

AgreeableLandscape , avatar

War and war accessories

TheAnonymouseJoker Mod , avatar

They selling GI Joe merchandise?

ColorIsh , avatar

war is bad, but war equipment is pretty cool ngl.

poVoq , in Flipper Zero — Portable Multi-tool Device for Geeks avatar

230€ is a bit steep for a toy like that.

Also a missed opportunity to not include some easy to use SDR chip and antenna.

TheAnonymouseJoker Mod , in Windows 11 is so broken that even Microsoft can’t fix it avatar

Windows 11 is a self inflicted torture if you adopt it just because you may have upgrade FOMO issues. Windows 10 EOL is still 2½ years away. Run it to the ground till then. W11 might even be properly debotnetted and debloated by then, like how W10 got the treatment years after its 2016 launch. Every new version of Windows is a guinea pig testbed for the first few years.

Either way, Linux+Steam with MS Office 2007 in a Windows XP virtual machine can suffice almost all of your needs. The rest is very specific needs like Photoshop, CorelDraw, games that do not work under WINE/Proton or any specific Windows software.

Bigou , avatar

Why use MS Office 2007 when you can use LibreOffice?

TheAnonymouseJoker Mod , avatar

Because LibreOffice is objectively shit for real world work. If LO were used by other people, it would allow for some standardised treatment of document formatting. It is useless to fight against Excel, Word and PowerPoint if you work with other people anywhere.

Best to treat these things as tools rather than be stuck with ideology getting in the way of doing things, and wasting energy on things best used elsewhere.

No, I do not prefer MS Office, but 2007 is pretty okay to use, and even 2016 is okay if you want to use newer version on 7/8.1/10/11.

Bigou , avatar

Are you saying this because of the file formats? You DO know you can saves your documents in the Ms Office 2007 formats, and even make them your default file formats, right?

TheAnonymouseJoker Mod , avatar

I mentioned formatting. It is inconsistent. If you want to ensure layout between MSO and LO user stays same, only way is to export as PDF to each other as final output, thus disallowing editing and making collaborative work impossible.

I tried to use LO on Linux for years at university forcibly with others, only to give up later and use MSO 2007 in a XP VM. It just never works out.

Stop being unrealistic FOSS evangelists and instead just try to make sure a reasonable amount of workflow is migrated to FOSS. Office suite is not a battle we can win for now.

Bigou , avatar

Hm… I was under the impression it was rare nowadays to have such a difference between the two, clearly I was wrong. And yes, with such layout problems between the two suites, you can’t use LibreOffice if you’re working conjointly with peoples using Ms Office. (Which is, lest be honest, the case almost all the time.)

That said, for peoples at home who don’t need to share a modifiable version of the documents they create, y would still recommend LO over MsO, for no other reason than the price. (Which DON’T include peoples bringing work at home, nor those working on some collaborative documents in their free time.)

TheAnonymouseJoker Mod , avatar

MS Office is a lot more polished even for personal use. No I do not care about OneDrive and few fancy things, but I care about the core offline features related to document. The weird part is I can expect MSO documents to open in LO correctly most of the time, even though the opposite is not true.

I get away with personally using LO, but the moment I think a document might need to be made for external sharing or work, MSO needs to be picked. I do not consider it a sin to use old MSO versions.

Bigou , (edited ) avatar

Wich is what I said should be donne in such a case in my last answer, just with my own words.

And no, using old MsO versions in not a sin, especially if you can't do otherwise. (Not thut it would be a sin to use what you're more comfortable with anyway.)

PMunch , in AI-Controlled Drone Goes Rogue, 'Kills' Human Operator in USAF Simulated Test

Interesting to see, you’d think this would be the #1 safeguard you add. It’s even the main trope of AI stories like the paperclip machine that if a poorly incentivised AI goes wild it would do stuff like this.

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