If they made one for my iPhone 13 I might try it. We'll see if they are still around when it’s time for me to buy a new phone.

intensely_human ,

That is such a good idea:

  • physical keyboard
  • sold as an add-on

The amount of value for the hassle is very high with this idea. Great invention.

realcaseyrollins ,

This is so cool

Wahots , avatar

I like the idea, but I agree with others; a slide out landscape keyboard would be more convenient.

beefcat , avatar

and would stand a better chance of actually fitting in your pocket

cordlesslamp ,

Fuck, I miss my Motorola Milestone (Motorola Droid). Best phone ever.
I blame the world for not supporting slide out landscape keyboard phones more.

grahamja ,

That was an incredible phone, it even had a little d-pad so your could tab one character around at a time when texting. Physical keyboards felt so good, but it made the phone a lot thicker.

TheFerrango ,

I would love that if I had an iPhone mini and the keyboard prevents the software one from popping up. On a full sized regular iPhone I don’t really see the appeal, even if I do like physical keyboards.

joewilliams007 ,
joewilliams007 avatar

Although this is kinda trash, Micheal Fisher is a beast in video production 😄. So classy.

Chozo , avatar

What does this have to do with "creators", though?

unique_hemp ,

I guess it's for tweeting a lot.

anothermember ,

I was mildly interested until I saw "designed for creators". Seems like a meaningless marketing term that gets added to everything these days.

peter , avatar

Just be glad they didn't call it an AI keyboard

catboss ,

Or... A iKeyboard

I will see myself out

Thisfox ,

No idea. It seems obvious that this is designed for the vision-impaired.....

HeartyBeast , avatar

“Creator” in this case presumably means people who want to type lots of stuff

bl4kers , avatar

More screen real estate compared to a virtual keyboard taking up ~30% of it

Chozo , avatar

I mean sure, but how often is the virtual keyboard pulled up in any "creative" app? It always auto-hides if you're doing anything other than interacting with a text field.

bl4kers , avatar

I recommend watching the video linked in the article. They mention live streaming, working in a spreadsheet, and long text messages where you have to scroll to read everything

Plus this isn't just a hardware product, the keyboard shortcuts would be pretty handy for any power user. Sounds like they'll be rolling out more software for it and have more products in the works

user224 , avatar

Anyway, I'd rather have such keyboard in landscape. Although it would be better if it was a slide-out keyboard, I wouldn't mind a thick phone. Maybe you could then even add USB-A, HDMI, and a headphone jack to it.

lemmyvore ,

You can make it a little thicker and have USB-B so you can connect printers directly. Or a little thicker yet and keep a bicycle in there.

Norgur ,

Laptop. You are talking about a laptop.

pre , avatar

@Norgur hehe.

A stylus holder too, an extra battery of course, too to handle the extra load.

No phone has been better than the n900. But a case that had the keys and extra power and maybe a secondary status screen on the back, and didn't look like a bananna themed children's toy. Could be nice.

@ayla @user224

s_s ,

He just means "feature phone"

garrett , avatar

Fun device but I feel like we’ve most past the longing for physical keyboards.

theskyisfalling ,

There are literally 10's of us that still desire a physical keyboard on a phone.

The blackberry keytwo was the best phone I have ever owned but it is too outdated now to carry on using :(

ExLisper ,

Yep, corporations denied us this feature long enough that most of us gave up and stopped trying. Sometimes I wish I was just another mindless consumer loving everything that's new and shiny instead of liking actually useful things...

DJDarren ,

Eh, I dunno.

I was pondering using the new Journal app on my iPhone, but would far prefer to type with a physical keyboard, so haven’t gotten around to it. Not saying that this particular board would change my mind, of course, but ultimately I do vastly prefer the tactile feel of a real board.

Hell, I’m typing this on my iPad using Universal Control from my Mac.

AlternateRoute ,

These existed shortly after the iPhone came out under the presumption people would miss the physical keys from blackberries. They didn’t sell well back then I don’t think they will now.

Noerttipertti ,

Personally I wouldn't mind having a phone with modern cababilities and Nokia Communicator / E7 type keyboard.

sqgl ,

I want a trackpad /s

JCPhoenix , avatar

Trackball or bust.

ExLisper , (edited )

I still don't understand why PDAs are no longer a thing. Make a phone a bit thicker, add ports, thumb keyboard... I remember being able to SSH to servers from my Zaurus and actually do things using the hardware keyboard. Or SSH to my n900 and install packages there. With android I just lost the interest. It doesn't feel like a personal computer anymore.

peter , avatar

I had one for my iPhone 4, it was cool but not hugely practical

SuiXi3D , avatar

Probably because they were all cheap crap and not made up to the standards of the device they connected to.

HeartyBeast , avatar

Blackberry sued the original company out of existence

autotldr Bot ,

🤖 I'm a bot that provides automatic summaries for articles:

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A new company called Clicks Technology has announced an iPhone case with a built-in keyboard on the bottom.

The company is also taking reservations for a $159 iPhone 15 Pro Max model, which is coming in “early spring,” according to the website.

Clicks says a companion app coming soon to the Apple App Store will “continue to bring new functionality to the keyboard over time.” The case will be available in two colors at first — bumblebee (yellow) and London sky (a grayish-blue) — and Fisher said in his video that the first buyers will get “Founders Editions” of the case, which gets them “VIP support” and early access to new colors.

“Clicks brings the tactility and precision of a physical keyboard to iPhone,” Fisher said, “so people don’t have to wait until they get back to their desks to create or communicate with the satisfying feedback only real buttons can provide.”

There’s immersion, and then there’s the annoyance of jabbing at the imaginary keys of a phone that desperately wants to correct your words, even when you hit your mark on every letter.

If you’ve pined for the return of a stubby input chin on the bottom of your smartphone, it seems the physical keyboard has finally come back home (presumably using CMD + H).

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