mamarguerat , avatar

I’ve just finished by Bachelor thesis with this board, next step: use it as an quantum AI robot super computer 😂

Hellebert ,

I’m glad it’s this and not actually real tbh.

falsem ,
melroy Admin ,
melroy avatar

Highly sophisticated! Nobody should have access to this kind of technology!


baggins , avatar

Are these even allowed to be sold to Iran? The company producing them may not be too happy if they are supposed to be on a ‘so sale’ list.

Elw ,

Yes, build a quantum computer, a thing that no other nation has openly been credited with producing in any practical terms, and hold it up for the camera and provide high resolution photographs of the board…

The Iranian military is a joke. Any military that has to resort to pomp and buzz words to look impressive is by definition a failure.

thejml ,

Very important to have color labeled sound outputs on your quantum computer.

melroy Admin ,
melroy avatar

Otherwise your qbits go from stereo to mono.

sndmn ,

We’ll build our own quantum computers, with blackjack and hookers! /probably

milkjug , avatar

Fuck it, screw the quantum computers and get rid of the blackjack!

RickRussell_CA ,
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