Because Chrome just stopped working on my PC one day like a decade ago.


I don’t, I moved to Chrome after a year of using Firefox full time.


One browser ruled by google is not good for anyone.

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Just a small counterweight to everything being chromium. I’m still having trouble with them not having passkeys yet but I know the feature is coming.

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I don’t. Brave’s adblock works better for the things I use most.


I generally stick with Firefox, but I do have chromite ony degoogled secondary phone as a backup in case something only works with chromium renderer.


Supports extensions on mobile


Container tabs. No more need for separate chrome profiles.


Oh THAT’S how you do it? That was one feature of Chrome that I couldn’t figure out how to do with Firefox. Thanks!


Glad I could help.

With treeview tabs it’s even more awesome. Really loving Firefox, only recently got it. Only annoying thing is on Android it reloads tabs when I switch between apps.

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Because I like having RAM to spare


Because I feel shamed every time I check privacytools.io if I don’t.

/s it’s great but I need a chromium backup. Brave is the best chromium clone I know.

Btw, if y’all want to download pure firefox, check this, there’s a better official download link with less tracking. In any case, I use weakened librewolf with Medium Ublock blocking (block all 3rd party scripts and frames and enable scripts only for logged sites since they are tracking me through other means anyway)


You might check out privacy guides instead of privacy tools. Basically, the owner of privacy tools wouldn’t make changes that the community wanted, causing privacy guides to be formed.

Read both, form your own opinion. I don’t like how tools has what amounts to ads on it.

Privacyguides.org lemmy.one/c/privacyguides


cool, I’m a sucker for privacy reccomendations.


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  1. Mozilla’s goals for the web line up quite nicely with my own.
  2. The performance is good for what I want.
  3. The extension API is more powerful than Chrome’s.
  4. Outside of the Apple ecosystem, it’s the last major alternative to the Chrome skins.
  5. It isn’t actively trying to cripple adblockers.

Because I hate ads.


On Android it’s the only reasonable choice so no question there.

On desktop I used Netscape/Phoenix/Firebird/Firefox/Conkeror for many years but switched to Chromium when I had to start over after the XUL-apocalypse. But lately I’ve been maintaining my Firefox setup more or less in parallel with Chromium and this week as it happens I am trying to make the switch back again. Mostly just to wean off the Google stuff. Will see how it goes.

Another (less-critical) motivation is that Chromium takes over 10 hours to build on my machine. Firefox is under 1 and it gets done way faster even if an LLVM or Rust build is involved too.


99 percent of the time, it works 100 percent of the time

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Ad blocking on desktop and mobile is awesome.

And it’s vital to have multiple browser engines in the wild for interoperability. If we go all Chromium-based, we’re going to eventually pay for that like IE6.

And Google is kind of an untrustworthy POS of a company these days.

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