melroy Admin ,
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Kbin is.. using the search button.

upforitbutnotdownforit , avatar

I saw somebody else post this, maybe it will be what you need:

pineapplelover ,

Maybe using brave search or something?

OneRedFox , avatar

I think the different domains and levels of federation makes it less convenient. Personally, I think the Fediverse should collaborate on a shared wiki for community knowledge and whatnot.

cwagner , avatar

[Thread, post or comment was deleted by the author]

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  • Max_UL , avatar

    Oh snap, + 1 for Kagi usage, I’ll try your implementation

    Googleproof ,

    That's interesting that lemmy doesn't generate canonicals. I would have thought that the original instance something is posted on would set the canonical, and other instances can point back to that - it really seems like this sort of problem is exactly what canonicals are made for. Does anyone know if there's a reason for not using them (other than dev time, which is 100% a good reason)?

    randombit ,

    Yes, with a major caveat. An instance will search only communities that at least one user on the instance is subscribed to and only as far back as the time the first user on the instance subscribed to the community.

    sarsaparilyptus ,

    Lemmynet’s design structure has some weird choices in it, motivated either by laziness or to keep garage servers from being overwhelmed, and that’s the biggest and weirdest one. I’d like to see federation = full and complete synchonization from server launch to present, but I doubt the motivation is there to implement it. Maybe things will be different when kbin eventually surpasses Lemmy

    Mereo , avatar

    Interesting, can you explain a little more? I’m very curious.

    furrowsofar ,

    Any web search seaches Lemmy as well. Just seach for your user ID or display name to find your own content.

    Cayenne05dingos OP ,

    I guess what I want to learn is that if I were to type into Google “what are the best iPhone games Reddit” I would get a bunch of Reddit threads does the same thing work if I were to end the question and “lemmy”

    furrowsofar ,

    That would be the question. You can certainly do a site search. At least duckduckgo can do that. It may not be so easy to just search lemmy, the threadiverse, or the fediverse for example. Do not know.

    Elindio ,

    Not yet, I don’t think

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