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YouTube is axing its ad-free Premium Lite subscription plan - The Verge (

I was happily using this for a year or so now. Feels fairer than using an ad blocker. But now they apparently want more money out of people. Feels like some sort of internet video apocalypse is happening, where the services become extremely fragmented and expensive, like YouTube, netflix, hbo, Hulu, Disney+ and whatnot. Each...

Tinder Now Letting Rizzless Sad Sacks Pay $500/Month to Message People Without Even Matching (

If you get a message from someone you never matched with on Tinder, it’s not a glitch — it’s part of the app’s expensive new subscription plan that it teased earlier this year, which allows “power users” to send unsolicited messages to non-matches for the small fee of $499 per month....

OpenAI’s ChatGPT chatbot now supports prompting with voice and images (

TL;DR: OpenAI’s ChatGPT has added voice and image prompting for plus users, coming to everyone else “soon after”. You can now ask questions by speaking or uploading images. It uses advanced text-to-speech and image recognition technology, but with controlled limitations to prevent misuse.

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