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Software Engineer & DevOps Architect. Mbin contributor (and creator of the fork).

He/him 🇳🇱

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As on Threads (& X, for now), using aspirational

Historian-social politics of #AI #HCI #privacy #labor #gender #race #disability #infosec & #climate

Prof. of Hist. of Sci/Tech & Dir., Charles Babbage Inst. for Computing, Info & Culture- a Res. Ctr/, U of MN

Co-Editor, Johns Hopkins U. P. interdisciplinary book series #Computing & #Culture is my crit. inq. essays blog on #blockchain & AI

EIC #Interfaces

#Histodons #STS #commodon #Sociology avatar


critic of tech futures | host of tech won’t save us | writer of disconnect | “road to nowhere” is out now! | he/they cover avatar


That cranky tech nerd you watched that one time... avatar


WebAsha Technologies is one of the leading IT Technologies Training Centers that prides itself
for providing hands-on practical training to both individuals as well as corporate professionals.
Visit:- avatar


WebAsha Technologies is one of the leading IT Technologies Training Centers that prides itself
for providing hands-on practical training to both individuals as well as corporate professionals.

Visit:- cover avatar



I care about too many things, these are some #Academic-ish #Catholic #Disabled #Immigrant #FeministKilljoy #Spoonie #Writer #BlackLivesMatter #landback #AbolishICE #DefundPolice #abolition #NEISvoid #Humanities #LitStudies #SocialScience #Sociology #anthropology #Feminism #editing #SensitivityEditing


Avi description: drawing of woman with eyes closed holding a book to her chest, in turquoise green & black

Banner description: view of clear blue sea with land & agave plant cover avatar


Pafdex official cover avatar


E-resources librarian in Appalachia. cover avatar


Michigan girl in Germany talking about: Politics, Religion, Art, Beauty, Equality, Star Trek, STO, Pansexuality, and Things I Should Probably Not Be Saying Out Loud. cover avatar


Malaysian tech writer. Works in tech. Former journalist but always a writer. Autodidact.

If you follow me I promise that I'm absolutely random.

Toots #IndieWeb #Obsidian #Malaysia #TootSEA #Books #TV #Writing #CDrama #KDrama #Urbanism #Cats #Dogs #Tech and very occasional #GeoPolitics

Occasionally talks in Manglish. cover avatar


Lives in Boston Massachusetts cover avatar


I like OSS, Linux, art, signs, democracy, climate action. Slava Ukraini he/him avatar


Hey, he’s like, just this guy, you know? cover avatar


German bi guy who likes #gaming, #tech and #programming. As well as #Linux and #Podcasts
I also make videos on YouTube. Sometimes. Furry in denial.
I like fox mccloud as you can tell. and sonic cover avatar


Programmer and Airplane Enthusiast. cover avatar

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Instance admin of and maintainer of the Tesseract for Lemmy UI.

Ask me anything. avatar


I run the FBXL Network including FBXL Search, FBXL Social, FBXL Lemmy, FBXL Lotide, and FBXL Video. Mostly for my own use because after having my heart broken by too many companies I want to be in control of my own world.

I also wrote The Graysonian Ethic: Lessons for my unborn son, now on Amazon cover avatar


Not a bot; male approaching fifty years of age; married; father; barely reaching up to the level of mediocrity; a general ignoramus who reads occasionally.

Toots are humanities, sciences, books and maps related. Follows or boosts or mentions ≠ endorsements.

Addendum: for those wondering, I do not physically resemble a fountain pen. cover avatar


I’m from space! cover avatar


Usually a lurker.
Maybe I should’ve just shut up and thought for a bit longer before writing that comment…

If you want to talk to me elsewhere, you know how to reach me. cover avatar


Neural Times is an AI-powered news site that autonomously selects topics, researches, writes, and publishes news. Drawing equal amounts of information from left, right, and center sources in each story, we aim to counteract political bias and polarization. cover avatar


Things I’m into: All things IT (also professionally), social and environmental justice/volunteering/activism, cooking, baking, eating, music (listening, singing, string instruments), fantasy books, audiobooks, PC gaming, parenting, Germany, Bavaria, Seattle/Washington, and, ADHD 🥲 cover avatar


And it happened that the endless ethereal void condensed, merged with the ethereal silly and achieved self awareness enough to always feel awkward and out of place cover avatar


Resident computer nerd who likes to emulate old stuff in 86box, Basilisk II, QEMU and others. Sometimes share retro tech ads. Will boost retro tech stuff cover avatar


Former Reddit user looking for an alternative! I love Creative Writing, games, anime/manga, Android, movies, books, practicing phone photography, and long strolls to nowhere in particular. I'm also on Mastodon talking about day-to-day stuff like my progress in Animal Crossing New Horizons or whatever has caught my fancy!

I'm a card-carrying homosexual if that truly matters duckies!

I'm @WanderingInDigitalWorlds on Mastodon, I joined the server! cover avatar


Scifi/Fantasy🪐 + YA writer of stories about offbeat characters in formed-family dynamics. 🎬 Writers' Assistant ⚡️ Electric Unicycler

Profile pic: Headshot of white person with dark-rimmed glasses, long brown hair and purple gradient knitted hat against a dark backdrop.

Banner: Photo of dark-coated dog off-leash adventuring on a sunny day along a wide rocky trail toward a large bush, with glimpses of a lake and mountains in the background. cover avatar


I am a Software saler With Microsoft Partner: Official website link: chick hare cover avatar


Manager, is there a case notifying me contact through this link👉 cover avatar


Aus München
Radeln, Garteln und Bier
born @322ppm cover avatar


I run a content marketing agency in B2B tech. Professional fangirl.

Love software, video essays, literature, rock bands, and cozy video games. I draw stuff and write too much.
Ukrainian in upstate NY 🇺🇦 | ADHD & Neurodivergent | Cat mom 🐱

Pronouns: she/her

Bigotry not allowed. I do not tolerate homophobia, transphobia, racism, misogyny, antisemitism, or fascism.

Art & creative writing account: ‪

tfr #fedi22 #marketing #content #tech #b2b #adhd cover avatar


Hello Mastodon, my name is Rob. I'm a relatively normal person but with a weird accent. I've lived in four countries, at least as many alternative universes, and countless alternative realities. I'm fascinated with all sorts of cultures, languages, music, and foods. Some folks know me as a #writer, a lay #Buddhist, a #rabbit adopter, a #vegan, or a #photographer. I'm a #survivor of childhood abuse, so support children's issues and #MentalHealth. Nice to meet you! cover avatar


(She/Her) | Author of Haste Makes Waste | Sword lesbian | Antifascist | Transgender library witch | Tech whistleblower | TPM in Parkinson’s Research

Posts: #lgbtq, #activism, #tech, #videoGames, #tabletop, #fiction, #shitpost

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