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A bit ironic given this is disseminated over the Internet...

The Internet would be far better if giant corporations didn't control platforms & endlessly surveille & profile & do so very unequally--to me that largely is a capitalism, governance & regulatory failure--power & control of infrastructure.

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@JustCodeCulture @histodons @sociology @anthropology Blame corporations all you want, but it’s shitty people that make the internet such a terrible place. Doesn’t matter how open or closed things are, if people are going to be terrible either way.

Maybe if the internet was MORE regulated, such as, everyone was forced to use their real verified identities and real pictures, they wouldn’t be able to hide behind anonymous accounts, trolling everyone.

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@curmudgeonaf @JustCodeCulture @histodons @sociology @anthropology well , Mr Curmudgeon, maybe you should take your Brilliant Ideas out to your Band of Followers for assessment. What’s that you say?
Oh you have no followers. In that case, maybe it’s you that’s the paid troll.

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@peterbrown @JustCodeCulture @histodons @sociology @anthropology If only I was legally forced to use my real identity, I would be accountable for my online actions. That’s my point.

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@curmudgeonaf @JustCodeCulture @histodons @sociology @anthropology there are lots of people who for professional reasons cannot use their real identity on social media. And sometimes they are a position to put information in the public domain that we would not otherwise be party to. So no, it is not a good idea to force people to use their real name and real photo.

curmudgeonaf ,
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@peterbrown @JustCodeCulture @histodons @sociology @anthropology At least I’m offering a valid solution. Vaguely blaming corporations, and assuming that ownership is the problem, does not solve the actual problem of all the terrible users.

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@curmudgeonaf @JustCodeCulture @histodons @sociology @anthropology we didn’t have a problem of terrible users on mastodon.

Until now.

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@curmudgeonaf @peterbrown @JustCodeCulture @histodons @sociology @anthropology Multiple studies over multiple decades have proven that this doesn’t work. Ask any woman who was on USENET back when everyone had their name, address, and phone number in their posts.

However, one thing requiring real identities does do is drive vulnerable and marginalized users offline.

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@nazgul @curmudgeonaf @peterbrown @JustCodeCulture @histodons @sociology @anthropology So much research shows this! The Greater Internet Fuckwad Theory, yes that is a real thing, has been demonstrated to apply even when meatspace names are used. It is not the names but rather the remove from physical consequences that causes the problem.

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@Oozenet @nazgul @peterbrown @JustCodeCulture @histodons @sociology @anthropology That’s a good point. You’re less likely to start shit in person, for fear of being punched in the face. Perhaps all internet connected devices should be equipped with some sort of deterrent, like your phone will shock you when you say something dumb.

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@curmudgeonaf @Oozenet @nazgul @JustCodeCulture @histodons @sociology @anthropology yes well here we have moderators; human beings who keep everybody safe, unlike the place you are shilling for. There’s quite a few very nasty people there, all using their real name.

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@curmudgeonaf @histodons @sociology @anthropology

I do not dispute that poor behavior by people makes the internet worse. The investment in content moderation is minimal compared to the need. X, Meta (Facebook, Threads, Instagram) all profiteer off hate content and other content that harms. Strong regs wouldn't make it anywhere near perfect but would be better than what exists now.

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@curmudgeonaf @JustCodeCulture @histodons @sociology @anthropology the term force implies threat and control. These are things that drive so many away while stifling community, creativity and innovation. But how would one control who is at a keyboard? How to force Internet for only some? Which is what this would require.

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