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In a study of 152 contact sport athletes who were under 30 at time of death, chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE) was found in 41.4%

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Bad Science and Room Temperature Superconductors - Sixty Symbols

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galilette ,

OK, but where are they when the LK99 first came onto scene?

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The scientific process does not operate on the order of hours/days, but months/years. It’s very impressive that responses have come out as fast as they have. The fastest I’ve seen a paper come out in my field after results were in was 8 months, and that took 5 people basically dropping everything else they were working on immediately and working full time to get the paper written as fast as possible while keeping the same rigor.

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Dreams of new physics fade with latest muon magnetism result

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farcaster ,

This article is quite restrained while more mainstream media writes about a “potential fifth force of nature”. E.g.

At least it seems we may find out relatively soon which is the right answer.

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bluegreenzeros ,

Didn’t it come out that the paper was sent to preprint without consent of all the authors? If we want to steelman their case, it could be that they’re still finishing up documenting and studying some dependent variables for the recreation process.

Hirom ,

There’s more preliminary results from other teams, including a simulation and an actual experiment.

Maybe there’s some hope after all. Let’s put the champagne in the fridge (not the freezer) in case it’s real. It may take a while for the original+replication studies to be peer reviewed and published.

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Superconductor news: What’s claimed, and how strong the evidence seems to be


Piers ,

I was trying to explain this to someone a couple of days ago. This article definitely helps! I’m pretty excited to see if this is successfully verified or not and it seems we won’t have to wait long! This, plus the confirmation of energy positive cold fusion within the last couple of years could really be the defining moments between our current level of advancement and a big step forward.

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Apparently the materials aren’t extraordinarily rare and the process to create it isn’t too mindboggling. It should be possible for other labs to produce and test.

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