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jarfil , in Avoiding fusion plasma tearing instability with deep reinforcement learning avatar

As some sources have titled it: "AI fixes fusion!" /s

On a more serious note, I find it interesting that a 25ms control loop is enough, and that:

the tearing prediction model could forecast the instability 300 ms before the disruption

Good model.

eveninghere , (edited ) in The taboo of animal friendship, an evolutionary advantage not exclusive to humans

Hare and Ellington were two old males living in Kibale National Park in Uganda. They were not related, but they made a good team. After a hunt, Ellington would extend an arm, a common gesture for chimpanzees to ask for food, and Hare would give him a piece of his meat.

Animal friend rule 1: don't start your article with a paragraph that reads like two people copied a gesture for chimpanzees!

danielkyler , in Study: Air purifier use at daycare centres cut kids' sick days by a third

Using air purifiers in child care centers reduces children's sick days by one-third. This really shows the importance of maintaining clean and safe air for children's health. Perhaps this will also positively affect children's academic performance and even the results of IQ test.

InevitableList , in Scientists grow 'meaty' rice hybrid food for protein kick

It's interesting that they went bovine when India is one of the largest consumers of rice but Hindus don't eat beef. Chicken or fish would be more universal.

jarfil , in "Fractional" electrons seen in graphene avatar

moiré superlattice

IIRC, they've been shown to change material responses to both photons and phonons. Makes me wonder whether in this case they're seeing actual "fractional quanta" (kind of a contradiction in itself), or "just" an interaction with the moiré pattern (still interesting).

protist , in Run out of butter or eggs? Here's the science behind substitute ingredients


Well I learned something new today. Crazy that the water you use to cook beans in can function so similarly to eggs, and even crazier this was only discovered in 2014.

BCsven ,

Damn I have been pouring my eggs down the drain this whole time

alansuspect ,

They use it as a substitute for egg whites in cocktails, and honestly it's better.

Flumpkin ,

The reason you cook beans and traditionally throw away the water and foam is because you want to get rid of saponins - which aquafaba contains. Legume-eating traditional cultures carefully skimmed off this foam, so presumably because they learned it's not so good. Of course, a little is not so bad, presumably the plants evolved this as a pesticide. But there are other egg replacements like flax or chia seeds.

Zoop , (edited ) in The strange and turbulent global world of ant geopolitics | Aeon Essays

This is super cool. Thank you for sharing it here. I love articles like this! Ants are wild, neat lil things.

(...)there are roughly 200,000 times more ants on our planet than the 100 billion stars in the Milky Way.

I just cannot wrap my head around that.

hydroptic OP , (edited )

You're most welcome!

I love both Aeon and its sibling publication Psyche, they've both had multiple articles over the years that have pretty radically overhauled my view of the world. The articles are very often written by researchers (although this particular article isn't), and it really shows in the quality of the articles. I've been a happy donor for years now, truly worth it

Zoop ,

Good call! Last night, after I finished that article, I liked it enough that I wanted to check out what else they had, and ended up reading a handful from them and their sibling publications and putting the two you mentioned on my RSS feed list. Thank you for donating to places like that & for sharing them with those of us who didn't know about them!

Hirom , in breaking news: light pollution is purgatory for bugs

Interesting. I recently noticed new decorative lights outside a public building nearby. Instead of static white lights, these are red-ish, and slowly dim in and out in a sequence. This might be a way to reduce the impact on wildlife.

Quexotic , in Scientists grow 'meaty' rice hybrid food for protein kick

So it's Soylent pink! I bet that's delicious if you put it in the smoker.

thebes , in breaking news: light pollution is purgatory for bugs avatar

@ThisIsAManWhoKnowsHowToGling I wonder if that behavior selects for those which don't fly perpendicularly. Do we know if light pollution reduces significantly the insect population?

ThisIsAManWhoKnowsHowToGling OP , avatar

The study also showed that certain species are more susceptible to different kinds of light. Some of them are more likely to orbit under the light, some of them are more likely to orbit above, etc

LallyLuckFarm , in breaking news: light pollution is purgatory for bugs avatar

If you're in a situation where you need and have outdoor lights, placing them on a timer is an easy way to drastically reduce the negative impact to the surrounding wildlife. Choosing bulbs or using a film to produce yellow or amber light is another way to improve the effort, and can make it safer for people who have to move between the lit area and an unlit one since amber lights reduce effects of night blindness in people.

mobyduck648 , avatar

The old low pressure sodium lights we had in the UK were great on this front. They were about as efficient as LEDs as well but the bulbs got too expensive to make, so the last factory making them in Europe closed down and they mostly disappeared quite quickly.

I reckon they should switch street lights over to monochromatic yellow LEDs, they'd look the same as the old lights and not affect insect populations so much. They're good for astronomers too as the light is only one wavelength.

millie , (edited ) in breaking news: light pollution is purgatory for bugs

Holy shit, no wonder the insect biomass has reduced so much. Imagine how many insects we trap for entire nights with just something as simple as a streetlight. Forget about a few weeks of highway construction with flood lights at night. I'd imagine that causes a lot of them to starve, or just fail to mate, or exposes them to predation. Poor things.

Yet another atrocity caused by the ignorance and callousness of humanity. We have so much potential but we are just a fucking wrecking ball right now, creating concentrated suffering literally just for a little extra comfort and convenience. It's so gross.

We really need to figure out how to do something to give back to the rest of this planet and start to turn things the other way. Not just to save our own asses, but because right now our species is absolutely monstrous. We have potential, sure, but we really need to get over our greed and cruelty like, yesterday.

ThisIsAManWhoKnowsHowToGling OP , avatar

To be fair, they are stuck for as long as they want to go straight. At any point they can decide to turn in some other direction that might take them away from the light, at which point they escape the light trap. However, they are burning calories while circling the light that they could be using for pollination

millie ,

I mean, if you were trying to escape a mind-trap, wouldn't you be inclined to try to move straight away from it? Unless they somehow manage to figure out a better escape trajectory, it seems natural that trying to escape would make it worse.

It's like a biological finger trap set for species that aren't particularly renown for their problem solving.

CanadaPlus , in breaking news: light pollution is purgatory for bugs

Lol, that's the best way of describing it. I wonder if they have a way of being confused that they aren't getting anywhere.

Apparently lit ground can also cause them to flip upside down and fall, and passing under a light causes them to fly in an arc stalling out at the top, which slows them down.

tyler , in Google is making a map of methane leaks for the whole world to see

Didn’t another company just release this exact same type of tool a few weeks ago?

Edit: yes they did.

Wonder if Google rushed this after they were beaten to market.

drwho , avatar

Probably. Somebody's got to get that promotion by launching something before the next round of layoffs.

Pantherina , in Google is making a map of methane leaks for the whole world to see avatar

This is really good!

Methane is way more harmful than CO2, and what most people forget, after that it is not counted as Methane anymore but as CO2. It gets converted into CO2 and stays in the athmosphere like that.

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