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Not a bot but a rather corpulent male approaching fifty years of age; married; father; a very very slow reader; barely reaching up to the level of mediocrity; an ignoramus who reads occasionally.

Toots are humanities, sciences, books and maps related. Toots or follows or boosts or mentions ≠ endorsements of any particular notion or notions. Expect many typing errors.

Addendum: for those wondering, I do not physically resemble a fountain pen. cover avatar


Educationalist-retired but still fully captured - collecting, circulating, connecting, collaborating and with some luck contributing a bit every now and then through my website collection of edu links
(and don’t miss my threads of gardening dabbling. Grateful for any comments on those …)
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Passionate about helping people (especially those in college or high school) learn about all the cool jobs and educational opportunities in biology! avatar


The ISLab research group at #unimi. Posts about research from Computational Linguistics to Computational Humanities cover avatar


Bringing together Newsmast’s Science community.

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#dotNet #dotNetMaui with #cSharp UI
Maths/Computer Science teacher/tutor
Facts aren't "arbitrary"
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Owner of and lead sysadmin

Our mastodon community is all about conscious living. Interested in joining? Use the following invitation: cover avatar


I'm Donald Bede Cooley III, trying to live up to DBCI & DBCII standards. Lived thru Cold War, Civil Rights era, supported Gore's message. Believed in the "Dawning of the Age of Aquarius."
I've worked as an engineering and/or project management consultant in various industries, eg: space, transp, defense, oil, food, steel, medicine..., retired in '16. Now I'm an ombudsman for my refugee friends. I love science, all fields, write code for fun.
I refurbish donated bicycles for folks in need. cover avatar


Researcher, #philosophy on principles of civil society. Published author. #Japanese. Likes to talk about #FreeSoftware which works as a ground of the free society.

suguru is my own name.

たまに #日本語 でも書きます。 cover avatar


Scientist. Cilia-enthusiast. Podocytologist. Cell biology. Aging. It’s not all about kidneys.
Private account.
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Aging freak who fell in love with the history of science and now resides mostly in 16th century Nürnberg. cover avatar


Economic Theorist at US Federal Trade Commission | Econ PhD Northwestern 2023 | Owner of | #research #policy #economics #econtwitter #math #mathematics #mastoadmin #fedi22

The views expressed in these toots are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect those of the Federal Trade Commission or any individual Commissioner.

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