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Programmer and Airplane Enthusiast.

"You just don't know how AI works" earns you a block. cover avatar


She/They • 19 • HUGE nerd lol • ND

Discord: cybercatbytes

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For Amusement Purposes Only.

Changeling poet, musician and writer, born on the 13th floor. Left of counter-clockwise and right of the white rabbit, all twilight and sunrises, forever the inside outsider.

Seeks out and follows creative and brilliant minds. And crows. Occasional shadow librarian.

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I got a Lemmy and mastodon so come and join me on one of them

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Modder, programmer, and all around tinkerer. Yes, I’m that New Vegas and Deus Ex guy.

You can also find me over at under the same username. cover avatar


Game developer and artist.

Spoken languages: Hu, En, some Jp

Programming languages: C, C++, D, C#, Java

Mastodon: @ZILtoid1991

Github: cover avatar


zu testzwecken > this is my favorite alt acc on the fedi cover avatar


I'm the linux techie bird nerd horror aficionado lady your mother warned you about. Pinging cyberspace since the days of legend when modems shook hands and audibly greeted one another.

Certified HTML 4 Coder Proficient in Frames.

If Visual Basic = True Then Jeze = Hip and With it!

Pronouns: She/Her/Hers
Steam: Jezebelley
Discord: Jezebelley

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Big fan of SBC gaming, open source engine recreations/source ports, gaming in general, the cyberpunk aesthetic, Linux, photographing graffiti, and firmware modding.

Trying to post and comment often in an effort to add to Lemmy’s growth. avatar


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I am in my honeymoon phase with the fediverse.

I share what I've read and want others to discover also.

If you're into women's football or women's tennis join me on @WomensFootball and @WomensTennis.

Inspire us here : @inspirational. cover avatar


some guy sharing his thoughts

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kbin userscripts

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The children yearn for the mines. cover avatar


Science enthusiast, Kemetic, libertarian socialist, Czech. avatar


if you voted for Trump you're going to Hell, and this is why.. he looked like the Easy Way to you.. you took the Easy Way, and that's what you go to Hell for, you cowards..

if you're a man and you voted for Trump, you're a Momma's Boy, just like Mike Pence and Bill O'Reilly.. you were coddled..

and i don't give a damn about any of you hellbound assholes.. you can all rot..

momma's boy: (n) a man who's used to getting attention just because he threatens to throw a fit; see cunt avatar


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I've been called "a giant faggot" but I'm medium at most. ♥️ cover avatar


Computers are neat. Burritos are good. cover avatar

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You are probably making an assumption about me that is incorrect. cover avatar


Innovative thinker and multi-talented entrepreneur. Exploring new ideas and being creative are my passions. Various areas of expertise include marketing, finance, and analytics cover avatar


A man of leisure living in the present, waiting for the future. avatar


I am very typical earthling. I like earth food and earth drink and earth sports and earth media. Im all about earth things because I am so typical and earthling. so typical as to be very boring and not worth investigating or looking into because I am definately from earth. avatar


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I'm probably just an AI pretending to be human or a human pretending to be AI.

Into wandering abandoned places, tinkering with technology, and authoring things for fun and profit.

Feel free to follow if you're sentient meat or a self-aware AI.

Profile pic: Artistic rendering of a serious looking brown-haired woman wearing a green jacket. cover avatar


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Co-Founder of the CR D&D Community Club
Forever DM
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This is a recording. cover avatar


90's kid, ici on parle principalement de JV récents (Nintendo & PC / Gamepass), de retrogaming, ainsi que de quelques (re)découvertes, que ça soit des films (surtout Disney / MCU) et d'autres choses au gré de mes envies ^^.

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