penquin ,

Things like this dumb mouse and how it is created are most likely created like that on purpose. Not sure what that purpose is, but it is. I’m pretty sure a massive company like apple know this is a very dumb product.

smallaubergine ,

The purpose is they don't want users to leave the noise permanently plugged in. That would leave an ugly wire to their beautiful wireless product. in my opinion the only pointing device apple ever got right was the trackpad. Their mice have been absolute crap since the iMac g3 hockey puck mouse days. During the G4 era they had that transparent pill looking mouse, then the pill with the ball scroller that would collect hair. Then magic mouse and now this. Consistently bad since the early 2000s is actually quite impressive.

gregorum , avatar

Just charge it one of the 10 times it tells you the battery is low as you leave the office, and you won’t have to deal with it when the battery actually dies. It’s not that complicated.

hal_5700X OP , avatar

What if it needs charging in middle of work?

darvocet ,

That would be because you failed to charge it one of the 10 times it warned you the battery was low. It has exceptional battery life, easily goes a week or more on a single charge. Just plug it in periodically when you are ‘not’ working.

hal_5700X OP , avatar

Why not put the changing port at a better spot? So the user don’t need worry about it.

darvocet ,

I’m not saying that wouldn’t be better, but i get the ‘ascetics’ may be the main goal. It’s a wireless mouse, intended to be used wirelessly.

I’m fine with the touchpad on my MacBook and really only use this if I’m like airplaying across the room. The charger on the bottom has never been a problem for me.

It has an off on switch and so when you switch it off, you could plug it in.

Is it the best mouse in the world? No. But it’s fine and the location of the port isn’t a deal breaker in my eyes.

smallaubergine ,

I think you mean aesthetic not ascetic

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