Office of judge presiding over Trump’s New York trial bombarded with threats ( )

The office of the New York judge overseeing Donald Trump’s civil fraud trial has been bombarded with death threats and antisemitic abuse following the former president’s online attacks.

Judge Arthur Engoron and his clerk, Allison Greenfield, are said to have received hundreds of threatening, harassing and disparaging messages via telephone and social media.

Attorneys for the New York state court system made the case for the imposition of gag orders on Trump, citing “serious and credible” threats against Engoron and Greenfield.

Transcribed voicemail messages, disclosed in court filings, revealed the extent of the abuse directed at the pair. Alongside racist and sexist attacks the messages contain several death threats. “I mean, honestly, you should be assassinated,” said one. “You should be killed. You should be not assassin executed [sic]. You should be executed.”

conditional_soup ,

It’s just wild to me the lengths these people will go for a guy that honestly looks like blonde Grimace.

Krackalot ,

I’d say an albino grimace with a spray tan and a toupee.

RaincoatsGeorge ,

These people are not fucking bright. Some covered their tracks but you know some of these traitorous rejects called from their cellphones. I cannot wait for the FBI to start knocking at their doors and introducing them to the find out stage. It will be January 6th all over again.

I have to assume making death threats against a judge carries some hefty consequences. These people only learn by watching their reject friends get 10 years in prison each. Make America Great Again? More like make these traitorous dumbfucks know fear again.

Efwis ,

They are making America great again, as long as they all get arrested.

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