Israel, Hamas agree deal for release of Gaza hostages, truce ( )

GAZA/TEL AVIV, Nov 22 (Reuters) - Israel’s government and Hamas agreed on Wednesday to a four-day pause in fighting to allow the release of 50 hostages held in Gaza in exchange for 150 Palestinians imprisoned in Israel, and the entry of humanitarian aid into the besieged enclave.

andrewrgross , avatar

This is such good news. Now the challenge is to keep both sides from reigniting.

I don’t really know what Hamas and Haniyeh and Sinwar want, so it’s hard to speculate what they’ll do, but I know that Netanyahu is trying to reignite the war as hard as he can, and will be desperate to see the ceasefire ended prematurely under circumstances he can blame on Hamas.

For those who haven’t followed his career (and his actions in the least week in particular) this seems abundantly clear. The absolute worst thing that could happen to him would be a deescalation that leads to an political negotiations. I really hope the US antiwar movement is prepared to increase their pressure, because I believe it’s made the difference in getting us this far. As furious as I’ve been at Biden’s response, I have read multiple reports that the US was far more involved in hostage negotiations than Israel, so I will give Biden this sliver of credit if people actually come home. But he really needs to stop propping up Bibi if he wants to land this plane for real.

hydro033 ,

I don’t really know what Hamas and Haniyeh and Sinwar want

Are you serious? They want the complete destruction of Israel. Have you never read anything Hamas has put out?

PugJesus , avatar

I think they might mean "want in an immediate sense". Even Hamas isn't deluded enough to think that they're capable of destroying Israel at this moment.

hassanmckusick ,

I read the 2017 charter where Hamas says they will accept a 2 state solution

Hatsune_Miku , avatar

This is such good news. Now the challenge is to keep both sides from reigniting.

There was a ceasefire already in place prior to the 7th of October attacks

naturalgasbad ,

A blockade is an act of war as defined by international law.

DolphinMath OP ,

Reuters – Bias and Credibility

Bias Rating: Least Biased

Factual Reporting: Very High

Country: United Kingdom

MBFC’s Country Freedom Rank: Mostly Free

Media Type: News Agency

Traffic/Popularity: High Traffic

MBFC Credibility Rating: High Credibility



naturalgasbad ,

The concept of evaluating media for bias and conflating that with factuality is, frankly, terrifying. A site's political views is not necessarily representative of its factuality, but Media Bias Fact Check consistently penalizes sites that have "never failed a fact check" because they are not considered to be "least biased."

These sites bite off more than they can chew. They're extremely US-Western-centric (mostly because the authors of these sites tend to be American and thus have their own set of American biases) - claiming that America is somehow the paragon of journalistic freedoms and free speech is, in itself, an American bias. CBC, which hasn't failed a fact check, is only a "high" on the factual reporting scale, for example. Meanwhile Reuters, for which I can point to multiple instances where they got key details wrong, gets a "very high" for factual reporting.

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