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“We found that many California law enforcement agencies share this (automated license plate reader) data not just out of state but specifically with agencies in states that ban abortions,” EFF’s Jennifer Pinsof told the San Mateo Daily Journal. https://www.smdailyjournal.com/news/local/license-plate-readers-to-increase-throughout-county/article_3af96c58-f0da-11ee-91f1-8b4e10075b4d.html

voron ,
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@eff 🤔 so while red states spend millions to ship off migrants to blue states with no warning, in inhumane ways, blue states are sending sneaky data to help red states track women who flee to get abortions?
So that’s kinda that bipartisanship that works only one way, right?

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Eff warned everyone.

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