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The chances of you and your colleague using a browser the same way are slim.

🎨 If you're in the Creative department, you spend time looking for inspiration across different design websites, use a note-taking tool to save snippets of information for your next written piece, or regularly access file-sharing platforms to share your designs.

📧 If you're a Manager, you spend a large part of your day dealing with emails, manage your team on different internal or external communication platforms, and navigate between different project management tools and dashboards to stay on top of projects.

But in whichever way you use your browser, almost everything about the Vivaldi browser can be customized and tailored to your needs.

Here are some ways you can customize our browser to make it work and feel like your personal workstation.👇🏻

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@Vivaldi The fact that I could remove almost everything in the interface means that I’ve switched to using Vivaldi as my default browser. I mean, I’m terrible for your bottom line but I appreciate the extreme customisability.

(This is especially going to come in handy as I start to record new videos for the Small Web. On a 1920 × 1080 video, every piece of additional chrome becomes noise.)*

  • I know I can hide the address bar too but I felt that was one step too far. Did try it though :)
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