lowqualityfacts ,
@lowqualityfacts@mstdn.social avatar

That's so interesting.

theothersimo ,
@theothersimo@mastodon.social avatar

@lowqualityfacts fucking nerds

ericg ,
@ericg@sanjuans.life avatar

@lowqualityfacts Maybe we can try using sin language.

Thorium ,
@Thorium@social.linux.pizza avatar

@lowqualityfacts They do often give a sine though...

Pierrette ,
@Pierrette@mastodon.uno avatar

@lowqualityfacts babies understand so many things I wouldn’t be surprised pity they forget afterwards under adults ‘ oppression

Lizards_cast ,
@Lizards_cast@dice.camp avatar

@lowqualityfacts that would make me cry too 😆

ryedai ,
@ryedai@mastodon.social avatar

@lowqualityfacts i just read "barbies" 🫥

brad ,
@brad@twit.social avatar

@lowqualityfacts That's frustrating enough to make you want to shit your pants.

AlexCorby ,
@AlexCorby@indieauthors.social avatar


Honey! Junior’s babbling again!


So adorable! I wonder if it means something.

floating ,
@floating@babka.social avatar

@lowqualityfacts Babies are terribly misunderstood.

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