georgetakei , avatar
AJRossberg ,

@georgetakei seems like he may be one of few who are fit for office..

IndigoCreek , avatar

@georgetakei He should be either thrown out of office or voted out.

AngelaScholder , avatar

@georgetakei Absolutely unfit, but there are many more who are.....

jarmer , avatar

@georgetakei I mean, with that MONSTER hangover he's nursing in that photo, he's unfit for anything other than "where's the bathroom?" ... and in this case the answer should be "over there in that field of poison ivy"

Lassielmr , avatar

@georgetakei what is wrong with these people?

rob11563 , avatar

@georgetakei They are sick, hateful people. They want people who are not like them, or disagree with them, to die.

No one in the will call for his resignation. When you vote for any member of today's this is what you are voting for.

Breck , avatar

@georgetakei Hmmm, with that empty eyed blank slack jawed stare he kinda looks unfit for most any position of responsibility. Maybe a greeter at Walmart? A probationary greeter?

Stormcat , avatar

@georgetakei only one thing to do now. Throw pies in his face at every speaking event he attends in the future!

MicheleCacano , avatar
Savvyhomestead , avatar


Must have heard it from his daddy, Hitler

RaymondPierreL3 , avatar

@georgetakei as individuals, we are all flawed but we seek to become more socially responsible. But for these RWNJs flaws are elevated to virtues in their topsy-turvy world. What a bunch of messed up individuals. They should seek treatment.

oldguy52 , avatar


Oklahoma government has been overrun by !@#$%^ religious zealots who are filled with hate for the LGBTQIA community or for anyone who is different than their narrow ideal. The state is no longer safe.

Brie , avatar

@georgetakei News of Cotton having an affair with a male staffer in ......3.........2........1....................

cqd_sos , avatar

Seems to be much in tune with what's been going on at CPAC lately, presumably the reason why these types increasingly feel that they don't need to pretend anymore.

JeanSanPach , avatar

@georgetakei These are pathetic human beings.

Cedara , avatar

@georgetakei Agreed, such a person does not belong in office.

NotThe , avatar

@georgetakei so many are

erfin , avatar

@georgetakei I sense some self-loathing without even listening.

Shmock , avatar

@georgetakei I can't even...I will just never understand these folks.

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