cstross ,
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2/26: Would you consider recording your own audiobook?


I can't do accents. At all.

(Also, I'd need to find a soundproof studio—my home isn't suitable. And anyway-also, I'm trad published so professional audiobook recording, production, and distribution is all taken care of for me.)

TheCybermatron ,
@TheCybermatron@someone.elses.computer avatar

@cstross Completely get where you’re coming from, but I’m not sure that professional narrators are always better. Indeed, I sometimes find that professional narrators with no “relationship” to the book at all can be a real turn-off for me and can completely destroy my enjoyment of the book. I came to enjoying audiobooks late precisely because I picked a few bad ones when I first started listening to them.

NateBarham ,
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@cstross I have considered it, and became a voice actor in part with the intention of reading my own series.

I can indeed do accents.

However, I now know enough to understand the massive undertaking that would be the recording of four (fifth in editing now) books ranging 265-400 pages and doing it well.

It’s… a lot. And I don’t get paid by the finished hour for them the way I do for narrating other people’s books.

So, maybe someday. 🤷‍♂️

marjolica ,
@marjolica@social.linux.pizza avatar

@cstross OK, that's all right, just give us an example of your unaccented voice and we'll get an AI to do it for you.

cstross OP ,
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@marjolica No you won't: real audiobook publishers are still paying human voice actors for the time being, and that's unlikely to shift in the short term.

marjolica ,
@marjolica@social.linux.pizza avatar

@cstross good to hear it (literally).

cstross OP ,
@cstross@wandering.shop avatar

@marjolica It's like using AI-generated cover artwork instead of paying a human cover designer: a sign of amateurism, never mind anything else, much like the CGI Poser models that were all the rage for self-pub book covers 5-15 years ago. (Cheap and easy to do, but also screamed "cheap" at the reader, which is not a positive sales point.)

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