lowqualityfacts ,
@lowqualityfacts@mstdn.social avatar
sandhu ,
@sandhu@mastodon.social avatar

@lowqualityfacts Because that would be criminal!

Wufflekins ,
@Wufflekins@mastodon.social avatar

@lowqualityfacts but does she own a Fi?

ryan2one3 ,
@ryan2one3@mstdn.ca avatar

@lowqualityfacts she also has to look up what an apple is everytime she hears it.

toychicken ,
@toychicken@mastodon.social avatar

@lowqualityfacts no, but she does own one.

joevh ,
@joevh@mstdn.social avatar

@lowqualityfacts I wonder about Dick Clark. Did he ever wear Clarks Shoes?

MamasPinkyToe ,
@MamasPinkyToe@mastodon.world avatar

America Ferrera has never eaten America.

Silversong ,
@Silversong@brontosin.space avatar

@lowqualityfacts Neither has Sharon Apple. :(

goop ,
@goop@oomfie.city avatar
crtbrown ,
@crtbrown@mastodon.social avatar

I also heard Tim Cook doesn't know how to.

JKirkpatrick ,
@JKirkpatrick@mastodon.social avatar

I bet that doesn't include Adams Apple

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