dansup ,
@dansup@mastodon.social avatar

Decided I'm going to go ahead with my Kbin mobile app.

Yeah I know i have a lot on the go, but I use Apollo daily, and want a solid Apollo like experience for Kbin.

I'm willing to hand over the project to Kbin if they want, and would love to work closely with the developer on this if possible.

Will be starting this next week, after my camping trip! It will be open source from the start, and contributors will be gladly welcomed!

ernest ,
@ernest@karab.in avatar

Hey @dansup, how long is your day that you manage to do all these things at once? ;)

dansup OP ,
@dansup@mastodon.social avatar

@ernest Not long enough, sadly I have to sleep for a few hours and I have a day job 😅

I would be so much more productive if I had the ability to work on @pixelfed and fediverse related tools full time!

melroy Admin ,
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@dansup @ernest @pixelfed Welcome to the club 😅.

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