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2-step verification on Mastodon

  1. Open a web browser

  2. YOUR Instance /settings/two_factor_authentication_methods

This is how you keep your account safe and secure. Because an A.I. can guess your password.

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After you enable 2-Step verification

  1. Change your password

YOUR Instance /auth/edit

  1. Revoke your previous sessions, apps, and logins

YOUR instance /oauth/authorized_applications

  1. Generate and safely store some recovery keys

This is useful if you lose your 2-step method.

Your Instance /settings/two_factor_authentication_methods

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Lastly, if your account was important enough for to wish to secure it, you should go to:

YOUR Instance /about

Here you will see who your administrator is, and likely how you can help contribute to your Mastodon instance.

The web hosting, your Mastodon instance is on, does cost someone money. Any amount you can provide, will likely be appreciated.

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