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I am a robot who toots military psychology news (mostly USA). Most of the articles are from "Military Psychology Journal" -- a publication of the APA Division 19 Society for Military Psychology, The Center for Deployment Psychology at Uniform Services University, the VA, and the Military Health Service. I am not officially affiliated with them. When driven by a human I may occasionally post other information related to #military #psychology and #militarypsychology . (I am owned by @admin ) avatar


McMichael Professor of Educational Psychology and Learning Sciences | University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill | he / him | Face for radio cover avatar


Philosophical Psychology is an international #journal devoted to developing and strengthening the links between #philosophy and #psychology.

Publisher: Taylor & Francis

Editor: Lisa Bortolotti

Impact factor (2021): 1.573

New promotion: Starting in 2023, all book reviews will be free access for six months from the time they are assigned to an issue! cover avatar


Not a bot but a rather corpulent male approaching fifty years of age; married; father; a very very slow reader; barely reaching up to the level of mediocrity; an ignoramus who reads occasionally.

Toots are humanities, sciences, books and maps related. Toots or follows or boosts or mentions ≠ endorsements of any particular notion or notions. Expect many typing errors.

Addendum: for those wondering, I do not physically resemble a fountain pen. avatar


Psychotherapist and Co-Moderator of the Clinicians Exchange Mastodon instance for mental health professionals. I'm located in Baltimore City, Maryland USA.

Please consider joining us:
Email List:

Our Mastodon instance is modified to 10,000 character posts for in-depth conversation.

#psychotherapy #counseling #neuroscience #psychology #socialwork #mentalhealth #psychiatry @psychotherapists cover avatar


CNRS researcher at École normale supérieure Paris. Auditory perception, psycholinguistics, hearing loss. My toots are searchable #tootfinder. cover avatar


Cognitive Science masters, exploring language & cognition. Passionate about social psych, emotions - mental health, interoception & qualitative research

actively looking for PhD opportunities in related fields cover avatar


Born in Boston, longtime full Professor in Osaka. Japanese government foreign aid agency Lecturer introducing Japan to worldwide officials and graduate students. Founded NPO World Association for Online Education in 1998. 577 Google Scholar citations to 250 publications on Japan, Online Education, Bilingualism, and the Academic Life, nearly all open access (this 🦣 site is searchable) starting from cover avatar


Social Psychologist working on mental health outcomes in a large residential treatment facility. Interested in science reform, emotions, psychophysiology, and applying dynamic systems to psychology. cover avatar


A nonprofit news organization dedicated to sharing the knowledge of experts with the public, in accessible, trustworthy articles drawing on their research.

Pictured: just a few of our recent writers.

Free to read, without paywalls or ads (and free to republish, too, under Creative Commons license).

We combine academic rigor with journalistic flair. cover avatar


Here I study a question: "How to subdue people?"
I discuss sociology of dominations and history of reputation.
(I purposely do not propagate news.)

Banner: sepia photo of a 26-year-old facing the camera – Hannah Arendt in 1933 cover avatar


Thinking creatively flawed humanoid with a long history of self-education followed by the institutional versions leading to 3 uni degrees in writing and arts in the last half of my life. cover avatar


Olin tieteenfilosofi ja tietoteoreetikko. Opetin kriittistä ajattelua yliopistossa. (Re)tired. Ihmettelen elämää lähinnä Lupposofina (ks. kotisivu).

Vältän pönkittämästä uutismedian luomaa ja ylläpitämää ajan tasaa.

Seurailemiani sivustoja: cover avatar


I write and think about culture (for fun and to pay my rent). My obsessive interest is people and how we work, individually and collectively, which makes me interested in most things, with a particularly keen interest in cogsci and psychology (I grew up around medical science). I studied painting and drawing at uni and I used to play in bands and work in the music industry. Maybe I'll switch to using my real name here eventually.

Photo description: White woman with black hair and saxophone cover avatar


Was wir wirklich sind, kennt keine Zeit...

  • Willigis Jäger -

... cover avatar


Jeffrey Phillips Freeman

Innovator & Entrepreneur in Machine Learning, Evolutionary Computing & Big Data. Avid SCUBA diver, Open-source developer, HAM radio operator, astrophotographer, and anything nerdy.

Born and raised in Philadelphia, PA, USA, currently living in Utrecht, Netherlands, USA, and Thailand. Was also living in Israel, but left.

Pronouns: Sir / Mister

(Above pronouns are not intended to mock, i will respect any persons pronouns and only wish pronouns to show respect be used with me as well. These are called neopronouns, see an example of the word "frog" used as a neopronoun here: )

A proud member of the Penobscot Native American tribe, as well as a Mayflower passenger descendant. I sometimes post about my genealogical history.

My stance on various issues:

Education: Free to PhD, tax paid
Abortion: Protected, tax paid, limited time-frame
Welfare: Yes, no one should starve
UBI: No, use welfare
Racism: is real
Guns: Shall not be infringed
LGBT+/minorities: Support
Pronouns: Will respect
Trump: Moron, evil
Biden: Senile, racist
Police: ACAB
Drugs: Fully legal, no prescriptions needed

GPG/PGP Fingerprint: 8B23 64CD 2403 6DCB 7531 01D0 052D DA8E 0506 CBCE cover avatar


🚩stopTDV="stop Teen Dating Violence"🚩

NGO focused on preventing teen dating violence. Our program 'Gaming Against Violence' empowers adolescents through intentionally designed bespoke prosocial games:


▶️ 2019 & 2022 Games for Change Finalist
▶️ 2021 GEE Learning Games Award Finalist

🎗️ Donate by texting: STOPTDV to 707070

❤️ In memory of Jen

#Nonprofit #NGO #ViolencePrevention cover avatar


CNRS researcher at École normale supérieure Paris. Auditory perception, psycholinguistics, hearing loss.
I am also maintaining the list of Audition scientists on Mastodon:
My toots are searchable #tootfinder. cover avatar


Interesses: História da #Filosofia, História das #CiênciasHumanas, História da #Psicologia, Michel #Foucault. Também por #arte, #natureza e #fotografia.
Posto: o que vejo diante dos olhos, nessa curta vida. Compartilho links e coisas que me interessam, interajo, guardo informações, cito trechos, conjecturo, separo coisas para ler...

tootfinder cover avatar


Okay doors, swing! cover avatar


Chercheur en linguistique française et en jeu vidéo. cover avatar


Blog featuring research updates, interviews with experts, conference reports, and presentations of new books in the area at the intersection of #philosophy, #psychology, and #psychiatry.

Focus on #delusion, #memory distortion, #confabulation, and #bias.

Founded by Lisa Bortolotti in 2013.

Edited by Lisa Bortolotti, Kengo Miyazono, Kathleen Murphy-Hollies and Kiichi Inarimori.

New posts weekly! cover avatar


Putting satire to power where they don’t want it all the way from Treaty 6 Territory

Please share any of these, especially with conservatives! cover avatar


An old techie who occasionally uses new tech. Teacher by trade, but not so much lately. Psychology and Critical Thinking are my subjects, they are both very subjective.

I don't give a flying fig who you have relationships with, what you do in your bedroom or what you do in your church, as long as you don't expect me or anyone else to think, do or believe as you do.

All my cultural reverences are 20+ years old.

Occasionally dabble in #genealogy, my own mostly.
Completely addicted to #MST3K cover avatar


Aspiring fantasy author and geek editing a first book, The Last Philosopher, that I've been calling Fantasy/Attempted comedy.
Posts are a mix of general geekdom, humour, writing, reading, books, libraries, and the occasional recommendation.

Me tags: #Writing #Author #Fantasy #Comedy #Satire
Socialtags: #fedi22 #acon12 cover avatar


Research fellow at the University of Bologna | Japanese language, corpus linguistics, pragmatics, online discourses, emotions 🌱 🦋 web page 🧚‍♀️ blog cover avatar


Professor Universitat Politècnica de València. #UPV Personal account. Cuenta personal.

About #CulturalHeritage #Politics #Narrative #Aesthetics ...and, above all, about any interesting interaction among these topics.

Acerca de #PatrimonioCultural #Política #Narrativa #Estética ...y, sobre todo, acerca de cualquier interesante combinación entre estos temas.

Publications will be deleted after 6 months 🚮
Las publicaciones se borrarán al cabo de 6 meses 🚮 avatar


Assistant professor in the CogSci and AI department at Tilburg University. (he/him)

#Psycholinguistics #cogsci
#CognitiveModeling #ComputationalModeling, #Bayesian methods #stan
#rstats cover avatar


Navy Vet with a Marine Corps family. CA liberal living in conservative VA. 1960s style Women’s Rights fighting is back in vogue. Normally relay emergency info. *Political libations on (@BakercatsPolWat04) *For live Western Fire info go to - *AlertCalifornia - *Weather info follow hashtag plus state abbreviations plus wx. Example - #CAwx, #OKwx *Earthquake info - @quakebot *EAS Watcher (includes Tornado Alerts) - @easwatch cover avatar


What to say? A political junkie, with a goal of defining political ignorance. Asking why I was sent to Vietnam. My conclusion is profits of a few, as most if not all war.

#mastadon #Art #politics #GOP
Adding others as time goes by. #Republicans #racists #bigots #misogynists #xenophpia #Nazis #Christian #fascisim #Russia #GOP #Stockhomesyndrome #politics Am I being redundant? #Husky cover avatar


Sourdough Baker. Perennial Student. ex-Cold War Sub Sailor. ex-Nuclear Nomad. PhD Candidate in Rhetoric, interested in Social Imaginaries & ‘American’ Vigilantism. Can also be found at: on Post and @randy_fromm on the dying bird. avatar


Software Dev #PsychXR & #PsychoPy | fmr Vision Scientist (Depth Perception & #VR) | #OpenScience | he/him | #YorkU Alumni | Ancient History Enjoyer

I usually post about #VR, #AR, #Psychology, #Neuroscience, #Perception, #History, #Electronics, #Computers, #Graphics, #Art and #Illustration

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