tigerjerusalem ,

A "crime with a fine" means "legal for a price".

FormallyKnown ,

If the punishment for a crime is a fine then it only exists for the lower class

I want to see the zuck, bezoz and musk picking up trash on the side of the road.

alansuspect ,

I've just made the switch. After a few starting hiccups I'm pretty happy with them so far.

pfaca ,
@pfaca@lemm.ee avatar

Wow. Amazon makes $1 billion in just 16 hours, 10 minutes...

refurbishedrefurbisher ,

That should be explicitly illegal in the form of 100% taxes above a certain limit.

melroy Admin ,
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Zron ,

If Amazon were a country, and you treated its gross revenue as GDP, it would sit right between Ireland and belgium in the rankings.

554 billion dollars of revenue every year.

It’s insane that one company has more money moving than some medium sized countries.

Personally I think it’s criminal that one company can control that much of a market, and it actually might be criminal considering Amazon offers everything from web hosting, video streaming, selling pretty much anything, manufacturing their own products, to sending you your prescription. AT&T was broken up for doing pretty much the same thing. I think it’s time we actually enforce some of these antitrust laws we have.

Zaphod ,

554 billion dollars of revenue every year.

And they still the Ad money from prime and treat their delivery drivers like shit?

mypasswordis1234 ,
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