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Question about upgrading to proton

Dont know if anyone has any experience with this but i have a vpn plus account for 2 years and want to upgrade to unlimited soni can move my domain mail and stuff to proton. But i cant find any option for this or im blind. Do i now have to make a separate mail plus account? That would make the bill something like 380 euro for 2...

Indian Government to block ProtonMail after bomb threats were sent using a ProtonMail account (

The IT ministry has reportedly decided to issue an order blocking end-to-end encrypted email service ProtonMail. According to a report in Hindustan Times, the government is planning to block the email service at the request of the Tamil Nadu police over a hoax bomb threat sent to at least thirteen private schools in Chennai on...

Paid proton and discord compatiblity?

Usage of an always on vpn has become essential for me, since my country is blocking even now, but I have found that discord blocks proton vpn connections what I am wondering is if this is also the case for the paid servers. My other option is to somehow exclude discord from vpn which I have read is complicated...

[SOLVED] Manual Bridge Update Required? (

I got this email earlier today in my inbox and wanted to be sure that this was not an attempted phishing scam. I didn't see anything about this on Proton's website, Reddit or Lemmy, so just wanted to cover my bases. Didn't click the link and just went straight to Proton's website to download the latest version and install (while...

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