JoeKrogan , avatar

It is the parents job to watch their damn kids. Or force isps to include simple blocklist toggles in their supplied routers so the parents can make a decision.

mctoasterson ,

I know the EU is still kicking around the concept of making itself a root CA and each country an intermediate in that chain, then legally mandating the installation of that CA on all devices. This is dangerous as hell as it effectively defeats the purpose of TLS and gives the government(s) a way to decrypt all HTTPS traffic using those bogus cert chains.

montar ,

Looks like another govt relying on majority that has no idea about how internet works. It won't stop kids, but pr0n sites and their partners will certainly get richer.

JackSkellington ,

So the biggest issues in Spain over the last years is kids watching porn? Really? Spain has been through a shitstorm and this is what they think of. This is just an excuse to generalise the use of digital identity certificates for all the stuff they want.

  • this isn’t even a left or right thing, since its government is an amalgamation of left parties

It's a classic excuse now. Let's you do set any law.

init ,

But think of the children!!

ExLisper ,

You can either can tell that the same certificate was used 1000000 times in one day which means they are being tracked or you don't track it and one leaked cert can be used by all the minors in Spain. So it's either useless of bad for privacy.

Waluigis_Talking_Buttplug ,

I find tracking all individuals way more dangerous long term than the effects of unmediated internet use.

Parents should be more involved in children's digital use.

Does outlawing Marijuana stop minors from accessing it? No, I started smoking young. Does requiring an ID stop minors from drinking alcohol? I'm sure many of you will attest to underage drinking

However, tracking everyone doing everything, tracking whatever they say whatever they look at. That impacts everyone, not just minors.

ShortN0te ,

The whole age verification can be done privately, secure and without the possibility to get tracked. But imho still not really a good thing to do. Parenting should still be a thing.

Same discussion can be found here

Infiltrated_ad8271 , avatar

But that refers to personal data, and I suppose the state will be able to identify you and your habits if it gets the logs from the websites.
I wonder if the websites will get a unique identifier, that would allow them to track you so accurately it would make google horny.

ShortN0te ,

Have you even read the linked Wikipedia or the Website?
No. When implemented correctly the math shows that it is not possible.

Infiltrated_ad8271 , avatar

I read the article and did not see where the method is specified, have you even read it?

When implemented correctly

Aha. How bold to assume that they will limit themselves and apply privacy best practices.

ShortN0te ,

... All i ever said is that it is possible. And i am referring to the article posted behind the link i posted.

Any implementation can be flawed even if well intentioned. There are implementations of this, for example the German ID Personalausweis has this method implemented.

Infiltrated_ad8271 , avatar

Okay, now I see which article you are referring to.
I know knowledge-zero, but we have different points, mine was not about the inability to do it but how the government will do it.

It would be very easy for them to justify that they have to identify pedos, I would be very surprised if they would guarantee privacy. But whatever, unfortunately I guess we'll find out.

catfooddispenser ,

Thank you for the links to Wikipedia and on that other thread. I've yet to wrap my head around how zero-knowledge proof could work for such a basic assertion as "user is of legal age", which calls for a 0 or 1 answer. It seems very different from the examples given of polynomial computations to prove knowledge of an exponent in a complex math expression. I can't see what could prevent any client to simply lie about the answer here.

ivanafterall , avatar

Spoiler: you won't stop minors from accessing porn.

melroy Admin ,
melroy avatar

Spoiler: Governments will also follow you across the whole web, not just porn.

skankhunt42 , avatar

They can follow me and everyone else who downloaded my digital cert I posted lost control of.

melroy Admin ,
melroy avatar

Or we just download Tor and be done with this non-sense.

kbal , avatar

When you phrase it that way, it becomes all the more obvious that it's not really about the porn.

Sylocule ,

We already have digital certificates to identify ourselves on government websites to access services.

Most likely the implementation will require sites to demand the cert for verification. What happens after that is the privacy creep

tonyn ,

Just put the porn on the government websites. Problem solved.

ExLisper ,

This is exactly what will not happen. They clearly talking about different certificate. Read the article.

Sylocule ,

I can’t because I refuse their cookies and then it’s subscription

TCB13 , avatar

So the govt will know who and when watches porn. lol

adespoton ,

They’ll know which adults visit porn sites without a VPN anyway.

Kids are and will be significantly more creative.

krigo666 ,

It's called Parental Control software.

zako OP , avatar

I would say it is Government Parental Control, the government is your parent 😆

TCB13 , avatar
konki ,

What does this have to do with Marx or communism?

TCB13 , (edited ) avatar

In communism there's no space for the concept of family / family unit as there's with the center-right and right-wing ideologies. To communists, or any other extremist regime, children are mostly state property that must be indoctrinated as soon as possible to follow the leadership's mindset otherwise the system wouldn't work.

konki ,

"To communists [...] state property". Ah okey, so you just don't know what communism is. Understood.

TCB13 , avatar

Communism is all about state property in all aspects of life. You simply selling people the ideia that everything belongs to everyone (there's no private property) and that everything should be shared when in fact what you're trying to do is to instate an extremist government, very similar to a fascist one, that will take control over everything.

It's good to be communist when you're on top and I'm sure Hitler felt the same. Not so good when you're the working class.

crispy_kilt ,

I can't help but be impressed by how well the fascist propaganda works. They have apparently managed to convince at least some people that communism means that the state will own all children and that families will no longer exist. If they can convince people of something as completely absurd as this, they can convince them of anything.

TCB13 , avatar

I can't help but to be impressed how the communist propaganda works. They've apparently managed to brainwash some people so hard that you are now implying that is fascist propaganda and also doing what the left does best: ignoring at least half of what someone else said and picking on what you can twist and mangle to your ideologies.

To communists, or any other extremist regime, children are mostly state property

Read that again, very carefully now.

Psychodelic ,

Did you even try to read what you shared?

She's making a lot of good points. I mean, thanks for sharing, I guess. I didn't know who she was

TCB13 , (edited ) avatar

Wait, how come you don't know who Alexandra Kollontai is? I'm not even anything left leaning and I know about her and her works. And yes she does have very good point, as do a lot of communist but still paints an image of communist and family. Here's a good example:

Working mothers have no need to be alarmed; communist not intending to take children away from their parents or to tear the baby from the breast of its mother

That's fair, yet a few lines bellow:

Society will feed, bring up and educate the child (...) Communist society will take upon itself all the duties involved in the education of the child

So you start by saying that the communists don't want to take children away but then proceed to bring up and educate. That's kind of suspicious.

To be fair, that could've even been true at some point. I see that a lot of the communist ideologies only work if seen from the right angle (ironic) and with good intentions, however what are really communist groups and parties nowadays?

Half of those groups got mixed up with the gender/identity bullshit people - those who end up yelling to politicians about children not getting free gender conversion therapy and whatnot. Those communist groups/parties groups/parties that don’t particularly share their views but agree to “bite the bullet” just for the numbers. Numbers are all fun but this will eventually backfire once those same groups lose their true ideology / identity and become associated with those people and lose all their credibility.

Infiltrated_ad8271 , avatar

Expect parents to be minimally responsible? No way!

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