free ,

Hey op, how did u get that screenshot? My gplay didn't have the new tags 'new' 😥

reactive_recall OP ,

Interesting, maybe it's because of the phone.
I'm using pixel 6a with GrapheneOS

free ,

Lol me too, I swear. Thanks for reply . I'm in the land of oz. So I assume ur in america. Different laws Im gonna assume.

labbbb ,

When I saw some serious issues with Clock app (from Simple Apps), I deleted and never used it again. So many apps and so many bugs, lol.

Dehydrated ,
jherazob , avatar

Tibor betrayed us and sold the Simple Apps suite to a sleazy adtech company a while ago, there were multiple posts on this suggesting replacements, then one of the most active devs forked it into Fossify, removing all the branding and references to the original, work is still ongoing on this, already some of the apps have been rereleased, here's a handy matrix of the progress on the rerelease from somebody on Github

viking , avatar

Wow, I never heard of that before. Is there any replacement for simple gallery, before they screw with it?

winkerjadams ,

Did you click on the link in the comment you replied to?

viking , avatar

Honestly no, since it was talking about the SMS messenger. I'll have a look then.

candle_lighter , avatar
moon ,

Oof, those permissions alone scream proprietary spyware. There's no more speculation here, it has officially become enshittified.

mnglw ,

that's because that's what happened. Simple mobile tools got bought out by a company known for exactly that: putting ads and spyware in apps

thankfully since its open source, there's already a fork in the works called Fossify

labbbb ,

That's why I love open source

jackpot , avatar

i hope these zippo fucks get sued by everyone who contributed. bastards are doing dropshipping but with malware pretty much

ipkpjersi ,

"have full network access" BIG YIKES

eluvatar ,

I mean it makes sense for error reporting. Lots of apps automatically report errors so that they can be detected easily, which would require internet access.

cupcakezealot , avatar

that kinda makes me think google should to a log retrieval and storage api which can retrieve and send logs to developers.

redline23 ,

That just allows Google full access to all logs from any application you have installed.

That service is not free either per month and those costs will be passed to the consumer in either a subscription or worse software.

cupcakezealot , avatar

i mean google would have it anyway; and the app developer would be collecting the logs any way so the cost would be there already. this would just make it so they wouldn't need to request full network access; just enough to get the logs.

mnglw ,

It has begun

(ps install the fork versions of the simple mobile tools suite, its called fossify)

kamen ,

Yeah, not suspicious at all.

Moonrise2473 ,

I'm really curious about the amount of money exchanged. It must have been an enormous amount in order to do a "I'd even sell my mom for that" and don't feel dirty

jackpot , avatar

the developer, and this isnt exaggeration, does not understand gpl v3. he literally got confused when people told him he had no right to sell contributed code. you can see for yourself in the github discussions

barryamelton ,

You can sell GPL code. Even if you aren't the author. What you must do is share the code with those customers though.

jackpot , avatar

you cant sell othwrs ans then close source which is what they did to my knowledge

boyi ,

Open source can be sold/commercialised. I think you're confusing between FOSS and open source.

labbbb ,

FOSS and open source is the same thing

barryamelton ,

You perfectly can sell GPL code. And you can double-license yourself (provided that you are the copyright holder) as GPL and a privative license. A lot of companies do that, legally and correctly.

ExLisper ,

I'm pretty sure what he sold was not the code but access to this play store account so that the new owner can push updated version to his current users.

ExLisper ,

There were multiple reports about sleazy companies reaching out to developers of popular apps and Chrome addons and offering them money for their accounts. The money is really good but there's still a lot of devs that can say 'no'. They will just use to track some people, it's not a completely new business that will grow and earn them money like Instagram or something.

redsquirrel , avatar


I think a good way to avoid this for any other app in the future is to just use alternativea found on fdroid.

... And disregard the rest :D

BlueGlasses ,

A fork is currently being worked on, called fossify.

For now we have fossify gallery and calendar

Snapz ,

En-what-iffication everyone?

rabiddolphin , avatar

I hope the money was worth tanking the good will of the brand. I wish I could code successful apps and the undermine my principles for meager amounts of money and fuck off into the woods

ad_on_is , avatar

Did they forget to track the google maps history? someone should submit a PR

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