sibloure ,

I’ve listened to every single episode of his podcast for years, bought his books, and honestly his material was kinda life changing for me. Went from using Facebook and Apple ID everything to using Graphene OS, Linux, got friends and family using Signal, masked cards, VOIP numbers, etc. I’m sad to see it go but I understand sometimes it’s time for new chapters in life and wish him well. Maybe one day someone else on staff can create some new episodes.

mindbleach ,

Unpublishing is the opposite of what copyright is for.

If he doesn’t want to host the old stuff - that doesn’t mean he can make it go away.

Rehost everything anywhere you can. Information wants to be free.

random65837 ,

The people that just learned about him get screwed with the old episodes not being available, but for those of us listening for a while now, he didn’t have a lot more to cover anymore, the last year has basically been retouching on old stuff.

He made starting up a privacy podcast useless, now, somebody may step up. Although he’d be hard to beat.

Charliebeans , avatar

I started listening not too ago, sad to see this go… I really wanted to re-listen podcasts about self hosting, but does not seem an option anymore… But all the best luck for him!

DeflectedBullhorn ,

Look what fell off a truck in Base64.

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Imprint9816 ,

A little bummed as I enjoyed the podcast, oh well.

Unsubscribed from the podcast and added the blog to my rss reader.

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